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  1. As interested as I am in Pegula tennis match or anything about the Pegula's personal lives or in the continual roaring hagiographies of them here. Ok, not that disinterested but not really into it. No fans here as of now, foregoing ST this season, knowing this will probably go sides due to covid, the competitive advantage some teams have with fans in the stands, greedy NFL owners, racist NFL owners, perverted NFL owners. It's hard to care much about this season and sport anymore and I suspect that my STH days will end. And just like when you cut the cord with cable, you realize it opens your world up to a whole host of things you've been blowing off to waste away staring at a giant screen.
  2. Does fandom have to extend to what the owners' kids do? Who cares, honestly. She is a mediocre tennis player basically playing professional tennis as a hobby because her parents can support her financially. Anyone her age, with the inability to climb to any substantial position in the rankings, would have retired into a real job by now. In other words, who cares. I don't. And I don't care about the other garbage they do, shops they open, businesses they buy. The hero worship is astounding.
  3. My money is on the Pegulas and NFL intervening to add private lots to this because they won't get a cut. Guaranteed. And if I were the private lot owners, I would immediately file suit challenging the right of the Town to tell private land owners that they can't do this due to a pandemic when social distancing regulations allow people to visit parks and recreational amenities, bars and restaurants, etc. Seems like an arbitrary and capricious local law unfairly impacting select business (let's be clear, these are businesses). Again, this has the Pegula and NFL's fingerprints all over it. They can't have their cake in county owned lots due to their fear of liability, so they've most certainly stepped in so that others can't as well. So... who's throwing the first major off site tailgate in WNY and where????
  4. Hate when any player goes down with an injury. But when the inevitable happens, I always wish it on this team and more so the owner. That guy's a giant sleazeball and I literally root as hard for him to lose as I do for the Bills to win.
  5. Golfers. It's the most mentally challenging game, by far, requiring the mental toughness necessary to repeatedly make consistent swings and putts. And for pros, they're alone, no teammates, and are not guaranteed a paycheck. So take a job where you have to compete for a paycheck every week by being able to hit a little round ball into a little round hole by making the same, consistent swings week in and week out and you have an athlete that is mentally taxed in terms of mastering the physical requirements and psychologically challenged by the grind of having to earn a paycheck week in and week out, year in and year out. No contest.
  6. Can't wait for the NFL to absolutely implode, gonna be awesome watching these guys lose mountains of money as it already stands, hope they lose more. Can't even put into words how much I want this to fail. Most arrogant, greedy group of owners in any major sport, willing to sell their players, coaches, and staffs' families for profit none actually needs.
  7. Yep, over every TE on this roster. All day.
  8. Great by them. Great they also suspended payments. I'm opting out, waiting for the official steps to be revealed. No way I'm going to that stadium with the attitudes too many people have about the danger posed by covid. Actually a really good test run to see if I'll actually miss the PITA security lines, cramped concourses, and obnoxious scoreboard. Could be the end.
  9. You have multiple schools of thought on Allen, as follows: Blind Homerism - He's awesome. People are mean to him. He's going to get better. The data on him is wrong. He's the outlier, he'll get better he just needs time. These are the folks that find every and all excuses to shine a positive light. They ignore thinks like this shred from the story that dont' bode well or help their argument "In Allen’s final four games (he only played for a quarter against the New York Jets in Week 17), he failed to post higher than 53% passing, including a 24-for-46 performance in the Houston playoff loss." These folks rely on faith and emotion rather than ration and data (past and present). He'll Always Suck - those who want him to suck because they have been beating this drum since they drafted him and nothing he'll do positively will ever be mentioned, instead, a la Lombardi (if he's so smart, why is he a former GM?), cherry pick the data to support their agenda, as in the quote above and the complete unwillingness to recognize any improvement or give it any credence. Let's Wait and See - The in-betweeners. Those who recognize the flaws, see some improvement and think maybe, just maybe, he can be a really good QB. These people are the pragmatists and realists, those who tend to lean on the data that says he "can't improve because few if any have" while also leaning on his work that shows improvement. I would say these people also are certain he can't be a top 5 QB, but maybe a 5-12 kind of guy, good enough to keep the team competitive and in the playoffs and maybe with a ridiculous defense and conservative, mistake free offense, they can be the Dilfer Ravens with Allen.
  10. Pegulas will do whatever makes them the most money. So roll over to 2021, let our money sit in a nice interest-bearing account. I'll be demanding a refund and will pay for 2021 on the normal schedule. If that's an issue, I'll gladly give them up... was real close this year anyway. Stadium experience is worse every year.
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