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The Julio Jones catch


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That catch changed everything! It was 1 in a million.  They got 3 on that drive instead of 0 and would have punted deep in their territory.  So it's now 13-10 instead of 13-7. 


The Next play is a great defensive play forcing an Allen int leading to 7 points , making it 13-17 . Crazy how that Julio play sparked these chain of events 


Those 2 plays were huge swings and just bad luck! 

I think we beat them 7/10 times.. 


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Also I think on that series with the Bills leading 13-7 with 7:08 left in the first half on 2nd and 8 at their own 23 the Titans are called for holding.  The Bills decline the penalty.  Next play the Jones catch plus PI and off sides on the Bills.  A few plays later they kick a FG.  Next Bills possession.  Interception as Allen's arm is hit.  Titans take the lead but Bills come back down to go in ahead at the half. 

Right when it happened I said declining that penalty was a mistake.  Put them into 2 and 18 at their 13 yard line.  Force a punt and maybe that sequence never happens and its something like 20-7 instead of 13-17.  It's all speculation but I think not taking the penalty allowed the feel of the game to change in their favor.  

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36 minutes ago, LABILLBACKER said:

All Micah had to do was turn around. All night it seemed like the defense had their backs to plays constantly. 

Yeah Milano had one of those too where Tannehill put it right over his back for a first down. Watching on replay i was just screaming turn around! If he does he probably picks it. Johnson turned around and was way out of the play and almost got over to get a hand on it.

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