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  1. TallskiWallski83

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    Greg Roman knows how to develop a good running game. What he doesn't know how to do is how to get playcalls in a timely fashion, particularly in the 2 minute drill when the offense is going hurry up. It's a huge glaring flaw he never corrected when he was with the bills. You will never beat a good team if you can't get your ***** together in the most critical moments of a game. Good luck to the Ravens.
  2. TallskiWallski83

    Has a WR made a great catch this season????

    Had Josh Allen caught that Philly special play yesterday it would have been the best catch by a buffalo bill all year. Just let that sit in for a bit ....
  3. TallskiWallski83

    Connor Orr: How Will Rams-Chiefs Impact the Future of the NFL?

    Everyone is going bonkers over last night's game and I don't understand it. Yes, big plays and scoring are exciting but it waters down the product. How am I supposed to get excited over a 60 yard bomb when it seems to happen every drive? What makes football exciting to me is the build up to a big play, a back and forth chess match between offense and defense. Where each yard on offense is earned, not given. Where big time players rise up to the occasion and make a spectacular play to win their team the game. Last night's game was just a back and forth scorefest that ended with a anticlimactic ending. Defense means nothing and everyone scores at will, the team that loses is the team that gets the ball last without enough time on the clock. It's just a random way to end a game and I don't understand why people enjoy it. Im 31 years old and I sound like a grandpa here, but this new age football just doesn't do it for me.