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  1. He's in there plenty. And another point is HE'S ***** ANCIENT AND THE BILLS SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. t's not complicated. You are talking intangibles, and I'm talking about his play on the field.
  2. I didn't say it hurt. I said I think it is a cliche that is often overblown. He's a running back, not a QB Yawn. Yeah, they like to hang out, how much that effects Singletary's performance we don't actually know, now do we? Gore is terrible on the field. If they want to have him as a RB coach, that would be great. Just keep him off the field.
  3. NO, I think the whole "mentoring" is often blown out of proportion, and that You and any of us here on the board don't actually know a thing about Gore and Singletary's relationship, other that the cliche stories we see reported. I believe they get along well, but what is Singletary going to say "I hate Frank gore, he never helps me!"
  4. Yawn...that kind of "great off field mentor" stuff is standard coach speak. I doubt Singletary would be playing any worse with a different vet providing mentoring.
  5. McCoy is a bigger difference maker than Gore, and that's the discussion.
  6. The Bills will beat them if they meet in the playoffs. I think this game was a benefit to the Bills, win or lose. The Bills needed to play a hot team to measure themselves against. And I think the Bills had more to learn about the Ravens and Jackson, than the other way around.
  7. 32ABBA

    NE v KC

    Sure, just in time. Right after he retires
  8. I m not writing them off as true contenders anymore. Every team has weaknesses. This team can get better before, and even during the playoffs.
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