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  1. You amd me are on the same page- i did not even mention some of the absurd athletic plays he made.
  2. I will always appreciate Tyrod for his part in ending streak. I will appreciate his work ethic and willing to be whatbtje coaches asked of him. He though has definite limits that i am glad Allen does not.
  3. Someone stated earlier that they like 3rd round picks which i agree with. I would generally prefer 8 picks from 30- 100 than 2 from 1-20 simply due to more likely to hit on 25% of top 100 than 100% of top 20. I am basing this exchange rate on what top ten draft picks usually get.
  4. I truly agree. 18 year olds do DUMB stuff and if girl he hit was not blacked out he did not hit her to do damage. If he does again he should be done but situations matter and saving your sister is one that gets special consideration.
  5. I agree completely with 1- since it will be at least a 6year contract most likely. Second one i could deal with if first one would not be so high.
  6. I have enjoyed college more recently than 20 years ago when you knew who the winner was generally before the game started. Take away Bama and Clemson and every other game has a chance to be great. In the NFL the officiating has made it boring to watch unless ypu really care about teams.
  7. Part of the star equation is who replaces him? They need a space eater which he does well. If he could do more he would be all pro.
  8. I do not read this with any kind of expectations since so many trades will happen by then, these kind of things mean about as much as ones done before the season. wait to see who is signed in free agency and then start looking. But Ed Oliver is gonna drop unless someone falls in love because he is talented but appears to be a head case.
  9. I literally just had this conversation with an 18 year old cowboy fan. I told him to ask his Dad for one game where you finished game and said "thank God we got Emmitt" because he could not think of one-though he is young. Kid also said Barkley is worthy of my consideration-I did not see it this year but his team was awful so hard to tell. But clearly you are bright man so I will give the Barkley kid another look.
  10. I have to vote for Kurt since during a game he was playing in at rich stadium me and my brothers were insulting him up and down to find out that his parents were sitting behind us. And then they show the replay of " his worst play" and clearly he was doing it right but the official blew the call. We spent the rest of game apologizing for blasting him to his parents.
  11. Seeing how important the offensive line is to the back i would never draft a rb in top 15 picks unless i thought i was getting Barry Sanders or LT. IMO the only guys you take in top 10 are qbs, and O or D lineman unless you think they are truly special such as Ray Lewis or Randy Moss. I know there are not enough guys to fill the top 10 this way so i would likely have issues as a GM.
  12. You are really hanging onto that narrative that Luck is not good? Luck is a great QB when healthy- which he was this year- but is unreliable.
  13. It will remain new era as long as they pony up the cash for the naming rights. New Era moved most of their production out of Buffalo 20 years ago.
  14. Tampa bay rays just changed to a cashless only stadium policy. Not really related but wpuld be more possible them you think
  15. This is good info but is there anything about longer term trends? Did you do this yourself?
  16. I doubt it could be done but if they offered a 2nd and 3rd and we traded them our 7th I would do it but I would not even consider it for just a 2nd and us giving them a 5th. to move up three rounds should not cost that kind of cash. I think we would be screwing them if we could get a 1st this year. THAT makes me feel better
  17. I do not understand why you believe this- MLB umps only got better when they were graded on their balls and strikes. The way you improve it is to grade and fire poor officials. Also demanding officials be in better shape will help them be in better position to make calls. Lastly punish those who make up calls whole cloth much worse than those who miss calls.
  18. I agree- a few years back the seahawks and lions game ended when the ball was clearly punched out of bounds intentionally with the official clearly seeing it. No call and i think it is because he did not know the rule. Man could you imagine? The games would take 6 hours for one drive with all the calls coming in.
  19. I thought the edelman touch/ no touch play was indicative of the issue with the current situation. They called on field he touched it and no angle showed definitely he did not but they overturned it. I do not think it touched him but i am not sure by any standard.
  20. In the south we allow our kids to play football and in the north you allow kids to sit on a couch and play video games while clogging arteries- both have major long term implications but we allow anyways. This sounds personal so i will tread lightly but when are you forced to buy insurance right now by the government? You can go with health insurance, without home insurance and you only need car insurance if you drive.
  21. I am so confused on why someone calls others liars when they say they will not watch, it is not the Bills in the game. I did not watch last year and will not watch this year because overall games have not been entertaining and officiating is atrocious. I watched 4th qtrs yesterday only and saw three calls in 30+ minutes of game time that should cause an official to lose their jobs and these are the best they have.
  22. Brady s legacy is easy and set but it depends on your perspective-if the cheating bothers you he is a cheater if you are not bothered then he is the greatest ever. I watched a funny think of ESPN where it said in his first 5 years it seemed like he knew what a defense was doing before they did it.
  23. The NFL has to be horrified by the attention on the officials today in both games. Phantom calls here and obvious misses earlier. they all look incompetent.
  24. I am not saying you are wrong but it would have to be a fairly recent change. When at games i often was pissed when the away official would call something that someone closer could see better. Normally it is closest but i am pretty sure it does not have to be.
  25. My disagreement is based on when did you see good officiating This year? If the problem is consistent throughout the year it is most likely simply the officials are old men with bad eye sight who are constantly out of position to make proper calls. The NFL has truly become the worst officiating pro league in America.
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