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2020 World Series

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The Rays. It's not because I like them, it's because I don't like who they beat to get this far.   If the Rays win, Tampa will have a shot at winning 3 straight championships in different sp

I'm not sure Ray Fosse would agree with you.

***** the Rays!   Go Dodgers!

One last thought...I don’t care what analytics say, at some point a manager has to trust his eyes, and throw the analytics out the window.  Cash made a horrible decision and screwed his team out of a possible game 7 and WS championships. 

Why didn’t his analytics tell him that Anderson hasn’t been anywhere near effective in the last week or two, as he was in the regular season?

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I hated this series because I liked both  teams. My usual philosophy is to cheer for the underdog or a team that's never won. Yet Clayton Kershaw is from the Dallas area and he's never won either so I got one of my wishes.


In other news,  I was very proud  of my Texas Rangers for hosting in the playoffs and especially The World Series.  I have little faith the Rangers will ever play in a World Series so it was nice to be a part of one.

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My wife couldn't see her dying father one last time a few weeks ago and this puke Justin Turner, does this:




Million dollar babies... Do as they please...

Good point: NOW I see the urgency in those last 4 power pitches straight down the pike by Urias... Yikes!


"...But the league owes the Dodgers a fruit basket for winning Tuesday night. Had baseball adhered to its own guidelines, Game 7 would have likely been postponed, with many of Turner’s teammates potentially quarantined as well. A Game 6 victory prevented that public-relations nightmare, but couldn’t prevent the terrible optics of Turner sitting on the field, unmasked and grinning, amid dozens of teammates and team officials. ..."

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58 minutes ago, SinceThe70s said:


And the batter before him too.


Absolutely!  I'm sure you thought of Carlos Beltran, just like I did!!


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