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  1. I would give up most assets. If they got him it's done the Bills are the top 3 in the AFC. Nuk made Schaub look good sometimes.
  2. Happy Saturday, I am curious to hear about some of the under the radar players you guys are hoping for. Someone you haven't heard much about or you think people haven't put a lot of thought into.Those seem to be the guys that end up actually latching onto the Bills (Poyer, Spain, etc) Anyone on your wish list?
  3. I'll be honest. His coverage stats aren't great. It's possible to upgrade that position without paying what he probably thinks he is worth.
  4. oof, this might be a touchy subject but I'd take Shaq over Phillips 10x over. (I only say touchy because I haven't been on here since the season. Not sure what the pulse is)
  5. I just freaking hate PFF they are click bait. What a ridiculous use of a platform that was once respected.
  6. I'm hard pressed to think that they would feel like they would need to rely on a 1st round WR as a starter. They still have Brown and Beasley, Mckenzie is going to be in camp Duke will be in camp. Bring in your value WR and have him rise to the top in a battle during the spring and summer. This group is big on earning the playing time. If They end up taking a Higgins, they won't hand him anything but also he provides more than wasting playing time on a guy like Funchess or Richardson. Idk, just my take on their situation. unless they go after a clowney I feel like this team is going to be sitting on their hands during FA for the most part. They do have to figure out the LG spot and maybe retain some of the RT's the they had in camp last year. But the money they have free should be for the players that have earned a 2nd contract. At this point a good draft is what gets this team over the hump (WC/Division) and a next step in QB play.
  7. The more I think about a FA WR the more I want to stay away. They put a ton of money into 2 guys last year they should go the value route and get a guy cheaper in the draft with potentially more upside. Yeah I know 90 Mil in cap. But that doesn't mean there isn't more talent at a better price in the draft.
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