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  1. Al Michaels is a huge New England Patriots fan. That's why he looked so disgusted when talking about the Bills, and the playoffs. I hate watching this crew announce games. Everything is feel good puff piece.
  2. Look at the age of those Carolina players. I hope we don't go after any or them.
  3. If Shawn Hochuli is one of the refs we are going to lose. The Hochuli's hate the Bills, always have. Watch how many phantom calls we get.
  4. This year I did a little bit worse than last year. The deal they gave me was $12.25/mo off of Sunday Ticket and $45.00/mo off my bill for 12 months and 6 months free HBO. Last year I got $45.00 off per month for 12 months and half off Sunday Ticket and 6 months free Starz.
  5. As it stands now, I want the Titans to win one of there last two games so it knocks out the Chargers. Jacksonville is not resting there players when they can be the second seed if they win out. I am including a loss at New England and a win in Miami. If Baltimore loses one game we are in for sure, if they win both games we need Titans to win one or Chargers to lose one. and we are in.
  6. No matter what I will always root for the Pat's to lose. Plus we beat the Raiders so we have the tiebreaker.
  7. like some people have said. Just do a google search and you can easily access the Buffalo News site for free. I use Chrome as a web browser but you can use the same method using Explorer.
  8. How anybody could say Brady is the greatest quarterback every is beyond me. He is the greatest quarterback in the modern era of football where you can't touch the quarterback without drawing a flag, where you can't touch a receiver beyond 5 yards without drawing a flag. Place Brady back in the day of Elway, Kelly, Marino, Montana, etc. and lets see what kind of numbers he puts up.
  9. I would never take McDaniels. It's easy to be a successful offensive coordinator when you have a hall of fame quarterback. I would would love them to get Matt Patricia. He is one smart dude and has been working under Belacheet for some time now and understands what it takes to win football games.
  10. I don't see any way the Bills get into the playoffs. If Miami loses the next two games and Ravens lose next two games and Tenn. loses next two games. The Miami still is six seed due to tie breaker rules. Not sure why they show Bills still in the hunt.
  11. ESPN is a joke. We beat the Arizona Cardinals they get beat by the Rams and we beat the Rams and we are ranked 3 spots below them. Give me a break.
  12. he didn't have to make a TD just get close enough to give the offense more options.
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