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  1. BillsFan1988

    New offseason territory and a Draft Would Ya?

    #9 Ed Oliver #22 Trade with Baltimore Send #2nd 40, 3rd 74th , 4th & 5th Draft TJ Hockenson
  2. BillsFan1988

    Positional need or BPA in 2019 draft

    I think your missing some guys but I think the slam dunk pick is TJ Hockenson. He's gonna be a stud for yrs to come. The others have red flags but also have massive potential.
  3. BillsFan1988

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    I voted yes also . Maybe it can entice him even more to ball out next yr.
  4. BillsFan1988

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    They should revert to the old onside kick rules only for that play.
  5. BillsFan1988

    Colts sign Justin Houston

    What does that mean Next day guy?
  6. BillsFan1988

    All Troublemaker Team

    How bout the all tough guy team. Right off the top of my head. 70s-present day QB Jim Kelly QB Brett Favre FB Larry Csonka FB Sam Gash RB Walter Payton RB Marshawn Lynch WR Hines Ward WR Steve Smith WR Andre Reed TE Rob Gronkowski TE Mark Bavaro RT Jon Runyan RG Kevin Gogan C Bruce Matthews LG Ritchie Incognito LT Tony Boseli DE Mean Joe Greene DE Reggie White DT Steve McMichael DT John Randle MLB Mike Singletary MLB Ray Lewis MLB Chris Speilman OLB Lawrence Taylor OLB Bill Romonowski OLB Kevin Greene CB Antoine Winfield CB Rod Woodson SS Ronnie Lott FS Steve Atwater This team is gonna need some extra Lawyers, Doctors & some physiatrists I know I'm missing so many but this was right off my head. Anyone feel free to add as u like.
  7. This is a tough question and I found myself thinking about this in past couple of days. We have gotten better there's no doubt but I see about 12 teams in the AFC that are gonna battle for 6spots . So basically we have to beat out 4 other teams for 1 of 2 wildcard spots. AFC East, Pat's, Bills , Jets North Browns, Steelers, Ravens South Colts, Texans, Jags, Titans West Chiefs, Chargers That's 12 teams competition will be tough. I'm thinking Allen must take a huge leap forward if we are to compete and win 10-11 gms.
  8. I dont consider Milano a game changer i consider him a borderline pro bowler. Which is great for a 5th rd pk. He makes plays there's no doubt but that's not all that makes a player a game changer in my opinion. A game changer is a player the other teams must account for in a major way in there gm plan a player that opens it up for other teammates. Milano plays well in our system and is a great fit for Mcd. But he is not a game changer yet.
  9. No I didn't claim before they arrived that's were u misunderstood me. I was talking in reference to the rookies that started like Wallace and Foster . Basically we didn't have talent so they got there opportunity to play and prove there worth. If they went to a more stable situation they would still be in Flux. Maybe not even in the league at all. I wonder how many players are just a casualty circumstances.
  10. I actually follow the draft pretty closely every yr it's a hobby of mine . Mahomes I had him rated #1 that yr and I wish the Bills had taken him. U can say all u want about hindsight if u like but don't know me buddy. Now to your football acumen. You compared Hurst a DT3 to a Will LBer in Milano. Cmon man. 30tks and 4sacks is great for a rookie DT on a horrible team. How many times did Hurst get to tee off and pass rush while his team was winning gms? Not many huh. I said the Bills were headed in the right direction but it's getting borderline overboard with the Beane love when we haven't done anything yet. Imagine had we won 11gms last yr the Beane posts would never stop. Don't get mad at me for pointing out mistakes this administration has made these last 2yrs. Btw I was saying these were mistakes during the draft so I known I have a foot to stand on.
  11. I know what I said and u must not of understood me. The team was gutted so u can't bring Sammy or Gilmore into the discussion. Opportunity for guys like Foster and Wallace to prove there good NFL players come from the lack of talent on this team. If Gilmore and Sammy was here the only opportunity these guys would of had was watching them perform on the bench . Teams that suck usually find more UDFA then teams that are great. Matter of fact the better UDFA choose to go to those teams because they have more of an opportunity to stick on those teams.
  12. I was just pointing out it wasn't as fantastic as some suggest. I think a average gm should get 3 starters out of a draft the great one can get 5. I like Beane just think we should scale bk the man love here for him. I mean how many posts do we need here where people are given this guy to much respect. Beane has done a reasonable job so far . He's built up the teams overall depth added a potential Star QB and LB in Edmunds but like I said this team RIGHT NOW IS DEVOID OF GAME CHANGERS... Yes we have some potential in Tre White, Milano, Foster , Allen & Edmunds but none of them are there yet. I'm just saying let's see this team earn the recognition the Gm is getting in 2019 before we have a post about this guy every 2 secs on this board.
  13. It's obvious they gutted the roster that's why.
  14. I would say they did a solid job and part of the reason we had guys come out of nowhere was from the overall lack of talent that was on this team. That gives young players more opportunities to showcase there talents. But at the same time u have to give credit to Mcd and his staff for developing these players. On the flip side we also made some big mistakes these last 2 drafts. Mahomes was the major mistake then follow that up with a ton of young skill position guys they missed out on. Kamara, Kittle, Juju , Galladay, Kupp are a few that come to mind in 2017 and in 2018 we had Maurice Hurst just waiting to be drafted and we took another run stopper instead in Harrison. These kind of mistakes are costly as now we might spend a 1st rd pk on filling that hole at the 3T . I think overall this administration has done a good job and we are headed in the right direction but we lack game changers on this team and that will be the hardest part of this team building . Otherwise we are building to become the next Tennessee Titans a 9-7 middle pack team.
  15. BillsFan1988

    NFL.com Bucky Brooks 2019 Mock Draft Version 3.0

    This pk would make me throw up a Lil in my mouth. Lol . So would a corner. This OT class is very uninspiring in my opinion.