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  1. jr1

    Father Time is finally catching up with Brady

    so sick of his Zoolander theatrics
  2. playing against McCown helps
  3. he's a quitter that will go to Miami to jet ski when he doesn't get his way with the Colts
  4. jr1

    2019 Draft list

    AJ Brown WR Irv Smith JR TE Dalton Riser OL Andre Dillard OL Blace Brown DB Devin Bush LB Wes Hills RB
  5. 53 active would be good especially for special teams
  6. Josh is getting better. Love McKenzie. Foster looks really good. Milano continued to shine. Wallace deserves credit for becoming a starter. Please extend Barkley
  7. jr1

    Bills vs Patriots*** - **Predict the Score**

    Bills 26-23. Gronk gets an old man back injury