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3 Year Anniv: "If Josh Allen succeeds, the Bills will have outsmarted basically all regular humans and the entirety of math itself"

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5 min watching his college footage should show anyone into the game the potential he had.


The completion % stat was a knee jerk, mindless theme. Reporters and pundits just repeat something and suddenly it becomes law.


I’d say the only thing that I was concerned about in year one was his lack of timing plays and his quick release game. As much as I just knew he was going to be our franchise quarterback, he even proved me wrong in these two categories last year. 

Allen’s play as we all know, it’s thrilling to watch. Let’s just hope that he plays smart and minimize his injuries.



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22 hours ago, The Wiz said:

Also found this one that I remembered from late last season



To counter the commentators saying that Allen is doing better than Jackson because of the offensive system he’s in and the personnel around him, you could make the case that Jackson is doing well for the exact same reasons. Baltimore built their offense around his skill set and he fits perfectly into Greg Roman’s system. I seriously doubt that he would be doing as well if he had Diggs, Beasley and Brown and was asked to throw the ball all the time.

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22 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:

Gonna leave this here too as a fun read.




Jets fans celebrating on Draft Night in 2018 and laughing at us. Aged like milk.




Love this one. Mirrored a discussion I had with coworker (a JEST fan) at work on Saturday of draft.



3 years ago

this was my dream scenario and living in Buffalo - all of my coworkers were laughing saying JETS were picking Allen. I shot back saying just wait until you trade all your capital for Allen...looks like I got the laugh now.




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"You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting."  


Stats are tools. Tools used without context or enough information are not really tools at all and put a hammer into the hands of a child and they will just gleefully break things.


A really ignorant and arrogant take that many had at the get-go. It just is not smart to issue a summary judgement of a pretty raw prospect with a high ceiling before they have played a down of professional football or had the benefit of pro-level coaching and training - without the benefit of enough information to get the most important stat... how the project player is trending in the right system.


Patience is in short supply in this league and I can forgive coaches and GMs that are forced into that win-now mentality. I have less patience with pundits who take these ignorant combative stances, but have to keep in mind they are there to stir up controversy and rile up the masses so folks will debate and click on their content. 


GM's and coaches have the pressure of delivering immediate returns, and the affordable window that they have to bring a project up to the point of being productive for their team makes the effort a bit cost-prohibitive. You finally get a raw prospect playing up to his potential after a few years and bam you are hit with having to competitively bid on his services. I am thinking of one undrafted free agent monstrous TE misfit named Jason Peters that the Bills staff and O-line coach "Mouse" turned into an all-pro LT.


Sure it was a mistake that Ralph and the FO did not want to spend the coin to retain him, but that is not where I was going - just illustrating the point that developing a raw-talent with a high ceiling is risky from both a time-spent/fail and a time-spent/succeed prospective.


Beane has some serious cohones taking that kind of risk early in his Bill's GM tenure - would not want to play poker with that guy.




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6 hours ago, dickleyjones said:

meh, this statement was ridiculous when it was made regardless of what Allen did. obviously whoever wrote it has no clue.  "math itself" wtf is that supposed to mean?


Stats without context, duh.  Aka the purest form of dishonesty.

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