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  1. This is me exactly. Mets in the World Series? I'll watch a couple games. Sabres in the finals? Maybe the last game. What is the NBA? NFL? I'll skip my grandmother's funeral to watch the Bills!
  2. Great question that I haven't seen asked. We probably won't know until (if ever) we learn what "coordinator" means. I don't think he's calling the plays so does he build a plan for the week and Daboll picks plays from that strategy but at the same time that doesn't mean anything for the run game? Seems confusing.
  3. Interestingly enough, it was the others who jumped in and mentioned Herbert, Murray, and Jackson as equal or better options. Later, some clown called in and said Trey Lance. Bro…can we get a snap or two first? Yikes.
  4. When asked on Keyshawn, JWill, and Max this morning on whom he would choose to start an expansion franchise (without Mahomes as an option), Moon chose Josh. Says his ceiling is higher than the others and his strength and size makes him a better choice than the others mentioned, Herbert and Lamar. Even though some of us—me being one of them—have some trepidations on Josh’s early performances this year, it’s great to hear Hall of Famers still ringing the Allen bell.
  5. Let me add a bit more or clarity. Can’t speak for anyone else that feels like I do but as for me: 1. I’m not complaining and I’m not spoiled. I was born in Buffalo and a fan since 1987. 2. I’m comparing Josh to the current standard, not against general numbers. Of course we won and of course he did okay, but that isn’t the point. The point is ALL of us are thinking this team is a SB contender and Josh needs to be great for that to happen with Mahomes in the way. 3. It’s not because it’s early. Take a look at Herbert, Dak, Mahomes, Brady, Murray…their numbers are very good. Very efficient. Again, not saying Josh is done or will stink up the joint all season. I’m simply saying, he isn’t playing like he did last year. Yes, we will see how the next few weeks play out. Yes, it may mean nothing and he can win MVP. None of us know, all I’m saying is I’m concerned. That’s all.
  6. I rarely post because I most enjoy reading and learning but this topic has me frustrated. I get it, it’s two games and we can’t draw season-long conclusions with such little data. However, call it a feeling, Josh just doesn’t look the same. He’s missing what he made last year. He threw two lobs today that very easily could have been picked. I know we won and overall it was a nice road win. Defense was outstanding today. I’m thinking ahead, thinking division and playoffs because we are good enough to do that this early in the year but the Josh we have seen these last couple games isn’t going to cut it against good teams. I love Josh and I’m not saying anything silly like “it’s over” or “Josh isn’t the guy.” Nowhere near that sentiment. Just a little concerned.
  7. Well said and a solid assessment. This is another way of stating what Coach McDermott said weeks ago: they are planning/playing for now AND the future in the best way they can.
  8. Heard this on the way to work this morning... https://twitter.com/GolicAndWingo/status/948899521832079365
  9. If it wins, I'm glad to have been of service as well, in a small way.
  10. Hey all. I just wanted to take a quick second to share my Bills story from today to demonstrate how this weekend's win is having an effect all over. Since the team finally ended the drought, I decided I am going to wear Bills gear all week at work to show my support and piss off my coworkers, all of whom are either Jets or Giants fans. When I walked into Chipotle for lunch and ordered my usual, I found myself standing in front of the cashier when I heard a boisterous yet jovial man yelling from behind the meat counter: "this one is on me....Go Bills!!!!". The cashier looked at me rather puzzled, shrugged her shoulders, and sent me on my way. I thanked them profusely and headed for the door. As I walked to my car I started thinking: did Coach Mcdermott just buy me lunch? Depending on how you look at it, he may just have. Enjoy the week all and remember— Bills love is everywhere!
  11. This was the key takeaway for me. Marcell made it VERY clear when he referred to coach as "McDermott" yet when referring to others he said "the other coaches". It's early but there is a clear appearance of disrespect (as well as immaturity) when it comes to Marcell and Coach McDermott. That isn't healthy going forward. Hopefully things calm down and Marcell gives it 100% going forward.
  12. The Army, went with "Army of One" a few years ago and found out rather quickly it didn't work. Too many jokes about selfishness and singular priorities. It was described as "contrary to the idea of teamwork". Now it's "Army Strong". As an aside, if you find one that works, stick with it. "The few, The Proud, The Marines" comes to mind. The Army, went with "Army of One" a few years ago and found out rather quickly it didn't work. Too many jokes about selfishness and singular priorities. It was described as "contrary to the idea of teamwork". Now it's "Army Strong". As an aside, if you find one that works, stick with it. "The few, The Proud, The Marines" comes to mind.
  13. Hey all. Just wanted to share my experience from this past weekend. I was one of the lucky service members chosen to hold the flag during the national anthem. It gave me the opportunity to hang out in the tunnel and get pretty close to some of the players. There I was a 37 year old father acting as giddy as an 8 year old child. Anyway, it was a fantastic experience and watching how excited the players got before the game renewed my faith in the team and the rest of the season. So I guess what I'm saying is thanks to all the great fans who supported us and let's go Buffalo!!
  14. The first thing I thought about when watching coach at the end of the game was his statement that this game taught him a lot about the team but that no one should ask him what that was because it was his business. What do you guys think? He seemed pretty upset.
  15. The Steelers are very good at drafting, especially on defense. We have to admit we would all love to draft the way that they do. They didn't cut the guy because they hate him. They have injury issues on the defensive front and needed to make room so they decided to free up space where they are heavy. Plus, they at least thought enough about him to sign him to the practice squad. There isn't much of a downside here. Let's give the kid a shot.
  16. I thought there was a good deal of pressure all around as well. But look back at the game and when it really counted Howard got smoked.
  17. Take the time to watch the game in slow motion. Howard got killed. Both of the sacks that Fitz took that were game changing came from the fact that Howard got embarrassed. The rest of line looked fine. We need a RT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Bills Backers in Saratoga is at Peabodys. If you live in Albany than I always found O'Tooles on Central to be a pretty big Bills bar.
  19. The only reason he looked good over the first few weeks was because NE had no idea what to expect and TB sucks!!!! Now with a few weeks on film NO and MI were able to figure out AVp and shut us down. Again, combine that with Trent and....well you saw it today.
  20. I watched some old videos of Trent today on the internet. I was really impressed with how well he played. But more importantly I noticed that our offense was much more complex and harder to follow than what we have showed the last few weeks. I really think it has to do with Turk's comment that Dick wanted a "Pop Warner" offense. Again, let me make it clear that I am not saying that Turk was a good OC but his offense did look a lot more productive over the last few years than this garbage we are putting on the field. I know we sucked this preseason but thats not the point. I mean how many times are we going to come out in the same two back shotgun set!!!!!! How about soemthing new AVP?!?!? In addition the other problem is Trent. And this is hard for me to admit. I have been a Trent fan since he came. I thought he was a great value when we got him and thought he could really work out. However, it seems like ever since he got that concussion everything changed. A combination of his concussion and a very simple offense puts a very terrible offense on the field. It is time to get rid of Dick, move past Trent, and see what can happen!!!!
  21. My first thought is why do fans of other teams really care? Don't they have enough to read and discuss about with their own organization? And who has enough time in their day to not only follow their own team, but join other teams sites, read their articles and posts, and then spend time writing about how much you think they suck? I guess I can understand reading posts to get a read on what Bills fan think of their own team but to go as far as to log-in and post that they are all misguided idiots is a little much. Secondly, freedom of speech is no where near the point. It isn't the appropriate argument. The question is not whether anyone has the right or not to post but rather why they would? Sure any fan of another team has the right to post where they choose but they also have the right to stand on the corner during a Martin Luther King Jr. parade and scream "White Power". Both seem silly. I think those people that take the time to bash other fans on their sites really need to ask themselves this final question..."Why do I care what Bills fans think of the Bills?" We all know at the end of the day that the game is the only thing that matters. Admittedly us Bills fans haven't had a great run over the last ten years and we enjoy the beginning of the season when we can be optomistic about our chances. Shouldn't we have the right to do that in peace? I guess if Pats fans really need to come on here, tell us they have the right to post anywhere, then use that right to bash other teams to make themselves feel better........ I guess they have that right.
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