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  1. From War Room and Nawrocki: "Oher has the size, strength and athleticism to be an elite left tackle, but didn't play like it last year, raising major concerns. Details about his learning struggles have hurt his draft stock because teams are concerned about whether he can handle the mental side of the game. "Struggles to pick up complex blocking schemes" "Not physically or mentally tough and does not have a great feel for the game. Looks disinterested at times and can be late to recognize the blitz. Has been coddled throughout college, and his desire, passion for the game and football intelligence are questionable. Will require extra attention to absorb a playbook and is best when assignments are kept simple. Raised questions about his passion and pysche in team interviews." "Questions persist about how easily he will be able to transition to the pro game. It could take years before he is ready and may need to be brought along slowly. A team investing a high pick had better be certain it properly has identified his intelligence and motivation levels and evaluated the environment he will be entering before pulling the trigger." But hey, he scored higher than JP on the wonderlic.
  2. I wish that was the deal we could've signed him to and been done with it. But he obviously wanted out of here and was forcing us to pay a premium for him to play in Buffalo. I'm curious what it was that caused him to act so bizarre last offseason and want out of here as bad as he obviously did. Was it the losing? McNally gone? Overpaying for Walker and Dockery? All the above? It wasn't just the money, as we ultimately offered him more, if this report pans out.
  3. Oher is dumber than Jason Peters and lazier/less motivated than Mike Williams. We've been down that road before, so sure, let's draft him.
  4. Well, from a personal persepective this saves me a lot of money too, as if the Jauron slap in the face wasn't enough then this seals the deal. I will not be travelling nor attending any games this season, not purchasing any additional Bills merchandise, etc. I've paid for ST so I'll be watching, but that's about it. You couple all this news with the Toronto BS going on, and I feel as though I'm slowly bracing for the inevitable. Oh, and for those now clamoring for Oher, he is dumber than Jason Peters and lazier/less motivated than Mike Williams. So I'd rethink that strategy before going down that road again.
  5. Based on what, exactly? Donte would be wise to stay under the radar, and plea his way out of these charges as queitly as possible, then leave it alone and let it die on its own.
  6. Not so fast. http://www.buffalonews.com/home/story/636833.html
  7. Coming from the guy who starts false rumors about Donte being cut?
  8. Are you able to even analyze beyond where some mock drafts have his name listed? I think it is pretty useful information to have if you are going to be investing a 1st round pick on somebody. Not to mention anything beyond a casual glance at the "draft experts" mocks would've revealed this information. Maybe Peters slept with your wife, how else do you explain your desperation to rid yourself of Peters and replace him with a retarded Mike Williams.
  9. You really are dumb. Quick, what does Brandon Marshall have to do with this?
  10. Good plan to replace him with a dumber, less motivated version.
  11. Oher is a bust waiting to happen. Mental midget who won't be able to pick up pro schemes or adjust on the fly in live action. Moitvational issues, loses interest during games, no passion for football. We don't need another Mike Williams.
  12. Do you have a learning disability? You don't seem to be able to comprehend what is being written about, and intertwine 2 different subjects into one. For clarification, my reply was talking about Lynch, to which you replied that Goodell also heard Marshall's appeal. I in turn brought it back to the point, which is that you among others predicted there would be no suspenssion at all (now keep up - for Lynch), which you were obviously wrong about. Then you reply with another Marshall reference? Huh? On that subject, yes I believe Marshall could be in line for an 8 game suspension, but what has that got to do with the fact you were wrong in believing Lynch would receive no suspension? Also, BTW, we live in the real world where circumstances and dynamics change from time to time, so you can't necessarily draw such a linear equation that since Marhsall did this, then Lynch should get that. Goodell reserves the right to adjust as circumstances dictate, and if the league wants to make a emphasis on gun issues, then your simplistic logic may not work so well.
  13. Which doesn't change the fact he got suspended to begin with, contrary to some prognostications around here which are now being hedged.
  14. For the right price, you might as well make the move. Heck, it's not like they'd be creating a new hole or anything.
  15. WOW! Awesome news! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy either. He will be kept in my thoughts and prayers.
  16. He also raised serious questions in team interviews regarding his psyche and desire and passion for the game, and needs motivation. Not physically or mentally tough says one expert. Looks disinterested. It could take years before he is ready and needs to be brought along slowly. Not only could he struggle to pick up the mental aspect of the game, but he could be another Mike Williams. Have your draft "experts" reported that? Sounds like a good idea to create a hole at LT and replace a pro bowl performer with this guy.
  17. Ahh, so we'll replace our proven "genius" for another that has only proven he's able to regress last season. Sounds like a plan.
  18. You do realize Oher has a learning disability, and there are serious concerns about his ability to handle the mental aspect of the game in the pros, right?
  19. Well, you said no suspension, and were wrong on that one. Since you hedged your call, we'll see if it gets reduced to one game - but since Goodell hears the appeal, I find that doubtful.
  20. Congrats JS! I would like to see a LG drafted high, and Simmons signed after the draft. The only thing that would change that would be if we could pull off a draft day trade for Waters. And for the record, I'd still like to see Peters on the roster after the draft.
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