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  1. You guys are romanticizing Gore. He looks terrible. I mean, there are washed up backs that can get a few TD's in a season.
  2. Anyone know Gore YPC so far this season? I think his big run was a 9 yarder last week.
  3. Why? We see plenty of Gore, McCoy would be out there, Gore would be gone.
  4. If he got the carries and plays that Gore has gotten, he would have been fine with it. Gore is out there a lot. You keep Shady, cut Gore...not keep all 3.
  5. What's his YPC? Yeah, he can score a ***** 2 yard TD every once in a while...the league is filled with backup that can do that, given a chance now and then.
  6. He is AWESOME in short yardage. He score a TON of short goal line TD's. Gorer WAS great....now he is a liability.
  7. He sucks. I don't care if he gets a few first downs, or scores now and then...big ***** deal, guys throughout the league do that. Singletary is tearing it up, there is no reason to have Gore out there in critical situations.
  8. Having Gore out there is like some kind of charity.
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