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  1. Sal is the biggest joke in local media. A total jock sniffer, an Uncle Rico. He's also a classic humble bragger. Just don't dig the guy, his over the top, super hyper, childlike giddyness just oozes jock sniffer. The way he refers to players by their first name shows his desire to try and seem like he's friend with players and not covering them. I think any reporter who refers to players y their first name isn't professional and distancing themselves from their work. But Sal's biggest credibility problem is the homerism, evident by this rant and this point: ”I’m not going to pick the Bills to win, but I’m not going to concede victory. I’m done with that. Period.” By not picking them to win, moron, you are conceding victory. Put your Bills underoos on and go to work.
  2. Great observation!!!!! Most of these data and analytics guys have likely never taken elementary stats, much less an advanced stats course. So the tend to report these kinds of numbers without any discussion of the impact outliers have on skew the average. Maybe report the median? Any kid in an intro to stats class will tell you the median is often more telling than the average as it's susceptible to outliers in the data.
  3. The day I start a) listening to a couple kids act like experts and b) let them explain how we should react as fans is the day I end being cogent, rational thinker. Yes the extremes are annoying.... the rose colored glasses homer loaded with excuses and what if's and the "they'll always suck because they're the Bills... but the BIlls fandom is exactly like American politics, dominated by the ends with the middle too busy and more rational and hence staying out of the conversation. The call in shows are the ends. Unlistenable in post game on the drive home when they go to callers. Music time at that point.
  4. Dallas... pretty funny. They beat one team in common with, with the same starting QB. They beat the Dolphins, which is like Shaq going to the playground and dunking on 10 year olds. And they beat the Redskins, who last I check are the most mediocre team in history and have Case Keenum as their QB. But yeah, that 3-0 is soooo much better than the Bills. But it's the media.... way more idiots in the US clicking everything about the Cowgirls than a 3-0 Bills team, which I think is better and looking up but has feasted on the bottom of the barrel and didn't dominate in any way like the Cowboys did.
  5. Never ever use the phone, always my issued cards. They're foolproof.
  6. [Moderator Edited for verbiage outside TOS parameters] This topic is coming close to being moved to PPP. Tone it down.
  7. But on my ride in today, culture is meaningless. Simon, who has become an even more timid and weak person because the dominant personality that is White, both parrot the point that culture is irrelevant. But what I love the most is, they'll take the opposite tact on occasion that teams, front offices, and coaching is "dysfunctional" when a team sucks. How can you at once discount the broad term "culture" as meaningless because talent and wins are all that matters but then suggest dysfunction is creating losses. It's the most laughable argument from radio hosts who basically work as a duo and never in a large, complex organization where the culture, which can be simply defined as the attitudes, behaviors, and expectations of a group, can severely influence the performance of that group. Making it even worse, these same simpletons, who've likely never set foot in an advanced stats course continue to argue that individual disconnected advanced measures tell us about winning. No stat is predictive of winning by itself. And until they develop the complex multilevel model that explains ALL the variables that cause, nor are correlated to, winning, then they're useless blowhard. ' They'd do themselves a favor if they admitted that culture plays some currently immeasurable but clearly tangible role. Coming back from 16 down on the road in the second half of a road game against a division opponent requires an organizational (in this case the team) belief it can win. That means an attitude of never quitting. We've seen how many teams turtle in these situations. If everyone quits, it's over. It's just pretty unreal the rampant infection within WGR's two primary show hosts on this issue. But also awesome when you hear current and retired players say it DEFINITELY MATTERS. How these nerds can continue to say it doesn't when actual professional athletes say it does is stunningly tone deaf. But that's what happens when being right is the onlt thing that matters and you defend it in the face of information that says otherwise. And serious, when is Simon going to retire, he's so bad. He's still as good as he probably was in Intro to Broadcast Journalism.
  8. Yep. Gave him 15 minutes before I turned that garbage off. He called Bell's 93 total yards "fantastic" which is hilariously laughable since Singletary had 98 on 14 less touches. What's above "fantastic"? And he opened with some snarky comment that his puppet was laughing at in the background, something about the last time the Bills came back from 16 down in the third being like 22 years ago or something. He said "I guess that could be right" which is awesome because this blowhard ahole touts himself as someone who remembers everything... unless that means the Bills, which he loves cutting down. I'd listen to WGR if they didn't populate shows with idiots like this.
  9. Never subscribed, never will. When I stopped subscribing to the Buffalo News, I gave up all media subscriptions. And today's front page of the Buffalo News website (yes, I checked headlines daily and if something interests me, I find it on WIVB, etc. or forego it altogether,) is a classic example... who the flub gives a flying flub about that talentless skank one of the Bills players, who if I recall cheated on her with a UB student, is dating. A classes pile of waste who aired their dirty laundry on the iternet like it was something to be proud of. And this is who the news covers? Disgusting. Why do we hold these people up as something worthy of our time and interest and, gasp, admiration? Same with players. She's married to a cheater. Stuck with him. She's a loser. He's a loser wearing the laundry of the team I root for, unfortunately. Maybe the Atlantic focuses on player people should actually look up to, with interesting stories worthy of admiration. I'll never know.
  10. Well, his DL is pretty wicked and our OL has 4 new starters. So yeah, I suspect they win that battle tomorrow. It's my big concern, the OL's ability to run and pass block well enough.
  11. As a lifelong WNYer and STH, I do not think we owe the Pegulas one penny to build a new stadium and if that means he packs up and take his team elsewhere, so be it. Decades of corporate welfare have gotten this region and its rank and file people where exactly? End it with a big fat no to the fracking king. He doesn't need the money, period. The stadium experience at NEF gets worse every year. The train horn is unbearable. You can't talk to people during commercials because they don't want to do anything other than listen to commercials at 150 dB and the concession prices are outrageous...I might have maybe one or two beers the entire year, never eat food because it sucks; they should be required to have drinking fountains and refilling stations (save me the fear-mongering about allowing refillable containers into the stadium, my old man used to bring in Thermos of hot chocolate) I think over time, the NFL is going to struggle to retain and grow fans. Less kids play and will play, except in the south where shots to the head don't have the same impact. Soccer, especially the EPL is a better sport, especially on TV. No roided up former players screaming ridiculously obvious hot takes passed off as "color analysis". Their pre-game, halftime, and post game shows are top notch affairs, again well spoken, intelligent, analytical takes at a standard volume, no Berman-esque stupidity aimed at children and frat boys. And the games take less than two hours of your time. Pick a team, tune in and enjoy. That is all.
  12. Ive been trying to gag down WGR55 on my 10 minutes commute each day to get some NFL talk prior to the season. But it's devolved further than I ever thought it could with the fantasy and gambling BS. I get it, these guys are nerds and live a fantasy life covering children's games for a living but holy hell. My favorite is when they act like they could be a real sports GM and question everything then undercut that 'credibility" two days later saying how hard it is to run a "fantasy team." Hilarious. Sorry, if you're a fantasy sports player and junkie, you're missing a lot in life.
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