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Tom Brady does a nice job summing up the problems in today's NFL in this short video


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5 minutes ago, Nextmanup said:

Josh Allen is no different, and he dives every time he is touched.



Its the way the game is played now.  Brady pioneered it.  Now he bloviates about a game gone soft to stay relevant.  Sad.


Josh Allen also runs over guys and doesn't turtle when contact arrives.

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27 minutes ago, Xwnyer said:

softer yet anytime anyone even glanced him a penalty was called on the defender

You're not wrong. He "played the system" better than anyone ever did. And truth be told, it was smart, and any of us in the same position would probably have done the same thing.


Don’t get me wrong, I hate the guy for all the torment he has inflicted upon Bills fans over the years, but the SB wins and other stats speak for themselves; he was the GOAT. And people taking shots at him now is laughable. If you're the GOAT, what you say about the game is pertinent. What he says is about a million times more pertinent than ANY talking head sports show "expert." Most of the latter folks don't even have as much knowledge about the game as most of us commenting in here.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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