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  1. We pick up a Hall of Fame running back, we have a borderline Hall of Fame running back, draft a running back early, and we don''t draft a wide receiver and we're trending towards a passing attack. Huh.
  2. I have seen posts on who makes the final 53, but am wondering who are those players who are showing the potential to help us in the future, those who are close but in a log jam with others, and who can we bring up to fill in when there are injuries. So, who is on our practice squad? The parameters, according to the Sporting News: NFL practice squad rules For 320 players, getting let go on roster cutdown day is not the end of the road in the NFL, as each team is granted 10 practice squad players in addition to its 53-man roster. An NFL practice squad typically is made up of rookies and undrafted free agents who the team recently cut. Each team can carry up to four veterans - who can have no more than two accrued NFL seasons (six games on the 53-man roster qualifies as an accrued season) - on its practice squad, and a player can't be on a given practice squad for more than three seasons. Practice squad players are not eligible to play in games. Teams can sign players from other teams' practice squads as long as the players are added to the new teams' 53-man rosters (active/inactive). My potential practice squad: QB-Tyree Jackson- I think the Bills will only keep two active on the 53 man roster LB-Tyrel Dodson- may need a year practicing with an NFL team to crack through RB-Keith Ford- not a bad running back but loses out to all the new RB’s that came in off season TE-Tommy Sweeney- may make it next year S-Jaquan Johnson- starts here, on roster by mid-season OG-Ike Boettger- may continue developing here DE- Darryl Johnson Jr.- some potential for later on WR-David Sills V, Nick Easley, Cam Phillips- not able to make it just yet RB-Christian Wade (International/Exempt)- doesn’t cost the Bills much
  3. According to Wikipedia, “The Outland Trophy is awarded to the best college football interior lineman in the United States as adjudged by the Football Writers Association of America.” Ed Oliver won this award while still a teenager a few days before his 20th birthday. How big is this award? It does not only include defensive linemen but also offensive linemen. Two longtime Buffalo Bills, both now on the Wall of Fame, have won the Outland Trophy. It doesn’t have the hype and glamour of the Heisman but can be considered the highest achievement for those who play in the “trenches”. How many greats have won this award? Here’s more than a few going back a ways, that stand out to me. Alex Karras- member of the NFL 1960’s All Decade Team and later a TV actor Merlin Olsen- NFL Hall of Fame who also became a TV actor Bobby Bell- NFL Hall of Fame as a KC linebacker Tommy Nobis-1960’s All Decade Team who played guard on offense and linebacker in college Ron Yary- NFL Hall of Fame, Drafted first overall in 1968 NFL Draft. Randy White- NFL Hall of Fame who followed great Bob Lilly Lee Roy Selmon- NFL Hall of Fame and Pro Football Weekly’s All Time 3-4 Defensive Team Jim Ritcher- Bills great who played here in Buffalo for over 14 years Bruce Smith- NFL Hall of Fame and All Time Sack Leader and in the argument for GBOAT Orlando Pace- NFL Hall of Famer and first offensive lineman picked first (1997) since Yary in 1968 Joe Thomas- 7 time first team pro bowler and sure Hall of Famer Ndamukong Ngwa Suh-one of the best defensive tackles in the game Aaron Donald- recognized as the best defensive tackle currently playing I realize that not all Outland Trophy winners are Hall of Famers, but getting this award is special. Without wanting to pressurize the young fella, I think we need to recognize the rare talent here, who seems to have the potential to be an All-Time Bills Great.
  4. So, we see people all of the time on these police reality shows but Kraft should get a free pass because he's a billionaire. If you don't want people to see disgusting pictures of you with a prostitute, don't visit prostitutes.
  5. Trade down with Carolina to get their two third round picks- Bills move down from #9 to 16 and get Carolina 77 and 100. Trade up with Seattle to get pick #21 by giving them our 2nd (74) and the two Carolina 77 & 100 picks. Take the best OL/TE and DL/Edge with pick #16 and 21. Still leaves you with a 3rd two 4ths, two 5ths for RB, WR, and whatever positions you didn't fill in round 1.
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