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  1. They mentioned that Lee Smith and Fitzlacksit went out to eat the night before...I think that was more Lee Smith ball washing his buddy Fitzpatspick.
  2. An additional game wouldn't make a season any more interesting to me. I can only see how it would make more money for the league. me no likey.
  3. She's not quite a dog, but not at all attractive.
  4. The photoshopping of this pic is bound to produce some classics!
  5. Now Van Jones wants "real evidence", but for Trump the accusations were enough.
  6. Pathetic. Oooooooh...is that across the street from "The Mother Load"?
  7. I didn't know Elijah, thought his politics were awful, and won't miss him in the least.
  8. You're still hanging on to the "4 straight Super Bowls" thing?
  9. The media always hypes the Cowboys, because they pander to the huge fanbase for ratings.
  10. To Cooper Anderson!! I bet Coop's pants got a little tighter.
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