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  1. BillsFan1988

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    Also Juju Galladay Kupp Hunt Kamara Kittle Cohen Other then Milano we missed out on some studs.
  2. BillsFan1988

    If Zay pans out, McD's first two drafts are awesome

    Amazing how 1 win vs a team that quit in the Jets can get Bills fans motivated.
  3. BillsFan1988

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    I think the biggest thing from this gm is we werent coached to look like we were scared of our own shadow. Team looked like they wanted to take calculated risks. Hopefully Mcd has turned the corner.
  4. BillsFan1988

    Choose your dream-regime!

    U should added realistically under topic . President of football ops - Peyton Manning . PM would bring great knowledge of football especially on offense he would give the Bills instant credibilty. He also has connections to Arians and Tom Moore which he would be instrumental in bringing them to Buffalo. GM -Dave Caldwell - Caldwell is from Buffalo is a free agent gm in 2019 . DC has a great eye for talent on both sides of the ball and has been one of the best at drafting the last 5yrs. He also does very well at signing free agents. HC- Bruce Arians - Has won head coach of the yr awards for 2 different teams. He brings great leadership and a vast knowledge of QB and offensive development . BA would be a perfect fit for the Bills. OC/Play caller- Bruce Arians, Arians vertical passing game is custom made for Josh Allen. He also would have all these assets we have to help the front office bring in players that fit his system. QB coach - Tom Moore . TM has a great working relationship with both Arians and Peyton . They can talk the old man out of retirement to take on the role of developing Allen. DC - Keep Frasier and the rest of his staff. Keep continuity on the defense . ST- Jerry Rosberg from the Ravens . Ravens will be firing Harbuagh soon so Rosberg could be available . JR is one of top ST coaches in the NFL for yrs.
  5. BillsFan1988

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    Everyone here wants continuity but it needs to be lead by the right people. These guys are not the answer so we should move on. The biggest prb with this front office / coaches is philosophical . They just dont got the right mind set to bulid this team. Nor do they have the right people or the answers to develop a QB. Not one guy on his staff has ever developed a QB.
  6. BillsFan1988

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    If Rex was a buffoon i wonder what we should call Mcd? McDonut? Lol
  7. He doesn't run the same offense but there's defintely elements of it they run alot of misdirection plays.
  8. Carolina has built a front runner team. When they face real comp they get punked. McBeane is trying to build what they have here and it wont work. Who the hell wants to be like the Panthers anyways ?
  9. Lynn is a very good coach look what he did with our 1 deminsional offense in 2016 we averaged 27pts per gm. We had injuries to our wr core all yr starting multiple players coming off the streets.
  10. I think the problem is also philosophy.
  11. BillsFan1988

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    So what did those teams win exactly. Oh Yea nothing. Thats great were following teams paths to nothingness! Lol
  12. BillsFan1988

    Gary Kubiak for OC Next Season?

    The problem is can we sway him into coming in as an OC/offensive Guru . Pegs should open the check book make him a great offer 5yrs 25mil. Thats head coach money. Arians had health issues before he quit . We can talk him into a less pressure situation by running the full show on offense. Maybe he takes the job. If not then kick Mcd to the curb and give him the HC job if he is up to it.
  13. BillsFan1988

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Just Plain Bad

    Post of the yr.
  14. BillsFan1988

    Gary Kubiak for OC Next Season?

    I was thinking bout something like this but instead of Kubiak how bout Arians. Hire Arians make him assistant HC/QB/OC coach. Give him full autonmy of the offense even let him help choosing the players we get in the draft and free agency on offense. Arians is a perfect coach to develop Allen. His system is custom made for him with all those intermediate and deep passes in his offense. He also helped develop QBs such as Big Ben & Luck and he also had a big influence on rejuvenating Carson Palmers career. This is a no brainer even if u have to fire Mcd to do it.