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*2024 UB Football Thread*


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15 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

Also LSU-Texas


i'll watch tOSU and Michigan cupcake demolitions at noon


i wish i could get all hyped up about LSU-Texas, but they are also-rans or who????


only so much time i can sit on the couch, and the NFL the next day.



although Army has that gimmicky O that sometimes clicks, Lllllloyd Carr would have been totally unprepped for it



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I'm surprised at how much success UB is having on the ground. That experienced O line is no joke. Hopefully, that shows up in the 4th. Myers is seeing open receivers, too. If he can start connecting, Penn State will be in a battle. 

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6 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

I went in hoping UB just look like they belong. And they are so far.

They are winning everywhere except the scoreboard. Absolutely dominating in every other statistical area. 15:26 to 4:52 in TOP, 170 to 56 in total yards. Penn State is getting punched in the mouth. 


At home. In front of 100,000 fans. They look like they belong. 

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