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  1. His decision-making, reading the field and defense, making adjustments, and getting rid of the ball quickly will matter more than this list. He's bad at reading the opposing D and that's a huge challenge. He's indecisive with where he wants to go with the ball. This isn't about the rest of the team, it's Allen, plain and simple. This is a league where the best QBs, in all honesty, do tons of damage knowing right away, before the snap, where they want to go with the ball and rip it. Not being able to do that or waiting for a guy to be wide open is a major flaw. Not sure he can learn much in 4 weeks but we'll see.
  2. zonabb

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    Been to a number, the ones that the Bills should follow, which is simple yet functional are Cleveland, New England, or Seattle. All older style, open (cheaper option) that have the suites that Jerry Skeletor Jones requires from owners regardless if their market can bear it, but also being what normal paying fans want.... good sight lines, good concourses, easy in and out. Keep the one we have. Pushing a new stadium for this garbage product and asking for taxpayer handouts is going to drive people away and I can't see a net gain in profit for the team.
  3. I'm sure he loves Jesus so let's not condemn him. That's the first trait they need in these guys.
  4. zonabb

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    This is Gleason and Sullivan. There are no rights to cover sports. Sorry. Private enterprise is not a democracy.
  5. zonabb

    Gary Kubiak for OC Next Season?

    The most necessary and important coaching change MUST BE getting rid of the 25-year WR coach who is currently "playing" QB coach. What a joke. I know he must love Jesus but that doesn't make him the most qualified to teach and tutor and mentor a young, first round draft pick. Dumbest of all the team's decisions.
  6. ...if they pass the faith test, of course. You don't f with the Jesus or you don't play for the McD.
  7. zonabb

    How would you fix the Offense?

    Can't be fixed this season and cutting guys means replacing them with worse options. Firing guys and expecting a new coach to polish a turd in 7 games is a laughable idea. But here's how to do it in the off-season. 1. Open the wallet and spend every waking minute in January-early March in FA research and find at least 3 high quality starters on the line, regardless of position. They can all be replaced, but maybe someone sees value in Dawkins, who was owned yesterday. 2. Fill out the remaining 1-2 OL positions in the draft, and early. This gives you 4-5 new starters. 3. Get rid of the WR coach masking as QB coach, which is maybe the most stunning of the team-building blunders this team and coach have tried to fool the masses with. 4. Upgrade all WRs except Zay Jones. The biggest problems with this coach and GM is the absolute ignorant/arrogant way they approached the need for drafting a franchise QB, which was clear when they traded TT, and then refusing to address the OL despite selling everyone on the idea that teams are built from the lines out. It's absolutely stunning how they could think that Russell Bodine, the lowest rated center in the NFL last year, would be a good choice when they knew they were drafting a rookie QB and he could potentially play. Or that Ducasse and Mills and Miller were worthy of starting anywhere other than the CFL. Remember, they told us it was an open competition and if we're to believe that, then all along they had in their mind they could start a rookie QB. The last 7 days were the end of my belief in McDermott. I felt like he got it, he understood that brains and character (the combination or hard work, dedication and accountability to the team) matter. But his raging hard-on for players of faith is a major blind spot and will cost him his job. That shouldn't even be a consideration. You can get the same character without the blind faith in fiction. So I went from rooting for him to waiting for his demise. Can't get behind the faith-based approach to building ANYTHING other than a church.
  8. A convention center is a waste of money and any benefits, ANY, will only trickle down to the developers who own hotels, bars, restaurants or lease space for same. Making this even more ridiculous, those same people have already had those projects helped with millions in taxpayer dollars. So Croce, a developer who likely makes out in this scheme, is just speaking for the developers, not us taxpayers who get zero (what a home, boat, and car show that few go to?) and who also get to foot the $1M+ annual loss. Yes, it will run at a loss to support hotels, bars, and restaurants. Just one of the worst ideas ever. Ask a Pittsburgher about their wasted money on a vastly underutilized convention center. And any comparison to New Orleans is a joke. I've been there for a convention and that city has what conferences and attendees want.... a vibrant, walkable, 24-hour downtown. It has excellent museums, aquarium, historic tours, a real casino, historic neighborhoods..... oh and good weather so the convention center doesn't sit empty from December to April. And no, we don't need a new stadium. Every time I go I laugh at the stupidity of such an idea.
  9. zonabb

    Bronco's cut Chad Kelly

    It's Spanish you ignorant POS. Like Bill Burr said, some people just live too long.
  10. zonabb

    Structural Organizational Issues

    Great hot take, spot on, completely original, how did you come up with it? I mean, it's completely wrong, but its red hot. You've been fooled and are ignorantly arrogant enough to come and try to show it off what you learned on your coach watching Fox. You're the idiot in the Harvard bar in Good Will Hunting merely regurgitated facts without a single opinion of your own and surely none you could back with actual empirical evidence. Read a book, maybe start with an old edition of Mankiw's Principle of Economics you can find for cheap online. The issue IS NOT, despite what you've been brainwashed into believing, that someone takes your money. Dweebs like you are fine when taxes you pay cover (warning economics term coming) public goods like defense, which causes a raging erections for GOP war hawks like yourself. You're totally cool with getting taxed to death for buying guns and spending more than the next 9 countries in the world on defense combined, even if it means running a deficit and even if one more gun and one dollar more in taxation is not necessary. You're also cool with your money being spent on education, or maybe not, I'm not sure you made it past 8th grade. You're implication, when using the tropes "liberal" and "want money you earned" is that your money is used on people you don't like and therefore do not want to help. Likely, you mean the poor, disabled, unemployed, etc. Simply, you don't want your money going to someone who doesn't deserve it. That should also mean, but I guarantee it doesn't because people like you are not only morons but also hypocrites, that you're not OK with corporate handouts like Elon Musk got ($750m in NYS taxpayer dollars to built him a factory) or is that cool because he's successful and we should open our wallets to help billionaires and not the poor? How about our annual stadium subsidy to Pegula? Cool with that right? You can save your indefensible rhetoric and take it to some Proud Boys website where it'll be appreciated sans (means 'without' so you don't have to look it up, it's not in your comic books) proof or evidence.
  11. zonabb

    How many yards will Anderson have Sunday

    163, 1 TD, 2 Ints
  12. zonabb

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    He sucks because according to threads on this board: 1. The Allen homers here say so because by shear geography their guy is better 2. Jeremy White apparently likes him 3. Liberals like him, although I am not clear how that can be know or where the connection come in, unless 4. Because he's smart and and has an opinion and neanderthals are threatened by intelligence and don't have the mental fortitude to understand anyone who questions normative positions and ideals He doesn't actually suck. He's a rookie, they ALL struggle. Rookies will rookie.
  13. Can't stand Sal "How Can I Interject ME and/or Max into this Story' Capaccio. Blow hard jock sniffing fanboy. Luckily I only listen to WGR when stuck in someone else's car or the rare time I'm driving for more than 5 minutes. I have come around on Schopp for two reasons. He's intelligent with a mind of his own, not some honk rehashing everyone else's work and ideas, like everyone other analytics regurgitating idiot on those shows (minus Bulldog, he's just doesn't seem to care). The second is, being smart and having to deal with the callers has to be mind numbing. When you want to have intelligent conversations and morons call stating Terry Pegula should be talking to DBs, it probably makes you want to blow your brains out and instead you turn into a condescending jerk, which he clearly can be and I think would admit to it. Those two children they have on at night that just try to act smart by talking about analytics are unbearable.
  14. Privilege? "a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people." Sorry no. It's not a privilege expect for the Pegulas who have the priviledge of a taxpayer funded stadium and STH willing to pay (not be granted) the right to attend games. Get a grip.
  15. Because.... who cares. They owe the media and fans nothing. Does Tim Cook have a press conference every week taking questions about why your iphone keeps locking up? No. Was he hired because of his oration skills? No. Just who cares. Everyone acts like answers = accountability as if he's accountable to YOU. He's not. So who cares.