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McDermott weird comments about Josh Allen


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1 hour ago, Scott7975 said:


I'm done dude. If you think Josh doesn't work his ass off then you are out of your mind. He also needs rest.  He can't be throwing balls year round.  So what he goes golfing. 

The great ones want it. They work all year at it especially at the QB position. Let’s agree to disagree 

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McDermott’s issue with Josh is Allen’s off season, and probably in-season, dedication to football. McDermott is a pro. He is not going to hold public court to discuss his personal judgements on his quarterback’s personal life decisions. This is all about football. McDermott is disappointed with Allen. 

The head coach of this football team, who may not be the best in-game caller, and may be a bit of a disappointment himself in the playoffs, has won a lot of football games around here, and he’s calling out JA17. Fans should be on that, not making excuses and infallibility in-defense claims of the 27 year old big baby boy. 

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On 11/17/2023 at 7:34 PM, cDAVIS said:

Shaking? I don't know, I'm assuming you are being sarcastic or we were watching a totally different presser. It was business as usual for McDermott. 


While he has been at the head of many massive blunders, let's not forget what McDermott has done for this team and us fans. People are too quick to forget. I agree, we may need to move on and get another coach but some of you guys act like he's a bad coach when that is definitely not the case. 

Watch the end of of before he got up out of the chair… Ge was nervous as fuk and shaking 

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21 hours ago, Richard Noggin said:


There is a lurking downside to the Bills OC job that counters your bolded claim (that this OC job is as appealing as it's ever been): the Head Coach. 

Fair point! My counterpoint: Everyone has seen by now that there’s some heat on McD. Strong chance that the next OC hire is also first in line for the interim HC job if McD gets fired. 

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It seems that Dorsey was bringing bad energy. Gut feeling said after the change the Bills would go on a run. Will it be enough, time will tell but it was obvious that something was there that was bringing the O down. If Brady is the cure to the disease that was plaguing this team, then watch out. Bills football may become fun to watch again. The upcoming game against the Eagles will be telling. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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