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  1. All penalties should include consideration as to whether it actually affected the play. If a penalty occurs on the opposite side of the field and has nothing to do with the play, the official should not throw a flag. The penalty is moot.
  2. I think it means someone is stupid because of the stupid things they do. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.
  3. Not impressed at all. Where's the fire? You gotta have some fire going, Naked and jumping on a burning table is the way to go.
  4. Anybody considered that maybe the punt play was actually a screw up by the Pats special teams? Find it hard to believe he purposely left a gunner totally uncovered. Pictures I saw showed no Patriot within at least 20 yards, if not more.
  5. Patriots 38 Bills 17 Brady puts on his usual clinic and frustrates our secondary who will be chasing open receivers all afternoon. No pass rush from the Bills who elect to not blitz at all and rush only 3 or 4 all day. Coaches decide to not pressure Brady at all, for whatever reason. No sacks of Brady and no ints for secondary. Just Another methodical victory for the Pats as usual due to superior qb'ing and coaching.
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