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  1. Maybe the ref heard Evans had a killer chili recipe. "Write everything down, Mike. I can't remember the rules so I sure as hell won't remember all those ingredients."
  2. Wow, OP. Comin' in hot by starting a thread with your very first post. A little advice... Your initial post was, "Does anybody think the Bills will make a move before the trade deadline." Always...and this is important...ALWAYS pose your question in the form of a statement and start it with "Hear me out" for maximum credibility.
  3. You may be thinking of former Reds and current Mariners outfielder...and Bills fan...Jesse Winker. I think it's safe to assume that he's not abstaining from something with that smoke show of a girlfriend. If he is, he probably needs that alcohol.
  4. Jones: "F&%K YOU...RUB!" Kraft: "F&%K YOU...TUG!" Jones: "RUB!!" Kraft: "TUG!!"
  5. It is though. A low-end 1st Round pick still comes with a 5th year option and cost control. A high 2nd Round pick does not.
  6. They can't. The league only allows them to wear red as part of the color rush uniform (red jersey & red pants). Red jersey/white pants or white jersey/red pants is not an option. It's all red or no red at all.
  7. Sorry, but you are both wrong. It's obviously a cryptic hint that the Bills will be playing in Italy next year. Milan-o? Duh! Here is some white on Rice...
  8. I agree with most of this, Gug, especially that keeping Diaz should be a priority. Hard to believe that only a year or so ago we may have been singing a different tune. If deGrom walks, they need to allocate those would be funds wisely. There will be holes all over the roster...starting pitching, relief pitching, and bats. They need some reliable sticks with power who can hit in the clutch and they have to properly address the DH position. Hopefully, Vientos is up to that challenge but that remains to be seen. There will be a lot of "hoping"...Vientos at DH, Baty at 3rd, Alvarez behind the dish plus new faces trying to fit in and mesh cohesively. I generally like Buck but he made a lot of head scratching moves with the bullpen, IMO, and he stubbornly (and inexplicably) stuck by Darin Ruf. Speaking of Ruf, it was criminal to surrender four assets, no matter what level, for someone like him. And the trade deadline didn't yield enough to sustain the team down the stretch. That is squarely on Eppler. I'm still not sold on him and the jury is still out in my eyes. He's going to have to show me more. I'm glad Sandy Alderson is finally stepping away, too. He was underwhelming over the years when it came to assembling a bullpen and his record of GM hires and attempted hires before he stumbled upon Eppler was abysmal. His managerial choices prior to Buck were also embarrassingly bad. They have to hire a really good President of Baseball Operations, as well. That's almost as high on my list of needs as the players.
  9. I have no doubt Cohen would be willing to outbid anyone for deGrom. The issue to me is that deGrom does not want to stay. I guess we will see soon enough. McCann't certainly didn't/won't hamstring Cohen's Mets financially like Bay did the Coupons' Mets. My point was not about the money, it was about the complete bust factor and bad fit. He is on par with Bay and and an over-the-hill George Foster, IMO. I know Foster was more a PR move for a moribund franchise trying to put fannies in the seats but he was awful as was Bay and as is McCann't. Comparisons aside, I don't ever want to see him in a Met uni ever again. Out, out damn spot!
  10. deGrom is as good as gone, IMO. He is a southern guy and I don't think he was ever really a fan of playing in NYC. Just cryptic little things he has said over the last year or so lead me to believe he's gone unless Cohen absolutely makes him "an offer he can't refuse." My fear is that he signs with Atlanta and miraculously never gets injured again, sailing into the HOF as a Brave. I also think it's a pipe dream for any Met fan who actually thinks Judge is coming to Flushing. I have a feeling he either goes to the Giants who want to make a splash and have the money to do so or he stays with the Skanks. I'd love for Nimmo to stay but I'm not sure that happens either. If Alvarez is not handed the catching job out of Spring Training, and Nido is no more than the backup catcher, and McCann't is not bought out/DFA'd then Eppler should be fired on the spot. McCann't was a $40 million misfire and should be nowhere near this organization next year. Worst acquisition since Jason Bay, IMO, and that is saying something. Atlanta is positioned for sustained success and the 'The Mets' are heading back to being 'The Mess' once again. Get this farm system on par with the best and buy to fill in where needed. I'm tired of overpriced, under-performing short-term 'fixes'. LGM
  11. Wow, there are no words for what a complete and utter shite show Game 1 was. 'Bad Max' Scherzer reared his ugly head...again. This was like the Atlanta series redux. Nightmare personified. And, even more depressing, they could get swept away at home tomorrow in what could very well be deGrom's last game ever in a Met uni. <sigh>
  12. Yep, Freeman ended up 3-4 (.325) and Squirrel sat (.326) until the 9th when he came in defensively for Lidor so that Frankie could take a bow and get a standing ovation from the Citi Field crowd. Looks like this will be the Mets pitching rotation vs the Padres: Game 1: Scherzer. Game 2: Bassitt if the Mets win Game 1, deGrom, if the Mets lose Game 1. Game 3: deGrom or Bassitt (see above), if Game 3 is necessary Scherzer needs to be lights out because Yu Darvish owns the Mets. He's 5-0 lifetime with a 2.56 ERA and 9.9 Ks/9 IP. If the Mets can win Games 1 & 2, that sets them up to start deGrom for Game 1 against the Dodgers. That would be huge.
  13. It was an absolute frozen rope! The kid has power, if he can get it going. The Philthies managed to get 3 hits in the 9th to break up the combined Houston 'no-no' but still got shutout. We're locked in now against San Diego for three at Citi Field. LGM!!!
  14. Odds and ends: 1) Hard to believe that tonight was the first time ever in team history that the Mets hit back-to back-to back HRs to start the 1st inning 2) The Philthies are being no hit thru 8. 🤣
  15. Ask and ye shall receive. A HR AND getting some valuable time behind the dish.
  16. It's over, the game (Marlins lost, 2-1) and the division. Mets are officially a Wild Card and deGrom gets to rest tomorrow. Could be ugly if they face the Padres. They have been unable to solve the riddle that is Yu Darvish.
  17. It's looking like the decision will not have to be made. It's going to be a moot point if the Marlins don't come back. They're down, 2-1, heading to the bottom of the ninth in Miami. But if tomorrow meant something for the Mets, yeah, I'd take my chances and throw deGrom.
  18. I agree. This weekend was gut-wrenching and abysmal but so Metsian. The Mets just had their biggest 1st inning of the year in Game 2 with a seven spot and lead Washington, 7-0, in the 2nd. Unfortunately, it won't mean anything except a rare 100 win season if the Marlins don't rally (down 2-1 in the Top of the 7th). If the Braves do lose, I would absolutely start deGrom tomorrow. The #2 Seed is a huge advantage over the WC. My understanding is that the Marlins had shut down Alcantara for the season and Atlanta would not have to face him. If the Braves win tonight, I would start Alvarez behind the plate tomorrow and play Vientos in the field to see if either or both can play and help there in the playoffs. BTW, if I never see James McCann't ever again, it will be too soon.
  19. @SinceThe70s @Another Fan Faint division hopes still alive for a couple of hours at least, boys. Mets just beat the Natalies in Game 1 of their doubleheader, 4-2. Atlanta is currently up on the Marlins at the time of this post, 1-0 in the 4th. They would still control their own destiny had they won just one game this past weekend.
  20. Another disappointing outing by deGrom down the stretch. The rate at which he is allowing HRs all of a sudden is alarming. He needs to be better but, that said, he still allowed only 3 runs and the game was there for the taking. Unfortunately, the limp-d*cked offense was on full display once again and Escobar is the only one with a pulse right now. Scherzer had better find a way to shut down Atlanta and get the 'W' on Saturday or the annual Met choke job will be in its final stages. <sigh>
  21. Mets win, Braves lose!! 2.5 up (two in the loss column) with 10 to play. Glad the Philthies decided to put up a fight this series instead of lying down like dogs and getting swept away again in four.
  22. The Natalies win was an unexpected bonus. It's unfortunate that the Mets imploded in the last game against the Brewers. As much as I like Buck, he sometimes worries and confounds me with how he handles the bullpen. It may not have mattered in the 6-0 loss since the offense was so impotent/non-existent but maybe they find a way to scratch across a run or two down the line if it's still a 1-0 or 2-0 game. Buck continues to use the back of the pen guys during high leverage situations and uses Lugo, Ottavino, & Diaz when they aren't always needed. Bringing Drew Smith into a bases loaded situation the other day...fresh off of a two month stint on the IL...was beyond foolish, IMO. Hand to God, I knew Mr. Smith was giving up a grand slam there. I have called him 'Homerun Drew' all year long and he immediately reasserted that belief. He has to be better. It's been a heavyweight fight and I just hope that those 3 inexcusable losses at home to the Cubs don't end up costing this team a division title and a 1st Round bye. They have looked tired down the stretch and seem to be staggering to the finish line. I just hope they have one more kick left in them to get them over the hump for these final 11 games of the regular season. Getting Guillorme back was big because they have some positional flexibility again that they didn't have while he was on the IL. The DH situation has handcuffed them because Vogelbach (LH) and Ruf (RH) are both one-side hitters with no ability to play the field which has limited the ability to 'rest' other guys by having them DH only for a game or two. Not ideal but that is the reality for this season in Metsland. Honestly, with Bassitt, deGrom, & Scherzer scheduled to go against the A's there is absolutely no excuse not to sweep this series, if the bats decide to contribute to the effort for a change. Oakland is the worst team in the AL and tied with Pittsburgh for the second worst record in the majors behind the rancid Natalies. Six of the Mets final eleven games are against the worst teams in the AL & NL. Gotta get them all and then get the majority of the remaining five against the Marlins & Braves and hope Atlanta can drop one or two along the way outside of the series with the Mets. This series with Philly seems to be the best bet and the Philthies 1-0 win last night was a nice start. I hear you but I look at it a little differently. I don't see not winning the division as a soft landing spot. God knows this franchise doesn't make the playoffs much...and a playoff spot is great and shouldn't be taken for granted...but finishing in the Wild Card will feel a little hollow to me unless they go on to win the WS. Atlanta has been chasing all year and to lose the division now with a handful of games to go will leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Not nearly as bad as the collapse to Philadelphia with a 7 game lead and 17 to play (HTF does that happen to anyone other than the Mets??! Don't get me started...) but still bad, IMO. If they win the division, not only would they avoid the extra series but they would not have to face the Dodgers until the NLCS. That is huge. With Scherzer and deGrom having taken turns getting injured and not being 'spring chickens', I'd prefer them as fresh as possible for the post-season. Not to be 'Debbie Downer' but, if they don't win the NL East and/or at least make the NLCS, I consider this year a failure. I know that's a bizarre take to some because you can count on less than one hand the number of 100 win seasons for this franchise but a new, deep-pocketed owner trotting out a team with the highest payroll in the league has raised expectations. That said, I will go on record as saying that I believe the Mets WILL find a way to hang on and win the division. If they can go into that series in Atlanta at least one game up and just take one of the three games, they will be tied in the standings with the Braves but will hold the division tiebreaker by virtue of a 10-9 season series record against them. That would leave the Mets with the final 3 games of the year at home against the Natalies and destiny in their own hands. Lose the division in that scenario and they didn't deserve it anyway. Let's hope it doesn't come to that and...LET'S GO METS!!!
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