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  1. lol, you're nuts. Super raw prospect who transitioned to TE (a position that notoriously takes a lot of time) from QB when going to college and had very little college production behind Metcalf and Brown. I'm sure you were just invested in calling him "stone hands" prior to last years breakout and are still ready to be "right." He's done nothing but improve and is a TD machine who seems to shine in the big moment. It's crazy to want to move on.
  2. The unknown is always more exciting. But there is much more variance and that could go either way.
  3. Looks like he just set the floor for Gabe
  4. Great, time for the TBD medical crew to get back on the case...
  5. I think they all are. And with the versatility some of our DB's are showing, maybe we go light there and carry an extra potential weapon in Austin.
  6. Yikes, that's strong language from the HC
  7. We need that physicality, especially in the playoffs. Refs generally let them play in the postseason and that has hurt us
  8. You buying in to his coaching???
  9. From a fantasy perspective it's going to be real interesting to see how these skill positions work themselves out. With Josh and the offensive production that we are going to have, projecting the breakdown of those stats- beyond Diggs- is going to be a challenge but also create some value if you guess right.
  10. The completion % thing is so skewed due to the style of most college offense. Wyoming was "pro-style", which is extremely rare, and Allen was constantly running for his life behind a horrid line. I used to be really into watching all the draft prospects but found, for me, it's mostly useless. I think- by far- the biggest factor for success is the mental makeup which we do not have access to.
  11. It was always insane using college stats as predictive. Use your eyeballs and you could see it.
  12. MIA's roster is impressive. Tua doesn't need to be Allen to have success, just average. But, I tend to believe "where there's smoke there's fire" with how the Dolphins have handled Tua and what they seem to think of him.
  13. LOL, I seem to remember it being a little more dramatic that "they're close"...
  14. One of my favorite @ScottLaw crusades has to be how far the 2019 Bills were behind the Jets who set up Darnold for success surrounding him with impact players like Lev Bell, and of course difference makers like Mosley! That was a fun offseason!
  15. Seems bizarre that they only have two legitimate outside WR's on this roster, and then like 5 potential slots. Seems risky to me, but maybe they have a plan to add someone else.
  16. @GoBills808 has questionable taste regarding linebackers
  17. No one is expecting. Just intrigued and not outright dismissing the possibility.
  18. Imagine thinking punt hang time would be a main off-season story...
  19. You must not know who you're talking to...
  20. The others missing did not just hire Rosenhaus and are probably not in question of holding out.
  21. LOL, no wonder everyone hates Yankee fans... You'd think such an organization, with overwhelming financial advantages, would have actually won a title more recently than 2009.
  22. It's also great that our biggest travel game is week 1 and is followed by a long week.
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