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  1. I watched last night (all 4). Similar theme and time frame era as the McMillions one on HBO. I liked that one better but the Pepsi one was pretty fun and a good watch. I’m the same age as the kid that was going for the Harrier so I found it pretty relatable. I consider myself the king of 90s pop culture but had completely forgotten about this promotion so it was a nice trip down memory lane. Also I work for Coke so any cola war related stuff I’m going to love! Haha. Especially the Pepsi Challenge they did with the cast
  2. Good bumper music there… ”The Cranberries”
  3. Should be interesting to see how the Hard Knocks producers handle this one since the Cards are the in season team for HBO.
  4. Also distant cousin to Kenny Powers
  5. 3 in a row now for Detroit who stuffed Barkley all day. This won’t be an easy game on Thanksgiving.
  6. Beane said in yesterdays late afternoon presser the plan is for the team to fly in Saturday (He has been told they have a window on Saturday to do so), Fly back Sunday and then Fly back out Wednesday for the Thanksgiving game and return home after that.
  7. I agree and think that’s the only way they’d make heads roll with the staff. Winning one or 2 games every year in the playoffs will secure a HC for awhile.
  8. They were playing ACL roulette every Sunday. Especially at the Vet.
  9. Their narratives weren’t fitting with their opinions
  10. Yeah imagine that. It’s almost as if a professional sports organization with access to the best medical information there is knows what to do rather than a bunch of dudes on their phones scrolling twitter and other outlets. I think I just saw Bill Cower at the airport as I type this on my iPhone.
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