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  1. Roscoe Parrish Edit: What's confusing you Yolo?
  2. While I like the idea of having a good TE, I wonder if that is the type pf receiver that will most benefit Allen at this point in his career. Allen is a home run hitter. A home run hitter needs guys that are fast, and can get deep....not a big guy that catches passes 10 yards downfield. In fact, the short passing game is the weakness in Allen's game. I'm not sure a TE will be the "safety blanket" that most people here seem to think it will be for Allen. And maybe, just maybe, the biggest douchebag to ever play the position. Well, besides his son....
  3. I actually find this more interesting than schedule talk. But not very interesting...
  4. Looking at the roster, and knowing that McCoy won't be around much longer, they should want a RB to develop alongside Allen. I can't see them NOT drafting a RB somewhere in the first 3 rounds. My expectations are the 9th pick to be a D-lineman, after that a WR/TE, then a RB. Maybe with a trade, they will have another pick in the first 3 rounds that would be a different position, too.
  5. After waiting nearly 25 years, we finally have a QB that I believe in, I want the focus to be on the offense. I am totally fine with the 9th pick going to defense if the players available dictate that, but in every other way, I want the offense to be given top priority.
  6. What team has both an offense and a defense that is "elite"? I want to see the offense become "elite" first and foremost. I've had enough time watching crappy Bills offenses to last a lifetime.
  7. I am feeling the cognitive dissonance in my business partner. We have argued for years now, and he is lashing out a bit because he can't cope with accepting that all the nonsense he has been spouting is wrong, and virtually all my predictions are coming true. He won't admit the source of his irritability of course.
  8. Yeah, my bubble is Los Angeles.... I can't wait
  9. When he came back after the injury, he had made a big leap. It was obvious. I can't wait for this season!
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