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  1. no QB will want to sign here with scenes like Sunday. They know their stats will be damaged
  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary today

    Thanks. Good luck to the Packers the rest of the season
  3. God helps those that pull the hotel fire alarm
  4. the rest of Whaley's guys will be gone
  5. Playoff Scenarios

    Brady has his pacifier with Gronk back
  6. he was an analyst on NFL Live this week. The transition to broadcasting is underway
  7. Alarm clock— how do you wake up?

    I still use an old GE clock radio
  8. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    Russ and Beane have dance competitions on Fridays
  9. Sam Bradford To The Bills..? Puke

    he's never won more than 7 games in a season. We'd be in the same boat
  10. all these guys were too cool to wear external padding like Kelso
  11. Todd McShay 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

    LB seems less of a need with Milano starting
  12. Texas should hire him as an assistant coach
  13. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    would someone really go to this guy rather than Joe B, Sal etc if they had a scoop
  14. Draft a QB or pay for one?

    Cousins has a career record of 24-29-1