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  1. Let’s hope Steelers and Bills win out. I’d rather have the chance to play the Steelers in the divisional round rather than Titans or Browns who would be a tougher out for KC.
  2. Battle-tested? That was one lucky turnover that was the difference. That was an ultra conservative game plan by a coaching staff that fears The Hoodie. This team has lost their mojo on offence and is handling #17 like a rookie lately. With no Gilmore this offence should have attacked the Pats out of the gate. Instead we chickened out and let a ***** Pats team hang around. Allen needs an uptempo pace to get into a groove. Coaching gets an F today for retreating for 4 quarters.
  3. Should have been way more aggressive on offence from the start. This coaching staff fear the hoodie regardless who’s on the field.
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