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  1. Due? 15 teams have played in London once, the Bill's aren't "due." The only team due I think is Green Bay, which I think is the only team to not have plated an international game. And best city on the planet? Come on now. I love London but that's subjective. Been to major global cities on 4 continents, they're all awesome in their own way. I'll support the NFL in London never. Would love to see how Arsenal or Spurs fans would lose their minds if one of their games was sent to NYC to be played on a substandard pitch at MetLife.
  2. Amazing family? Dude, she's the spoiled child of a billionaire who has never, for one second in her life, know what a real day's work is like. Her parents bankrolled endless private tennis lessons and she never had any pressure to have to give up and get a job. Give everyone that opportunity and lots of kids would turn out to be anonymous pros hanging on for a paycheck that dwarfs what's in your trust fund. She has a lifetime losing record in tournaments, she's ranked 82nd in the world and is 25, well past most players peak years. She just lost to a 38-year-old mother who hasn't won a title in 3 hears. She's basically playing tennis as a hobby because she can, that's not "amazing" it called privilege. The privilege is amazing.... if you were lucky enough to be born into this family. Kim's adoption story is amazing, but she was a nobody until, wow, she met and married Terry. And everything she does isn't amazing. Everyone overstates what they've done but if anyone on this board had the money she did, you could do all the same stuff. Stop glorifying these people as other worldy. They're good people, clearly. But amazing? And the glorification extends right to board admin, who aggressively babysit this board for any topic that it's the Bills/football and toss it. But I guess this is One Tennis Drive too so long as it's about your savior Terry and his "amazing family." And no, I don't resent the family one iota for being filthy rich. Good for them. Terry earned it, he rolled the dice, took chances, and it worked. He understood the rules of the game and dominated it. But let's be honest here.... HE, TERRANCE M. PEGULA earned that money and any accolades for what his wife and kids do or have because of the opportunity his money affords them is blind idolatry. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of an affliction.
  3. But the real question... did his kid Max state it too? No Sal time is without him shoehorning a Max story into it. He's the worst in Buffalo, by a mile. He can't carry Joe B.'s jock when it comes to knowledge of the game.
  4. So instead, a league supposedly concerned about injuries, won't allow a clear front should to front shoulder block to protect a QB from getting lit up. NFL is a joke, worst reffed league with the worst, most inconsistently officiated rules. Don't blame the refs for the loss, that's on Daboll, from his refusal to continue to feed Singletary the ball in favor of Gore to his having a play call with a useless FB running a 30 yard go route. This league is execution and playcalling, Daboll sucks at the latter and his players are questionable at the former.
  5. Nope. Execution and playcalling matter more. You can't go Lindy Ruff and try to hold onto a lead for the majority of the game. That's what fearful losers do, and Daboll is a fearful loser. A team running a late game go route by its fullback is not a team with a winning playbook. Hoping Daboll gets a HC job. For all the "lunatic" love he gets around here, he's a Jeckyl and Hyde who outthinks himself and costs this team games. He sucks. They need more big WR and improvements on the OL, and #17 has to stop playing sand lot, country dumb football. Appreciate the passion and desire to win, but he makes some head scratchingly moronic plays.
  6. White mom sees Latino fans acting like white Bills fans in Bflo, in my section all the time, and jumps to the stereotype conclusion they're members of the most dangerous street gang in American. By that logic, all the same white Bills fan in my section who would without a doubt do the same thing to ANYONE from another team's fanbase taking pictures in New Era must e neo-Nazis. White people, good god.
  7. I root for the Bills and against garbage pplayers, teams, and greedy owners. So I am currently celebrating: 1. Ramsey's exit from the playoffs after he acted like a complete ahole intentionally to get traded. Can't win with me guys. 2. Beckham's whining today and being mocked by a player on the Ravens for his stupid TD celebration down two scores. Can't win with me guys. 3. Watching Jerry Jones squirm and hopefully today his playoff chances taking a major hit. Can't win with Jerry the GM. A Cowboys non-playoff season is the best Xmas gift ever. 4. Knowing Antonio Brown is out of the league for being a complete degenerate. Can't win if you're not in the league. 5. Watching Le'Veon Bell take a monster step backwards after greedily sitting out a season to come back and sign a deal with the Jets, the freaking Jets. Can't win with greedy guys who sign contracts they refuse to honor. Enjoy the millions and the end of your chance at a Hall of Fame career.
  8. Lots of bad takes on this forum, and I know I add to it, but this is maybe the worst one ever. First, if you don't think this team wanted this more than you, you're sick. And you're sick because you think football matters more to you from the couch than the guys putting their health on the line. Just wow on this hot take. I saw a QB (who I criticize but like) play like he always does, hating to lose. The D never quit. I didn't see a single player hanging their head or having that look of defeat so many other teams have in Gillette.
  9. Nope. It's on Allen. Be honest, you can't rely on the D every single game and when your QB can't hit Knox in the end zone on the same throw the GOAT did moments earlier to tie the game, that's not the D's fault, it's Allen's. Can't blame the D every time they lose to shield the offense from criticism. The offense is putrid more often than not. The running game is weak. The OL is unathletic, leaving this team unable to ever run a screen, which you watch other teams like, oh I don't know, every team yesterday. And the WR position needs a legit lengthy receiver. But all of that doesn't overcome the reality that execution by Allen cost them the game, period. Too many here won't criticize the kid. He's shown major improvement in a lot of areas, but those 3-4 misses a game will continue to come back and haunt them and the Knox miss, that a high schooler can make, cost them a tie and possible win.
  10. 100% because he's like so many other mediocre QBs who were first rounders. Teams draft these guys, they have serious flaws but don't entirely crash and burn. So teams, esp. GMs, don't and won't admit they should draft someone again after a 3rd straight year of stagnation. So they get to the 4th year, opt into the 5th and there you go, Allen for 5 yrs. And I'll bet anyone $10,000 that he'll never have a season over 65% completion.
  11. Lots to like about his improvements... decreasing INTs and TOs; better command of the offense; and his ability to read D and audible. He's still too slow reading the field. When you watch Brady, Allen's problems are amplified. Brady's entire game is, and has been, knowing exactly where to go with the ball and going there immediately or moving on quickly to #2. But the accuracy is and will continue to be his fatal flaw. Part of it is his slow reading the field and then trying to rifle the ball in late with bad mechanics from a bad platform. But the miss to Knox amplifies the national media's contention, and mine, that he'll never be accurate. And if you're OK with that today's game is the perfect reason why you can't CONSISTENTLY with a QB like this. He lost the game that disgusting miss to Knox, a pass Brady made earlier. Everyone gets hung up on the good and wow plays but they are outweighed by the bad, by the pathetic misses, by the brutal downfield accuracy, and the lack of touch. The only way this can work, imo, is they need to get a better and more athletic OL that allows for a) a better run game and b) a godforsaken screen game. Jesus, a screen game is a must and for some reason, which I think is the lack of mobility by this line, it doesn't exist. Those are a) easy throws and yards and b) help the overall offense by being more dimensional. In the end, I think this is a QB that sticks around but is mediocre. This team's Tannehill/Winston/Bortles, not horrible enough to throw to the curb, not good enough to get you far so they ride him out through his 5 years and move on.
  12. Bush league and a dumb idea for multiple reasons. First, it violates the spirit of the kneel down play, which is simply to signify to the opposing defense that you do not intend to run a play. It's bush because it takes advantage of the defenders' willingness to hold up and not rush. So it's bush for that reason. But worse off, it puts your team in a situation where in the future no defender should every honor the spirit of the kneel down and instead should just bull rush the OL and QB. Let them deal with it. But what makes this the dumbest play ever, and everyone gives Harbaugh credit, is that the play went to a backup RB with 40 carries at a 3.6 ypc average, not Jackson or Ingram. Stupid all around and it would be as stupid if McD did it.
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