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  1. Really? ^ Is this the level of interaction that I should expect to see cluttering the board this season? A real "gotcha" moment... a real burn.
  2. These guys have been under surveillance for a long time now, and I bet there is lots more footage like this.
  3. I don't think that is a smiley face, and I question why you would be so certain, that you used it as a counter argument.
  4. I have posted this before, but it could easily be applied to Epstein as well. It's from 2015. This whole video is worth watching, start at 17:00 to get a first taste.
  5. ? That's the silliest criticism I've ever seen of a preseason game....do you really believe the coaches are approaching it like a regular season game?
  6. I can easily picture him becoming a sensation. Next season's backfield...Wade and Singletary. That's badass.
  7. Beasley looks like the centerpiece of the passing game. Sweeney looks good. Wade must be kept. The defense is going to be very, very good. They should bring in another center after cuts are made. The kicking game is very troubling. The overall talent level on this team is finally in the top half of the league.
  8. Whenever you look into these accusations, It's never really like what these whining posters try to imply. They always leave out some critical points, just to get it to fit their narrative. I'm done with these a-holes. I'm at zero tolerance.
  9. I don't know how long they were detained, or what the process was exactly....do you? I wouldn't have loved it, but if it turned out that 380 of the 680 were actually illegals, then I would be fine with it. In other words, I'm fine with it.
  10. If everything (Trump's run for president, the war against the Deep State, on and on) just pivoted off Epstein, then he probably would have been killed much sooner. But I can sense the pleasure you take in acting like the smartest guy in the room...you're a wanker.
  11. https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2019-08-12/after-ice-raids-in-mississippi-hopefuls-flock-to-job-fair
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