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  1. zonabb

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for Battery

    Idiot is too nice. An idiot is someone who makes a dumb mistake, once. This guy is a deplorable piece of garbage. And that's being nice. Hope they suspend him for the year, serves the Chefs right for drafting this loser. Once a wife and kid beater, always a wife and kid beater.
  2. I wouldn't trade for this idiot for anything. Would you want to work with this guy in your office job if you knew he was going to cry every time someone else was applauded for their hard work? Would stomp out of meetings? Would work less, making you have to work more? I just for the life of me can't comprehend the love affair so many people have with degenerate pieces of trash. You don't need these guys to win, period. You can find a suitable replacement for any one of them. Everyone acts like this jackoff, or Hunt, or Foster or Rice or TO ... should I keep going... are the best player at their position in the history of the league and should therefore be signed and everyone turn a blind eye. Worse off, this loser on this team would destroy it crying for the ball. He is who he is because of his QB. He was what, a 6th round pick, who owes his career to his QB. Put him on the Bills, Jets, Cards, Ravens and watch him whine about not getting the targets and the catches. Holy hell.
  3. If you believe that the rate of any crime committed by the National Felon League's players, is not statistically significantly higher than all occupations, please post the link to that research. That argument is merely a way to absolve yourself of thinking you're rooting for scumbags. And further, explain the NHL domestic violence rates relates to your hypothesis that all males of occupations beat the hell out of their female companions. The issue for me is very simple: 1. You don't need any single person to be a successful football team, even the QB. All players are replaceable at or about replacement level output. Remember, 12 QBs make the playoffs every year, 1 wins the title. 2. As an owner of an entity that relies as heavily as any on public relations and marketing, signing a player who has repeatedly been in trouble with the law is inviting unnecessary attention when #1 remains true, especially with RBs. It's not like it's a private company hiring an accountant to toil away anonymously in a cubicle. 3. Those saying every deserves a second chance, what about a 3rd and 4th chance? When do we agree that a piece of garbage is a piece of garbage. What message is sent to this turd when he's been drafted, rostered, played, cut, and resigned and all the while been told "here's another chance and a few million." 4. As a fan, I don't need my team signing this loser, I want no association with this type of deplorable and I'd have a real hard time spending the money on season tickets to go and be forced to root for a woman beater. And to the idiot who called it "pushing away" or "defending himself" or however you phrased it to downplay it and ignore the fact he went back and kicked her, you're a special type of deplorable. 5. Also and lastly, as a fan, I don't need wins from this team to make me happy, define my life, determine how I see tomorrow, or feel successful. Sports are not life. The Bills are a 3 hour distraction every weekend. I've worked hard to achieve and be successful, I don't turn to this team like so many do as a validation of their life. I don't cry when they lose. It doesn't ruin my Monday or week. Too many people are overly invested in a game. It's pathetic.
  4. zonabb

    Defense wins championships

    This is typical American, circa 2019, where everything is a black or white dichotomy. Here in WNY's football conversation, this is lead by the regurgitators at WGR55, who read what other people say and then say that. The analytics are focused, at least as these fools portray it, on offense and throwing the football and of course, going for it on 4th. And so you MJST have an offense that throws it all the time lead by a QB with a high completion percentage. So the hypocritical irony is the same people on the radio and elsewhere who complain about copycat football are advocated for exactly that for their team, whichever it is. So the model everyone wants today is a young QB on his rookie deal who can sling the ball around to weapons everywhere and then use the remaining salary for keeping you good vets and select FA expenditures, preferably on offense first. In the last two years, this approach is best exemplified by the Rams and Eagles. But here's the point that everyone either misses or chooses to ignore. Coaching and talent win over the long haul. Not a team focused on one side of the ball. Patriots are the proof. They've been in 4 of the last 5 Super Bowls. They've won three. And they've won it with bad defense and good defense.They've won against tough defenses (Rams) and not so tough defenses (Falcons). Best coach ever with the best QB ever and it's proven a deadly combination because what they've proven and other teams trying to be the hot new things with the hot new idea is that everyone is chasing them with bad ideas. That team schemes for the opponent every week. They don't run the same game plan week in and week out with the old "We're going to establish the run" approach. They attack the matchups and the weaknesses. And they do it with a highly intelligent, focused, just-win QB who, despite the hatred here, goes out there are refuses, and I think this is the key, refuses to play hero ball. He takes what's given to move the chains. Imagine if QBs regarded as "all time greats" had Brady's mentality rather than the stat sheet mentality.... looking at you Marino and Kelly. Apparently the game winning TD was a package of plays they didn't even have in the book for the game. How well is a team coached that they can roll out, in a Super Bowl, a drive of plays that players didn't even practice. Continue to be amazed watching the Pats eat up teams in the twilight of Brady's career. Saddened that he's in the Bills' division and looks like he'll be good for a few more years.
  5. Told months ago that he's retiring. So given where it came from, suspect his first ballot HOF career is over. Funny how people here are so blinded by their homerism they can't admit a guy us great.
  6. zonabb

    Is Rob Gronkowski a first ballot Hall of Famer?

    First ballot, without question. You know he has 7 fewer TDs than Andre Reed in half the games. And more yards per reception. Amazing the lengths people will go to try, and fail miserably, to undercut anything related to the Pats. This guy, when he's been healthy, has been the most dominate TE in his time in the league, bar none. He stretches the field, runs the middle, dominates the red zone. Just another post blinded by Patriot hate and trying miserably to diminish anyone involved. Guy singlehandedly ate the Bills up and now you're feelings are hurt.
  7. zonabb

    Josh Allen will be a 2019 NFL MVP candidate

    So this is what super high means.
  8. Best news of the offseason. Culley as QB coach was a major mistake by McDermott and his departure won't be hurtful. A lifetime WR coach with no track record of developing a QB tasked with developing the 7th overall pick was bad from the outset. So yippee!!!! Now fix the OL and the two biggest mistakes they made are being addressed.
  9. Sure a lot of the hand wringing but locals is because any slight of this city is taken personally because this is a place they presumably CHOOSE to live. And when someone knocks the city, they are knocking them. And when many players, who have never been here, slam it, it stinks of arrogance and ignorance. But when you boil it down, they get that from others, from the stereotype of this city that is perpetuated by non-Buffalonians and the national media. However, the whining by locals is pretty pathetic and lacks context. People here act like what we have is absent everywhere else. It's not. Architecture? Yeah, Chicago, NYC, Boston, SF, Philly.... Food? Culture? Good people? It's great in most American cities. If all you do in Buffalo is frequent the good places and think that there's nothing better that overpriced bad craft beer and chicken wings in the Elmwood Village is something special, you've been nowhere. The basis for stereotypes are true, even when they are overstated. High taxes. Yep. High poverty. Yep. Low wages. Yep. Bad and too many governments. Yep. High segregation. Yep. Massive vacancy and abandonment of housing in the city and growing in some suburbs. Yep. Brain drain. Yep. Population loss. Yep. But yeah, some good food, some decent people, and some nice buildings and neighborhoods. All available anywhere. Stop being so sensitive. This isn't a place people willing move to. Deal with it. And does the article by that miserable hack mention taxes (no I don't read sports stories)? That's huge issue. No state taxes in Florida (3 teams), Texas (2 teams), Nevada (team on the way), Washington (one team). That's 7 teams that can offer the same contract as the Bills and players actually make more.
  10. Sweet more adjusted completion percentage fantasy stats. What else would I expect from the massively curved grades and participation trophy generation.
  11. Yeah, that'll work and keep everyone playing. Ask a parent to a) buy their own insurance and b) hold leagues and schools that organize it harmless will drive out players. Very GOP solution. Any other great ideas, like maybe roofers paying for their own insurance and hold their employers harmless?
  12. No you don't. You know jack about gentrification just because you lived in a place. I live in Bflo, doesn't make me a meteorologist because I shovel snow. You're the fool. Read a book. Nevermind, you have all the answers because your parents and your church and your white school told you how to think, which has been reinforced by Fox News.
  13. Didn't read the entire after the first sentence: First off, about accuracy: why do we talk about it like it's an Olympic medal? The reality is simple. The more accurate a QB is, the more first downs. The more first downs, the more TDs. The more TDs, the more likely you win. The more INTs, the less potential points you score and the higher potential for your opponent to score. Any argument suggesting it's not important is merely an argument in support of the a player you like and not in what it takes to win games. 4 Championship QBs 2018 percentage and the percentage points above Allen's 52.8%: Brady: 65.8 (+13) Mahomes: 66.0 (+13.2) Brees: 74.4 (+21.6) Goff: 64.9 (+12.1) And Goff is 20th in the league! That's how bad Allen was, which was 33/33 of qualified QBs. So if you think that's OK and you can win with that, that's a fallacy you can enjoy.
  14. So a holiday for fat gluttonous stupid drunks? Make perfect sense in America circa 2019. Might be the dumbest idea proposed on this forum, and that says a lot. Move it to Saturday or even to 4pm on Sunday. A 6:30+ start plus waaaay too many commercials and a halftime that has to now clock in at close to 30 minutes and it's barely watchable football as it is. I threw a SB party for about 7 or 8 years in a row but stopped about 4 years ago when just got to be that no one even stayed for the first half. No, that's not justification for a national holiday ffs, it's justification for rethinking a Sunday game that late. NFl, a league with no common sense because they fear common sense ruins the bottom line. I'd bet a Saturday Super Bowl would be watched more, at least the entire game. Local bars would do better, stores would do better as more people would entertain.
  15. So a highlight real of a CFL WR preening and prancing around like an idiot more than showing his "skills." Sounds like a waste of a pick. A 5-start recruit who went to Auburn and is in the CFL is there for a reason and I would guess "maturity" is close to the top of that list. No thanks. Book it, he'll be cut. Looks overweight and slow to boot.