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  1. I say stand pat and see what Shaq, Murphy & Eli have to offer. With the addition of Oliver it should open things up for left DE. Why both ends Hughes is one of the best in the league we can at least franchise him and if we don't like his price that he's demanding we can at least trade him. If we can sign 36yr old RBS we can keep 31yr old DEs . Especially if Hughes has the type of yr he just had.
  2. I think those are rookie stats. We need to see a leap to at least 3500 plus yds passing 26-30 td passes. We don't get these types of passing numbers in his 2nd yr then that's alarming.
  3. CC is an absolute joke of a media member his opinion is always based on some weird ways of thinking and outright outrageous comparisons. I hate his guts to be honest not as a person but as a media member😅
  4. But the question remains had one of us faired better then the guys that did work at one Bills drive over these last 20 plus yrs. Mof I'm pretty sure our poll system would of done us just right . Way better then the clowns that worked for the Bills.
  5. Eventually Allen will have the ability to make changes to play calls once he gets the experience necessary. All franchise QBs have this type of leeway.
  6. Damn right I'm tired of people bringing up the comp pks. We should shut down all comp talk here until this team is great and doesn't have a ton of players on 1yr deals.
  7. It's not about needs it's about Stars. Every team has needs . Hopefully Allen becomes a star that will mask a bunch of needs likewise with Edmunds and Oliver on D. Super Bowls are won by stars no doubt about it. Right now we don't have any but this yr hopefully some will develop. The thing is he's going to be 24 this yr he's very young and has gotten better . If he gets 8 -10 sacks in 2019 his value will skyrocket . The tag is only guaranteed for injury so if he didn't perform he would be released. I hope McBeane is wrong on this one and Shaq busts out in a major way this yr.
  8. To early for make or break but he definitely needs to make big strides
  9. I agree , just look at Jerry it took him 4yrs to get his career on track.
  10. 10 mil is basically a solid player salary now a days . I think its worth the risk because we can just release him at the end of the season if he doesn't have a serious injury. If he steps his pass rush up to around 8sks and can still be one of the best at DE against the run then he'll be well worth it. Plus we have to keep that franchise tag available for Jerry . So give him the 5th yr option and hopefully he blows up this yr and we won't have to make a decision on him and Jerry.
  11. I've been making proclamations for 20yrs I've been right @ least 70% of the time. That's my opinion maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong but Singletary will not live up to his 3rd rd grade . I'll even go one further fans on this board will be unhappy about this pk for quite some time and they'll be talking about players like Winovich and Sternberger amongst others of players we missed on.
  12. The kid will be average at best in the NFL . We reached for him and in turn gave up basically the rest of our mid rd pks to get Knox . In which Beane has admitted to getting nervous about during the draft. In my opinion that's where we lost the draft.
  13. Speaking of the Eagles I wonder if they would part with Dallas Goedert for a 2nd and 4th next yr I'm even willing to give them 1 of the guards we signed.
  14. Devin averaged 5.2 yds per carry in 2018 in a horrible conference. I hope his Oline had more to do with that then him. I much rather have taken Winovich or Sternberger at that pk then trade up for Hakeem Butler. Good backs were going all the way threw the 6th rd in this draft. Who knows Singletary might of stuck around to our 5th rd pk. Not sure many teams cover at 5'7 195lb back with over 700 carries this early in the draft. Shifty or not I mean Tarik Cohen went in the 5th and he's more talented then Singletary.
  15. Give us Sternberger and we'll give u Singletary. We made a huge mistake not drafting the next Zack Ertz
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