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No CB in Draft? — No Problem or No, Problem?

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Everyone is counting Wildgoose out. There were several CB's left on the board with high grades, but the Bills went with the the Big 10 prospect. 


At nearly 200lbs, he'll be the most physical of our corners. And he is not limited to the slot.


He's the same height and has the same speed as Tre White. And played outside CB as well as slot at Wisconsin.


I think there will be a Wildgoose chase for cb 2. 


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Let's say you give the #2 CB spot to an aging player like Richard Sherman. And let's say he plays well this year. That's no guarantee that he'll play well next year, because he's at the stage of his career where he's likely to experience age-related decline. On the other hand, if you give the CB #2 spot to a younger player, and if the younger player plays well, you could likely be set at that position for many years. 

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13 hours ago, BarleyNY said:

Probably because he’s a Stanford grad.  He’s probably too snooty for us in Buffalo. 


I have inside high level sources that tell me Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard!  I can't believe that's never been brought up before!

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I am perfectly fine with grabbing two de’s with our first two picks. I would’ve loved a corner with our third or forth pick. I think going tackle, tackle was a bit excessive considering we have two young starters signed for the foreseeable future. I am excited about Wildgoose, but would’ve loved a more blue chip prospect earlier. In Beane I trust though, GO BILLS

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