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  1. TallskiWallski83

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    Veteran leadership. This is a process culture signing. Frank still has power in his legs but he doesn't have any speed.
  2. TallskiWallski83

    Lions sign TE Jesse James

    Jesse James is an average TE..Jared cook has been an overrated athlete most of his career. The bills are better off finally catching up to the modern nfl and drafting a legit prospect and letting him develop with Allen. I think Croom showed he is a more than capable player, he was a former WR after all. I have no problem letting him be our #1 recieving TE while we develop a rookie
  3. TallskiWallski83

    What Are You Top 5 Super Bowls

    Thats a solid list. I am 31 and agree that superbowl 42 was the best superbowl Ive watched in my lifetime. I too was at that 56-10 beatdown, watching tom brady march down the field and throw a TD to moss in the 4th quarter really fueled my hatred of the patriots that particular year. People forget that the Ravens, who were having a down year, came out and should have ended the patriots perfect season but a series of questionable personal foul penalties at the end of the game ruined everything. I would say number 2 for me is Superbowl 36 Patriots def Rams- greatest show on turf loses to one of the biggest underdogs in superbowl history. Launches patriots dynasty I am jealous of patriots fans not only because they have won so many superbowls, but because they have also won and lost some of the greatest superbowls ever played. It must be nice to experience such things on a repeated basis.
  4. TallskiWallski83

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    Greg Roman knows how to develop a good running game. What he doesn't know how to do is how to get playcalls in a timely fashion, particularly in the 2 minute drill when the offense is going hurry up. It's a huge glaring flaw he never corrected when he was with the bills. You will never beat a good team if you can't get your ***** together in the most critical moments of a game. Good luck to the Ravens.