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  1. You got your wish with this game. Ravens stopped scoring sometime in the 2nd and the Bills great drive to end the 2nd. It just continued from there
  2. When it comes to that kind of play, I think to myself "this is how other teams feel when josh makes a crazy escape"
  3. Big hit, ribs hurt, gets xray, xray is negative; just got the wind knocked out of him. Seems reasonable to me.
  4. You will be the bills lone ray of sunshine and positivity on this rainy day
  5. GM who neglected the OL in favor of worthless ST players
  6. Allen is great in the 2nd half of games, so I don't know about that last point, but in general I agree. Bottom line, the Bills needs to learn how to run the football.
  7. If I see Josh Thomas signed to the ps soon I’ll know somethings up that goes beyond day to day
  8. I wish Bills fans used the Prime Directive from star trek when it comes to posting on other teams boards. Once we get in the mix it's a lot less interesting to read. I want to see them in their natural habitat, undisturbed, and allow them to understand the Bills greatness on their own, without our interference.
  9. Good thing we don't need to play the Titans again. You get the feeling that they really went hard
  10. Man this will be interesting. Essentially a totally new back 4. Elam Benford Johnson Hamlin One thing I know for sure though: Frazier and McD are elite at coaching DBs. They will certainly be put to the test.
  11. Next INT tell Jordan to just sit down. Don't need him running the field My son and I replayed it like 5 times to watch "fat guy fall down" before we realized he probably pulled a hammy
  12. No team of any quality ever lost to the Jags, that's for certain
  13. Totally safe. HUGE Bills crowd. Like anywhere, don't be a jerk
  14. Exactly. "Oh we each have our own tunnels now so we can get along!" bull####. I say pack these guys in to a schoolbus after the half and let the teams figure it out.
  15. Such a shame about Phillips. He's been a beast
  16. Interesting. I have on pure raw talent, Shakir>Stevenson.
  17. Patty Hammers may need to go into witness protection if he ***** this one up
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