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  1. Carr has more INT than TD this year
  2. Allen needs to keep starting so they can see if they need to draft another QB
  3. jr1

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    Peterman plays like he doesn't know the playbook
  4. jr1

    The Answer is Sitting in Tampa Bay

    I thought this would be about OJ Howard
  5. Benjamin's 27 and still doesn't know where to line up. He's never going to learn
  6. jr1

    Gimme your 5 star lock.

    this dude is pretty accurate https://www.fantasyfootballnerd.com/nfl-picks/expert/16/will-brinson
  7. jr1

    Who has a pet buried in the backyard?

    there's a hamster or 2 at the old house. Now we have the vet handle it
  8. Bill O'Brien will self-sabotage