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  1. He's going to need a Defensive Coordinator...
  2. I hope McDermott gets 13 Second(s) Place votes...
  3. We're pretty much of the same mindset. I was pretty melancholy yesterday...not so much because of the loss (there have been many worse ones over the years)...but because it dawned on me that I will probably never see this organization win a Lombardi Trophy. My grandmother never got to experience that joy, neither did my father or my mother. My aunt and uncle, who are also Bills fans, are now in their mid-70s and probably never will either. I will be 60 this Fall and have been chasing this elusive dream since I was a little kid growing up in WNY. The few realistic chances that have been provided by this mostly moribund franchise are always painfully squandered. In the early 1990s, when I was in my late 20s, I thought for sure it was just a matter of time. Now? Not so much. I've been hopelessly in love with the girl who doesn't love me back for over half a century but I just can't quit her...
  4. I don't disagree and I know that coaches salaries don't count against the salary cap but I just don't see the Pegulas parting with that kind of scratch just for a HC. Maybe I'm wrong about that but that's just my opinion or gut feeling. If you told me that they were onboard and Payton would sign, I would gladly say, "Thanks for the memories and getting us back on track, Sean McDermott. Good luck to you in your future endeavors." As has been floated by others, I'm am starting to get a Marty Schottenheimer vibe from McDermott...good enough to get a franchise viable and on the right path but not good enough to ever win the big one.
  5. On top of the draft pick compensation, Payton reportedly wants $20M - $25M to become someone's HC. Does anyone realistically think that Beane (picks) and the Pegulas (cash) would be willing to ante up that kind of compensation? I don't. It's just a fan pipe dream. I'd be happy with cutting loose Leslie Frazier for starters and going from there.
  6. And it probably feels even more 'meh' than it really is after losing Correa.
  7. @Gugny @SinceThe70s @Another Fan Meh. Fills a hole but does not move the needle for me. Another 'past his prime' bat. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-rumors-twins-could-trade-luis-arraez-for-pitching-help-mets-sign-tommy-pham/ "The Mets have agreed to a one-year, $6 million deal with free agent outfielder Tommy Pham, reports Jon Heyman. Pham is heading toward his age-35 season. In 144 games last year for the Reds and Red Sox, he hit .236/.312/.374 (87 OPS+) with 23 doubles, 17 homers, 63 RBI, 89 runs, eight steals and 0.4 WAR. The expectation here is Pham will be a fourth outfielder for the Mets behind Brandon Nimmo (CF), Starling Marte (RF) and Mark Canha (LF), though there's always a chance everyday playing time opens up. There are also DH at-bats and Pham could figure there (or play left field with Canha at DH against lefties, as left-handed swinging Daniel Vogelbach figures to be the primary DH)."
  8. Today's game was four hours. How much longer could it be?
  9. Given the whole Damar Hamlin story line, how Hollywood would it have been for him to come down with that for the TD and then the Ravens win it on a successful two point conversion?
  10. That goal line fumble was full on 'Charger-ing'. We both know they should have had 24 but Roman gonna Roman.
  11. Baltimore had ample chances to win this game. That goal line fumble for a TD was the back breaker.
  12. Morse had the initial take down and then Brown finished him off from the top of the turnbuckle.
  13. Un...freaking...real. This has been one bizarre playoff weekend.
  14. I wish they'd call it 'Super Duper Wild Card Weekend' and dig up Joey Heinz to do the promos.
  15. I wish they'd call it 'Super Duper Wild Card Weekend' and dig up Joey Heinz to do the promos.
  16. His mom is making him some Campbell's Chunky Soup in the comfort of their home while she figures out the parameters of a new deal for him.
  17. He frittered away a chance to make a play...
  18. I think you meant to say, "mea culpa"?
  19. Maybe, maybe not. It took Cincy until the 5:02 mark of the 3rd just to take a 7 point lead and they have not led by more than 9 all game. We'll see if the Ravens respond or coil up into the fetal position.
  20. Boyd should have been given a flag for taunting after a clean, solid hit by Peters.
  21. Uh oh...Colllinsworthless starting to knob slob Huntley. Don't jinx it, horse face.
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