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  1. I am glad you recognize that Dems are trying to put out of business anyone who disagrees with them, just like the Nazis. Attacking Twitter for pushing for more discussion is proof that you don't want discussions only control of the message, even if you have to lie about it.
  2. I don't know your specific reason but part of the reason FL is so reluctant to have windfarms is that the energy needs to be stored in batteries basically and that the batteries can get "full".
  3. Biden can't throw stones after his praise of Byrd for all those years, therefore he will just let the media lie for him
  4. We really need to not expect Alyssa Milano to be anymore than a pretty face.
  5. It appears to me that we are playing primarily man coverage recently when we did zone early in year. I am guessing it is likely do to the loss of Tremaine who takes up a good portion of the field in the middle. As for Jackson he needs to get his head around just so that he can be a threat to pick it off, because I til then he is not a threat to a QB
  6. We faced a team that was on a three game winning streak and just smoked the Giants. They are a good team and we won, despite missing so many important pieces of the defense and several OL. We won a road game in the NFL on a short week vs a hot team, everyone needs to recognize the good.
  7. I would actually like to see that play from All 22. I don't know where the defenders were and he threw it so hard that the camera did not have a chance to show much
  8. If you are middle age, or older, you likely remember the people clamoring for Kelly to be benched right in the middle of an Pro Bowl season because he had a bad few weeks. Some people can only see 5 minutes in the past.
  9. It would have been a lot better if not for you jumping up once it went through!😀
  10. It was sarcasm- I thought it was obvious. I am mocking people who think a good #4 reciever could be a top 20 stat guy
  11. You seem to equate being a #2 reciever with getting yards and TDs. A true #1 and #2 are so good you use them almost exclusively as a decoy. Davis has an issue staying healthy because of his style of play but when healthy he is good enough to set playoff records.
  12. I think liberals should lead by example and go down to the most blue area of each city and take their guns since we know that is where the majority of gun violence is in each state
  13. The 1776 election seems like a very poor example of a "secure" election but I appreciate you recognizing similarities. Florida (with 4 electoral votes), Louisiana (with 8), and South Carolina (with 7) reported returns that favored Tilden, but the elections in each state were marked by electoral fraud and threats of violence against Republican voters. The most extreme case was in South Carolina, where an impossible 101 percent of all eligible voters in the state had their votes counted,[20] and an estimated 150 Black Republicans were murdered.[21] One of the points of contention revolved around the design of ballots. At the time, parties would print ballots or "tickets" to enable voters to support them in the open ballots. To aid illiterate voters, the parties would print symbols on the tickets, and in this election, many Democratic ballots were printed with the Republican symbol of Abraham Lincoln on them.[22] The Republican-dominated state electoral commissions subsequently rejected enough Democratic votes to award their electoral votes to Hayes.
  14. Explain why that matters except that are a conspiracy theorist?
  15. How was it possible we could do it within 24 hours 100 years ago but can't do it in under two weeks now? Pathetic
  16. Overall we won a game in which just getting to the game was difficult and the week had minimal practice time. We had only half our starting defense and Josh was an average QB. Anyone who is unhappy overall plays too much Madden, a win in the NFL is a good game
  17. You really want to discuss sex toys with kindergarteners don't you? It is the one nly reason you could be against the parental rights act of Florida
  18. Roe is not the law anymore. No one of intelligence thinks abortion is much of an issue nationally for Republicans. Inside each state maybe depending on state but not nationally.
  19. Tell me which Florida policy is more restrictive?
  20. Florida has a more liberal abortion policy than almost every European country. It is amazing how the vast majority of Europeans are zealots to you
  21. Do you actually believe this is real? Wow you are truly special if you believe it.
  22. In NE last year Mackenzie was the star of the game and he did not complain, so what was the big difference yesterday when he complained? Our offense looked pathetic and we were losing. The dude wants to win and he knows he was open on some of those plays.
  23. I will admit I needed to be fair more specific in my post, but there are bars and clubs in Orlando that are basically exclusively gay. Pulse was not one of them and it was not the reason Mateen went to the bar, it was to protest the US treatment of Arabs in the Middle East
  24. I know many straight people who went to the Pulse at different times. I should word it differently, Pulse was not an exclusively gay club like several other places in Orlando, which would have been much better targets if your goal was to kill gay people.
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