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  1. Fletch Lives Caddyshack 2 Ahh damn didn't see you beat me to it haha
  2. Beane. For assembling this fantastic product we got to witness this season.
  3. This has major major letdown written all over it.
  4. First test this Tuesday at Rutgers. Won’t be a tough environment at The Raq but still will be a tough game. Stupid 9:30 start too.
  5. I’m so glad Mad Dog radio added him and bumped Steve Torre
  6. First time since the turn of the century that will have locked in back to back non losing seasons. A VERY good chance at winning the division in 25 years. You’d think they lost today.
  7. Mark Paul Gosselaar has a pretty enjoyable podcast where he watches an episode in order from the beginning and talks about what went into the making of the episode and behind the scene facts, etc.
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