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  1. here's good profile of him from a Redskins fansite https://www.hogshaven.com/2018/3/16/17107668/mason-rudolphs-pros-outnumber-his-cons-should-the-former-cowboy-become-a-redskin
  2. Anybody want Teddy?

    could he even pass the Bills' physical?
  3. How to get to Pick #2

    Gettleman's not going to give Beane a friend discount
  4. https://samplewonderlictest.com/
  5. by God that's Lamar Jackson's music
  6. Baker Mayfield

    there were no fluke seasons with Baker. His worst completion percentage was 64.1
  7. RB Taiwan Jones is Also Back on a 1-Year Deal

    the march to 90 players
  8. Who is your #2 WR to Target in free agency?

    Deonte Thompson averaged 15.9 yards per catch this season
  9. I don't see anyone wanting Hughes' salary and him being a flag magnet