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  1. Didn't read the entire after the first sentence: First off, about accuracy: why do we talk about it like it's an Olympic medal? The reality is simple. The more accurate a QB is, the more first downs. The more first downs, the more TDs. The more TDs, the more likely you win. The more INTs, the less potential points you score and the higher potential for your opponent to score. Any argument suggesting it's not important is merely an argument in support of the a player you like and not in what it takes to win games. 4 Championship QBs 2018 percentage and the percentage points above Allen's 52.8%: Brady: 65.8 (+13) Mahomes: 66.0 (+13.2) Brees: 74.4 (+21.6) Goff: 64.9 (+12.1) And Goff is 20th in the league! That's how bad Allen was, which was 33/33 of qualified QBs. So if you think that's OK and you can win with that, that's a fallacy you can enjoy.
  2. So a holiday for fat gluttonous stupid drunks? Make perfect sense in America circa 2019. Might be the dumbest idea proposed on this forum, and that says a lot. Move it to Saturday or even to 4pm on Sunday. A 6:30+ start plus waaaay too many commercials and a halftime that has to now clock in at close to 30 minutes and it's barely watchable football as it is. I threw a SB party for about 7 or 8 years in a row but stopped about 4 years ago when just got to be that no one even stayed for the first half. No, that's not justification for a national holiday ffs, it's justification for rethinking a Sunday game that late. NFl, a league with no common sense because they fear common sense ruins the bottom line. I'd bet a Saturday Super Bowl would be watched more, at least the entire game. Local bars would do better, stores would do better as more people would entertain.
  3. So a highlight real of a CFL WR preening and prancing around like an idiot more than showing his "skills." Sounds like a waste of a pick. A 5-start recruit who went to Auburn and is in the CFL is there for a reason and I would guess "maturity" is close to the top of that list. No thanks. Book it, he'll be cut. Looks overweight and slow to boot.
  4. zonabb

    Charges dropped in Reuben Foster DV case

    His middle name is Burdon, which is clearly true for any team dumb enough to give this loser a chance to play again.
  5. zonabb

    NFL TV ratings up 5%

    This is where I find the league's (see: Lizard Face Jones and Donald Kraft) focus on new stadium revenue to be hilariously about extracting money from the pockets of small markets as a punitive reaction to "unfair" profit sharing when in reality, this league is more and more a TV league. The tiny amount of new revenue from new stadiums is dwarfed by TV revenue yet this endless throbbing knob for new stadiums is stupid. The money is in TV contracts and ad revenue. The stadium experience, imo, is getting worse and worse around the league (STH and I get to a road game a year) as they bombard you with ads and noise and ads and noise and ads and noise during every stoppage. $11 beers are stupid. I used t get a beer or two every game, think I bought one the entire season. I don't need a 24 ounce beer in September that'll be pizz warm in the 80 degree heat before I am half done. $5 waters. No thanks. That's my entire group of 9 people. No one hardly buys anything anymore, it's gotten stupid. So as more and more teams try to extract every penny from their STHs and fans in the stadium, I expect numbers to dwindle. I would be curious, however, to know how much the rate of increase is due to new households watching? If say 500K new households were formed last year, how many of those watched? Put another way, how much is due to more viewers than an actual increase in the percentage of viewers from the prior years' number of households?
  6. Zero. A whiny malcontent on a team that feeds him the ball moving to a team with a second year QB? That'd work out real well. Ryan Clark ripped him a new one and it's some stunning insight into this locker room cancer. Let him be someone else's problem. I would never want to have a guy like this on a team, ever. Give me the slightly less productive team leader all day.
  7. zonabb

    Josh Allen end of season presser

    This is the one of only two major mistakes I think this FO and McD have made and that's having a lifetime WR coach as your rookie franchise QB's coach. Mistake with a kid who needs work on his mechanics as much as the mental side of the game. That and their mess on the OL.
  8. Can't win with garbage human beings at critical positions and certainly can't win when the aholes take themselves out of the lineup. Selfishness is actually just a lack of maturity, which is unsurprising from a WR. Pretty hilarious the lack of humility from a 6th round pick from the MAC who is who he is because he has a QB to get him the ball. Classic ignorant arrogance. Hope Roethlisberger retires and that tool can't play the remainder of his career with some real bums at QB. Love football, hate the NFL as an organization and I never root for players because of losers like this. Every week it's something with these immature babies. Just another in a long list of players I root against and won't feel bad next time he gets lit up.
  9. This is now becoming my favorite spectator sport... watching the diehard homers defend Allen, in the OP's case going so far as to imply there is no accuracy issue but using "issue" in quotes so as to discredit anyone before they even respond. Then there's the list of reasons he's inaccurate by another poster, with the top 3 being "not his fault" excuses. Everyone can try and sell this to themselves anyway that makes them feel good or better about Allen. But the fact is, game in and game out, he's wildly inaccurate. Just own it. He has one, let me restate that ONE, game where his completion percentage was above 60. You can't blame every game, inside and out, one everything but Allen. Darnold's been an inconsistent rookie as well, but his highs have far outweighed his lows. He has 6 games with a percentage over 60%. And his last 3 games his percentage is 66.0% with 6 TDs (one less than Allen's season total) and 1 INT. Allen in his last three is 49.5%, 2 TDs, 4 INTs. But he's the proof he's not improving his accuracy. He's started 10 games (played in 11). In his first 10 starts, his completion percentage was 55.6%. His second 5 starts, it was 49.7%. So how then is he getting better in this crucial aspect of playing QB in the NFL? Even with bad receivers and a bad line, you should expect that experience, based on what I read here, should indicate that he can improve in this situation even marginally or maintain some level of consistency. I believe you should getter better even a little, over a season under the same of circumstances. If you don't, that's telling. I said it when he was drafted and will continue to say it over and over until a QB in this league improves substantially (give me a measure of statistical significance), that inaccuracy is unfixable. What's more, go back and look at the college stats of every Super Bowl winner since 2000. Not sure there is a guy in that group with a sub-60% college career. So in the end, the homer argument is simple. He was a project, we knew that going it, and he'll get better with experience. The data and eye test (inc. All-22) debunk that argument in year 1. He simply hasn't show any improvement. So can a player who showed no improvement improve in his second year? There's a ton of people here who have a ton of flimsy justifications why he will but refuse to come with empirical evidence that would suggest it.
  10. zonabb

    Rating the Rookie QBs - What the Numbers Show

    I'd bet anyone $1,000 right now that Allen's 2019 completion percentage doesn't exceed 59.9%, falls short of 20 TDs, and throws at least 14 INTs. The homers around here want to still blame the line and skill position talent and I'll agree with that but that doesn't account for the entire issue with Allen. He is still wildly inaccurate with bad mechanics. None of that has been improved. So you can still argue that it's not his fault by blaming everything but him but if you watch with your eyes instead of your heart, you'll see a kid who hasn't improved his physical or mental game. And next year, what will the excuse be when the talent will be, without question better (how can it be worse) after FA and the draft and he continue to throw off his back foot, be laughably inaccurate, and makes many mental mistakes?
  11. Yeah Edmunds has been bad, maybe not dreadful. The issue is, when you think about any MLB who dominates in this league, they dominate from Day 1. He has not done that. Save the "Hey's 20" nonsense. Been playing his whole life, no excuses. He's Example B (Allen being A) of this FO love affair with physical freaks. That's great but if they're not smart, well...
  12. zonabb

    Josh Allen's progress

    Honestly want this kid to be the franchise. Love the attitude. Love competitiveness and fire. Love the leadership. Everything a team wants as far as the intangibles. But with that, I see zero progress, which pains me to say. Still horribly inaccurate. Can't overcome bad OL and WR play when you're at fault a lot for bad passes. Sorry but too much blame being paid to drops and too many "but his adjusted completion percentage..." homers who refuse to let their eyes and not their hearts judge. He's not improved here one bit. Part of that is likely because his footwork is still horrible. Today he threw many bad passes off his back foot, relying on his arm strength but that can't overcome bad mechanics. And I think he's slow to process the game, both pre-snap reads and progressions. 7 TDs in 11 starts is a joke in this league. Part of it is a bad supporting cast but we've seen soooo many QBs with bad players around them at least overcome some of that and show promise. He's been outplayed by Mayfield and Darnold (queue the "they were drafted ahead of him so it's not the Bills fault... not a legit counter when they had draft capital and by all accounts were in love with this guy). And he's not looking better than Rosen. I'm not saying this because I want him to suck. I just spent about 20 minutes looking up the first few years of some great QBs since 2004, looking for bad rookie years followed by improvement. They exist. I want this guy to be it. But I never wanted him because he was the prototype I hate and rarely every succeeds...physical freak with years of embedded bad habits that are hard to overcome. We're see this now. If he comes out next week and plays like this again, we go into the offseason wondering what this guy is. Been watching every second of every game because of him and I'm not seeing the progress I had hoped and we're running out of season. If this week's performance is the same next week.... I'm wondering if anyone can honestly say there's improvement?
  13. zonabb

    December 31st & 2019

    This team needs 4 starting OL with Dawkins moved back to RT. So your idea has merit if the 3 new OL you suggest are all starters and somehow they get one more somewhere, maybe Teller is decent? They need a #1 and #2 WR. Jones sucks, that train has left the station. Foster still needs to develop. Need a legit threat TE. Honestly, they need 7 new offensive starters, which is a massive lift. But if anyone thinks Allen can get better (I've been skeptical since they called his name at the draft), the only way an honest assessment can be made on the kid is if this FO (which was derelict in its duty in giving the kid help this year and should be criticized heavily for it) makes major investment in the OL and receiving corps. Can get a decent RB anywhere. And I will never ever give McD a pass for having a career WR coach as the QB coach for a player drafted as your franchise QB. That to me is an epic failure and major flaw of McD. I remain stunned how poorly the FO and McD mismanaged this offense in the offseason.
  14. I've been underwhelmed with Daboll all season, mainly because I was told how good he was going to be and how he'll be creative. Then I, you know, watch other NFL games and see none of the playcalling by other teams here. I know the WRs suck. I know the OL is bad. But you see limited use of RBs in the passing game, which is unbelievable with a rookie QB. I think that's the biggest problem, not utilizing RBs as wideouts. Part of it is Allen, who makes a lot of bad decisions, some of are the maddening f'in refusal to throw into the flat when he should. And really, if you would have told me that Allen would start what 11 games and have 7 TDs I would have been mortified, as I am about his future prospects. He has not improved his accuracy or footwork on iota. The homers can say all you want, this far into it, you should see improvement and you don't. How many off the back foot bad throws today? How many headscracthingly inaccurate passes today? He's not getting better anywhere. Still can't read a defense, got owned today. So part of Daboll's suckitude is, in the end, because of Allen's suckitude. Going to be a long 2019 as well.
  15. zonabb

    Josh Allen’s Adjusted Completion Percentage = 72.7%

    My adjusted undergraduate GPA is a 4.0 after you take out the grades where the professor sucked, or I missed and exam, or I did poorly on a paper.