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  1. The Browns have a very real chance of upsetting Kansas City this week if they can keep their ground game going and keep their defense off the field. I still like the Chiefs, but the Browns are live.
  2. That ***** is so bad. Let us never speak of it again
  3. Realistically who are the bills players that should make the pro bowl? Allen, Diggs, Dawkins, Hughes, Poyer and maybe White?
  4. Moss definitely had his best game as a pro last week. He looked tentative hitting the hole early on in the season, and because of this he never really got his momentum going. I remember there was that 4th down play against the chiefs where he stuttered a bit, but then was able to churn and drive his legs enough to get the first down, but it was close. If he can continue to improve with his vision and hit the holes with force he can be our RB1. I love Devin Singletary but I just don't think he has the body type to be a true feature back like moss does.
  5. if im cincy theres nothing you could offer me to trade the pick. Burrows had the best season of any college QB in history. You take your swing on a guy like that and if he misses (which anyone with a football IQ highly highly doubts)..so be it.
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