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  1. I feel the same way. It's like they felt it would be an easier game and held back a bit. I felt the same with the Miami game in the 1st quarter.
  2. How great would it be if this guy turned out to be our version of Willie Parker.
  3. As anyone can tell I'm more of a lurker than a poster. I have been around since the old days though and remember her well. I remember when the Tomcat and I went to a game in Baltimore back when I believe Flutie was the QB. A lot of the older posters from here were meeting at a local bar the night before the game and we had a blast. It was the first time that I had met anyone from this board including many that have responded to this post. NJSue was there and she stood out because of how quirky she was. RIP Sue!
  4. I love the white helment! All we need now is the blue facemask.
  5. He like to drink milk!

  6. Not yet. I'm sending a check out to Cindy tomorrow.
  7. I know you"re still pissed at me for winning the signed Thurman jersey but I would also like one of those sexy t-shirts. XL please. P.S. Awesome tailgate!
  8. It depends if he is apparently out of shape and showing alot of rust. If this is the case, I would move Peters to right tackle for a few games until he gets back into game shape. A rusty Jason is better than anything else we would have playing RT.
  9. Not sure about current Bills, but Shane Conlan could sure party hard. I remember during the off season he would always be out in the Jamestown area. He would frequently drink beer straight from the pitcher and by the end of the night most of it would be on his shirt. He used to get blown off by the local girls pretty badly too. Not very good with the ladies after a few cold ones.
  10. Dude, You just don't get it! This is a new regime. The last regime f'd us over and the new one is trying to pick up the pieces. It can't be done overnight. All we can hope for is a steady progression on a week to week basis. Today looked like a good starting point.
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