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  1. Our 2 best RBs were on the practice squad. 2 guys that run hard. Get em up!
  2. Spot on. I am giddy. It's incredible. We go for it on 4th. Fake punts. Bombs when we are up by 30. I think i am in some alternate universe star trek episode.
  3. Chad Kelly shaking his head wondering how it possible he is not on the cowboys roster.
  4. give me 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing all year. we tried 20 years of run first, pass 2nd
  5. Lou was 2 wins away from the vince Lombardi trophy being named the lou saban trophy....
  6. He had a 2nd chance with thenl Steelers
  7. Remember when Bills picked that unknown skinny DE im round 1. I cant even remember his name. Our front office out smarted everyone
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