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  1. Fox 40 in Binghamton gets it, unlike WBNG (CBS) last weekend who aired the shi**y Giants/Bears game over the Bills/Fins game. Hallelujah!
  2. I didn’t now Al Borland from Home Improvement was the drummer for “ The Killers”
  3. Those black seats and layout are gorgeous 😍
  4. Weather this weekend in the 607 was pretty perfect or as I say, a dime piece!
  5. Space Shuttle documentary on Netflix is amazingly awesome. So in depth and intriguing. Never knew that NASA was so haphazard in their decision making at the time, of course I was in middle school at the time but remember the moment like my generations JFK.
  6. If they have the technology to tell when a tennis ball going 110+mph is in our out, they can certainly do what you just proposed.
  7. Tar and feathering not an option in Covid?
  8. Good call and thank you for correcting me. It’s still disingenuous no matter what. The Citibank naming rights deal for Citi Field is 20 million a year until 2029. I think Steve Cohen can negotiate a settlement and reclaim our ballpark. Honoring Tom Seaver is worth every damn penny.
  9. There should have been a statue waiting for him when Citi opened in 2010. Absolutely shameful that the Wilpons did nothing to honor his legacy except some BS renaming a street after him last summer Disgraceful that it took the announcement that he was ill for them to even get the statue idea up and running. Instead Citi Field is a tribute too the Brooklyn Dodgers whom Fred grew up loving and not the Mets. Little moves over the years have changed that but it still has little to no Met feel in that ballpark and their history. I hope Steve Cohen completely transforms Citi Field into a more Met feel and honors Seaver properly. I would absolutely love to see him rename the ballpark after Seaver but I'm not sure even a guy worth 14 billion would pass up 20 mil a year in naming rights. Regardless the Wilpons should be ashamed of themselves for the Seaver debacle based on what that man meant to this teams history.
  10. He’s why my father became a Met fan. Same exact age and my Dads stories of Seaver on our way to Shea in the 80s are how I became one. Ugh. Sad day for us Met fans.
  11. It ended up getting $52,800 as per Rovell
  12. Looks more like a My Chemical Romance promo.
  13. Binghamton had a few back in the day according to my father
  14. I’ll just YouTube some old Empire Sports Network clips instead.
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