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  1. Ha, around that time I was coming here to chastise the anti-Hillary crowd for being sexist!
  2. It's not that I necessarily think it will collapse, but that it wouldn't matter who runs it, it will still be up to the same information farming. Zuckerberg is just the "face" of Facebook.
  3. OJ Tom

    Will NE tie

    Bad title. Don't bait people to your thread.
  4. As an aside, I am curious if there is anyone now working in the Bills organization that was there when Kelly was a player? I like Kelly alright, and really hope the best for him, but...IDK...
  5. pfft...yeah what a coincidence. I wonder if they will stick with this "long overdue change" when a white guy goes on a killing spree?
  6. I have to admit, this made me cringe.
  7. When are we going to see some charges against these people?
  8. Honestly. Go ***** yourself I'm blocking all these #######s I'm surrounded by them in Los Angeles, so I don't need to read their nonsense here as well.
  9. Yes, let's lavish praise on guys cashing in on their career's here. They should be off limits when it's time for critical evaluation...
  10. To borrow a phrase I see from many a SJW... "This is important"
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