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  1. That’s where I park for every home game
  2. I bought that picture in Jackson Hole earlier this year. Its called Ghost of the Plains and the photographer is Gary Crandall.
  3. Mine are at 6:45 too. I’m in the dunn tire club. I know there’s no seats in the club but can you stand inside and have a beverage for awhile.
  4. I managed to get two in 231. Call in time was 10:30.
  5. I have had two club seats for twelve years. Got online at 1130. No seats available. Thought there was a seniority element to getting tickets. Well maybe if things go well there’ll be more available for the next game.
  6. A framed picture of Mike Stratton hitting Keith Lincoln. Autographed by both players.
  7. Who cares. He can pick his nose if he wins games
  8. I’m going. Gives me a chance to give them a round of applause for a good season.
  9. I think revamping the entire scouting department isn’t recognized enough.
  10. Kraft took him out for a tugger as a goodbye gift
  11. Have my tickets. Tailgating with a large group of browns fans in the pit.
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