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  1. Best sports analyst in Bflo, bar none. There isn't someone even close.
  2. I have a theory about the national media and guys like this turd, who I haven't heard in years. Not an enlightening one or even a leap but many that continually beat up on the Bills, and it's well-deserved, recognize that these hot takes are click and view bait because this market is tuned into the media, regularly pulls high ratings for viewership and is highly engaged so it's one way to get attention. So glowing supports the bigger markets but has a hot take on the Bills and basically covers all his bases. Has he even been positive on the Bills? Honest question.
  3. Had nearly all mentioned. Smoke on the Water in Tonawanda is where I'd go if I had to get the one I liked best, not the one closest. Had BWs most recently, it was decent.
  4. Totally flawed logic. The TA position has gone through a rapid transition and change in its role and importance in the game. By this failed argument, you should ignore that evolution, the stats put up by the players list by round and not draft a TE in round 1 even if you feel like he's a 100 catch, 1,000 yard player. But if a WR is projected as such, then get him in round 1. Got it. Totally logical.
  5. Burden of proof is on you, not the board. Just like in a criminal trial, the burden of proof is on those who bring the charge. You brought the charge, how about you offer something more tangible than "high quality" and "young." Good lord.
  6. Sure this is logical, only is you ignore math in favor of homerism. So let's explore this, so we can debunk this kind of thinking and opinion with empirical evidence rather than emotional irrationality. PFF has the 2018 drop rate for the Bills at 8% (9th highest). So if 8% of JA's 320 passes were instead caught, that would add 26 more completions to his total, bringing it from 169 to 195. That would increase his completion percentage to just a tad under 61%. However, since WR drops are common expectation, this isn't reality one should expect or point to blame for JAs low completion percentage. Put another way, Pats had a drop rate of 8.2 and Brady was 65.8%. Or put yet another way, if JA was actually better and more accurate people wouldn't have to try and deflect blame from him and onto everyone else. What is farfetched it your assessment that reducing the drop rate to 4% (by half as you suggest) would put this team in the playoffs. If you think 13 drops resulted in this team missing the playoffs, you're a homer at best, downright delusional at worst. The 6th playoff seed had 10 wins. Bills had 6. So the Bills were 13 catches away from four more wins and the final wildcard spot. Yep, totally logical.
  7. If that was her on OBL, she was smart but a horrible interview. Said "like" about 10,000 times and "right" about 10,000 times. Horrible, had to turn it off. If you can't communicate in a job where, you know, communication is a critical skill, no thanks.
  8. Metcalf. Workout warrior, NFL defensive backfields will make him what he is and will be, a physically gifted, lazy route runner who is fast. Teams and fans always fall in love with the freaks and overlook the limitations. And haven't we learned with top 10 "can't miss WRs"?
  9. I've working in the community engagement field, and I can tell you for certain that public surveys and comment periods are nothing more than token lip service AND that consultants hired by the govt are hired to confirm the position of leaders, not do what's best for the community or provide empirically driven, unbiased findings. Poloncarz hired a firm to "study" a convention center. He conducted a public survey (which by many accounts was responded to by a massive push by the Poloncarz and Democratic machine to get people to respond in favor influence the results). Everything in the study and the survey said it was a good idea. But when you look around the country, read cost-benefit analyses on convention centers, they are f'in losers in most places. The county is going to spend $400+M to build one, then millions annually to maintain and operate it. Who benefits? The wealthy developers who fund his campaign and every politicians campaign and who, by the way, also own the bars and hotels that'll slightly benefit and who, by the way, we subsidized those buildings for. All around, economic development public-private partnerships are losers for the public and a boon for the wealthy. Socialized debt, privatized profit. The same is true for sports teams who hire consultants to examine stadium options and conduct surveys. The owners have already made up their mind, their hire a firm to tell "them" what they want to hear so that they can "tell" the govt the predicament they are in so drum up support. And when the NFL has been bashing you over the head publicly for years to build a new stadium, you hire a firm not to tell you if you should do it, but one to tell you where to do it and how to finance it. Pegula$ were pretty obvious in their statements that a new stadium is coming. When you hear someone say "gamechanger" and "impactful" and “It’s going to take a lot of work from a lot of people. The county, the fans, us, the stadium, the league, the state" it confirms my experience in development and public engagement. And in her comment above, "work" means money. These people are basically pilferers of the public. We pay for their stadium now. They're one of the richest families in America. They've made hundreds of millions of profit on the team in cash and equity. And they want a new stadium but WE have to "work" hard for it? No thanks. One penny is one penny too much for supporting any owner in this league in any market. This team is profitable NOW, as it stands, in this market, in this stadium enough so that they plunked down a cook $1.2B. We have to make sure that in addition to ensuring maximum profit (remember, that's what this is about' it's the potential untapped profit they want to make but it requires US to pay for it) , we subsidize it more so many of us can be excluded? I won't pay for a PSL, I won't pay more than $100 per game for a seat (ticket is super close now) and I suspect many in my large group will be out. So the real question is... can they built something comfortable enough for affluent white professionals to cough up money for tickets so their wives can parade around in knee high boots and spend the entire game on their phones like at Sabres games? What this is about, and what needs to happen for this power play to work, is a significant shift in the composition of the attending fan base away from the commoners who have supported this team through this miserable stretch to a more affluent group that will buy a "status symbol" season ticket, consume expensive food and drinks, and generally consume the NFL and not care about the game. The league and Pegula$ are capitalists first and foremost. The game is secondary, the profit is primary. Or, they keep tickets roughly the same with a small increase and the same general cohort of STH remain. However, that will require a SUBSTANTIALLY higher investment from the govt to increase the annual profit to keep Jerry Jone$ and Robert "Rub and Tug" Kraft happy. Either way, I'm not on board with spending precious public capital on a stadium the owners can clearly afford (this is not about whether they can or can't, it's about playing the economic development corporate welfare game) when we have dire needs in this region ... our roads and bridges are a mess, our sewer and water systems are a mess, our neighborhoods need some help and our people are being left behind. But we're supposed to invest in a billionaire for 10 events a year. What happened to "I'll drill another well" when he needed money?
  10. The 180 this league of hypocrites has done on gambling is astounding. They fought it tooth and nail at every step and when it's legal, they want a piece of the action. F them. I'd use a bookie out of spite to cut them off. And I'm beyond over the Pegulas as owners. He's a dolt and she's out for the nonstop profit, as if they're starving. They'll still ask taxpayers to build, owner, operate, and maintain a billion dollars stadium for 10 days a year. Socialized debt, privatized profit. More sickened by this league, both its racist, *****-mongering owners and its kid and wife beating and substance abusing employees. 10 years ago I would have lost it had they moved, now I wouldn't even care.
  11. Idiot is too nice. An idiot is someone who makes a dumb mistake, once. This guy is a deplorable piece of garbage. And that's being nice. Hope they suspend him for the year, serves the Chefs right for drafting this loser. Once a wife and kid beater, always a wife and kid beater.
  12. I wouldn't trade for this idiot for anything. Would you want to work with this guy in your office job if you knew he was going to cry every time someone else was applauded for their hard work? Would stomp out of meetings? Would work less, making you have to work more? I just for the life of me can't comprehend the love affair so many people have with degenerate pieces of trash. You don't need these guys to win, period. You can find a suitable replacement for any one of them. Everyone acts like this jackoff, or Hunt, or Foster or Rice or TO ... should I keep going... are the best player at their position in the history of the league and should therefore be signed and everyone turn a blind eye. Worse off, this loser on this team would destroy it crying for the ball. He is who he is because of his QB. He was what, a 6th round pick, who owes his career to his QB. Put him on the Bills, Jets, Cards, Ravens and watch him whine about not getting the targets and the catches. Holy hell.
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