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Cover1 on Josh Allen in Chargers Game

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Didn't see this - searched - LMK if I missed it.  


Bunch of interesting stuff as usual from the Cover1 guys.  I kind of wish they'd self-edit - I don't find the beginning where they're talking over endless screens of tiny print statistics to be too illuminating.  They'd do better to just show each other and talk, or actually make some slides that summarize what they consider important points from those screenshots.  But that's a nit. 


Film analysis starts about 15:15 into the video

They discuss the long throw to Diggs.  I think it's been commented elsewhere - in the Chris Simms review?  That the Chargers were showing a lot of Cover3 looks that dropped back into quarters.  Erik says the same thing and gives this as an example.  There's a wide open throw to Devin Singletary (and IMO a somewhat riskier throw to Knox that a good TE hauls in).  Geary:


"We're mostly in Josh Allen's world.  You know, he's got his own world, and we're living in it.  Nine and a half times out of ten, you want him to get the ball to Devin Singletary.  Let him get 8, 9 yards, maybe 10, 11, 12,  making the first man miss.  Right now, get it to Devin Singletary, he's got 8 yards of separation between him and the next defender.....That's just not Josh Allen's DNA, for better for worse.....it's not the play that would be coached, but we're in Josh Allen's world."


Coach Daboll: have you considered these 4' orange snow stakes?    Equip Motor, Knox - make them more visible - could help, No?


They point out some interesting stuff about the way Daboll designed the subsequent throw to Knox, and that it was really a high degree of difficulty throw to Knox, high and behind him.  Good catch, Dawson!


Lots more interesting stuff here - might not always agree, but always enjoy how they diagram the coverage and break it down.




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My breakdown of their breakdown:

  • Two many computer screens at beginning with no highlighting or anything else to show what they consider impoetant
  • Too much talking about what they were going to talk about in beginning
  • Two much repeating which was said before and not just what was said in beginning

Not one of their better efforts.  It feels like a news article where the writer gets paid per word.

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Almost impossible to read much into any of it, since Brian Winters gets blown up almost immediately on every play, forcing Josh to get rid of the ball.


Re the play in the OP, JA had no time to do anything. It seems like the first reads were over the middle. But I don’t even think he had time to look to his check down in Singletary. He just chucked it up down field to Diggs, because Winters walked his guy right into JA’s face. 

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I think it was pretty optimistic to predict that the checkdown was going to pick up 12 yards. There were two defenders in the area with only Beasley there to block. I think it ends up two on one and down for a 3 - 4 yard gain at best. Meanwhile, Diggs is open and it was doubtful that Josh had the time to get to the checkdown. I am a subscriber and love their analysis but I do think that they too often are overly optimistic on the alternatives Josh passed up or didn't get to and underestimate just how much pressure Josh is under given the weaknesses in the OL.


I usually skip right to the film. The charts are not readable. It would help if they at least had a cursor to point at what they are talking about and what it means, 


I enjoy the film review part and find it fascinating. I would pay extra for them to use the word "concept" less than 437 times each show.  Could use a little more humor.

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