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Should another relocation cause the Bills to consider building a domed stadium? A Q&A with Bills COO


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50 minutes ago, djp14150 said:

You do realize having a dome still would have caused the game to be moved or cancelled because getting to the stadium would have bern difficult to impossible.


Those who are bring it up KNOW this but this is like those who were complaining about Donahoe wearing paper bags. :bag:


We need new icon for dome heads.



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19 hours ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

Setting aside the obvious reason of a dome giving our team a major advantage, I just don’t understand the ROI of an open-air stadium.


they could build a stadium similar to Lucas Oil for not much more than they are spending now, and could be in the running for all sorts of other major sporting events (even the Super Bowl), and use it for a host of other events. 

The stadium doesn't determine Super Bowl chances on it's own. The surrounding area determines a lot. They held a Super Bowl in in New Jersey a little while back, an open air stadium in a snowy area. They held it in rainy San Francisco in an open stadium.


The difference is that these are major population centers that can handle the influx of people.

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Give it a rest....there won't be a dome.

The game was moved because of the unsafe travel on the roads,not just because there was snow in the stadium. 

A dome on the stadium would not have helped people TRAVEL. Use some common sense before posting the same complaints about not having a dome.

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7 hours ago, Mister Defense said:

1.  It is awful to watch football in domes, like watching in a big living room. Football is meant to be played outside.


2.  Most dome teams are soft and they are not very good, historically.  Think: Detroit, New Orleans, Minnesota (once they got a dome), Dallas--a giant, cavernous mess, The raiders,  Colts, Falcons, Texans, Chargers, Rams and Cardinals.  Yes, some SB wins there, but overall, soft, inconsistent teams that almost never seem to measure up to their potential. 


3.  Tailgating dies when domes arrive. Imagine the difference in pregame and post game atmosphere with a dome.  No thanks.


But, it's silly to keep talking about this--the Bills did a great thing and rejected the ridiculous calls for a dome on the new stadium, something that would have ended the Bills as we know them.  One of the best decisions in franchise history.


Go Bills!  31--20, for a great Thanksgiving.





Why wouldn't fans tailgate with a dome? I tailgate here in AZ with a dome. All fans here do.

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