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  1. I’d take Diggs, but wouldn’t be happy if we gave up 1 first rounder for him, let alone 2!
  2. I’m very excited to watch Allen and Edmunds grow, what a draft! They went after Levi and he played lights out. I’m taking mostly all positives from this game. The only negative I’ll point out is Daboll’s inability to help Josh.
  3. Add Duke to the 53 right now. We win that game without the dirty hit, but if he had a big bodied wr, I think we win convincingly.
  4. Wow! I figured Nsekhe would start the year at RT. I thought I heard he was looking good.
  5. Sorry if I’ve missed this buried on a thread somewhere, but does anyone know who the starters are? Have they released a depth chart? Is Ford a RT or RG?
  6. I didn’t recognize them, my buddy with instagram did and told me. I later ordered a drink near them and it turned into a conversation. They engaged me as much as I with them, which is why it lasted a while.
  7. I’m headed back now, it’s always fun when they’re in town. Drew Bledsoe almost spit his dip spit on me ages ago, Aaron Schoebel asked if anyone knew who he was, and I immediately let him know I did. Lawyer Malloy drove the biggest truck I’ve ever seen, with full sized hd tv’s built in right when hd came out. It’s always fun in Pittsford this time of year! Hopefully they keep camp here! Oh, and JP asked me why no hot chicks approach him, I told him he needs to step his game up
  8. I went out for a few last night in Pittsford and noticed Josh Allens Mom and Girlfriend having some red wine at the outside bar. I didn’t want to be an annoying fanboy, but wanted to say hi and briefly let them know how big of a fan I was of the pick, and how the whole Bills community now loves him. We ended up chatting for 30 minutes. They are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They even found me an hour later to say goodbye. The reason for this post is to solidify what a great guy he is and the wonderful people around him that helped form him into this. His GF is his high school sweetheart and she still blushes talking about him. It was a very cool convo.
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