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  1. The bills will only need 2-2.5 million to sign their rookies. They currently have picks in the following rounds with the following cap hits below. That totals around 6.7 million however each one of those 6 picks will knock off a bottom level contract from the roster which would wipe out about 4.5 million of the 6.7 above. 1st round- $2.3 million cap hit (minus 745k min player) = $1.55 M 2nd round- $1.1 million cap hit (minus 745k min player) = $355k 3rd round- $950k cap hit (minus 745k min player) = $205k 4th round- $850k cap hit (minus 745k min player) = $105k 5th round- $745k cap hit (minus 745k min player) = $0k 5th round- $745k cap hit (minus 745k min player) = $0k
  2. I don’t think AJE Epenesa is great but as a 3rd or 4th DE he is fine. His first 2 years he struggled but the Bills wanted him to change his weight and how he plays so not sure how much blame you can put on him. Now that he has finally got to where the bills want him he had 6.5 sacks as a backup. Guys like Jalen Phillips and Josh Allen (Jac) who many on this board say are very good both had 7 sacks as full time starters.
  3. I think Hines will be back and his contract will be re-worked. They will add a year or 2 to the contract and give him some guaranteed money to reduce his cap hit. He provides value as a KR/PR/RB. If you let him and singletary go you need to go out and sign at least 2 running backs. I would expect to see a running back room of cook- cap hit 1.3 Hines - 3 million bigger back vet around 2 to 2.5 million cap space
  4. 100% agree with you. I think he can be had for a reasonable price and he is still young. He instantly upgrades the #2 and #3 with Davis moving to the 3 over McKenzie. I would still take a bigger size/speed WR in the 2nd or 3rd to compete with gabe and then take over for him once he hit free agency.
  5. Here are some middle round WR take take a look at that give a nice blend of speed and size if you double dip in the draft: WR A.T Perry 6-5 210lbs (wake Forest) 4.56 40 time projected round 3 WR Cedric Tillman 6-3 215lbs (Tennessee) 4.52 40 time projected round 2 WR Andrei Iosivas 6-3 200lbs (Princeton) 4.50 40 time projected round 3-4 WR Elijah Higgins 6-3 235 (Stanford) 4.55 40 time projected round 3-5 WR Jalen Moreno-Cropper 6’ 173 (Fresno) 4.45 40 time projected round 4-6 WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton 6-3 224 (WVU) 4.48 40 time projected round 5-7
  6. I like all the WR mentioned in the original post wanted to throw a few more names out if we double dip at WR that are day 2 or 3 picks that have good size/speed combinations: WR A.T Perry 6-5 210lbs (wake Forest) 4.56 40 time projected round 3 WR Cedric Tillman 6-3 215lbs (Tennessee) 4.52 40 time projected round 2 WR Andrei Iosivas 6-3 200lbs (Princeton) 4.50 40 time projected round 3-4 WR Elijah Higgins 6-3 235 (Stanford) 4.55 40 time projected round 3-5 WR Jalen Moreno-Cropper 6-0 173 (Fresno) 4.45 40 time projected round 4-6 WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton 6-3 224 (WVU) 4.48 40 time projected round 5-7
  7. I personally like Max Duggan in the 5th from TCU. They got blown out by Georgia but he seems to have that similar gamer mentality that Allen has and if Allen got hurt I think Duggan's style of play would allow them to keep the offense the same
  8. Move on from Poyer and slide Benford into the saftey role Move on from Edmunds and a guy that is young that should come much cheaper is David Long from Tennessee Jakobi Meyer, Allen Lazard, DJ chark are some reasonable vet wr to bring in as well as a rookie
  9. We won 13 games this year and I would argue that this lineup is better in most positions QB- Same (backup probably worse but if Josh is hurt doesn’t matter) RB- Same ( could argue better with cook in year 2, Hines having an offseason, and foremen a better fit for what we need) TE- better (your adding a 2nd round athletic receiver who can also block and keeping everyone from this years team) WR- Better (Meyer is an upgrade at the 2, Davis is an upgrade to McKenzie at the 3, 2 young guys with upside and McKenzie who was your 3 now your 5 or 6) OL- Better (Dawkins- Same, Torrence- anyone is upgrade over saffold, Bates- probably a small downgrade to Morse but you get younger and cheaper at the position, Risner- upgrade to bates, Brown-Same (came off back surgery last year and missed all of camp so hopefully improves. Beane didn’t sound ready to move on)
  10. i like motor but he is projected to get a contract in the 5-6 million range. Foreman is projected in the 3-4 million range. This team is going to start making hard decision and find places to cut salaries. With a Hines restructure/extension you can pretty much pay for foreman without dipping into other cap space. I also think foreman gives us the big power back we have been missing to take some of the short yardage Carries off of Josh
  11. I am open to any lineman in RD 1 who can play guard. A lot of people want a WR in round 1 I think the better value will be at G or C. I think we are better off adding a decent vet WR who has proven themselves in the NFL while also still brining in a WR in rounds 2 or 3 to bring along as Davis will mostly likely leave in FA in 2024
  12. Based on Beane’s press conference that we are going to be tight on cap space and try to find value FA would you be satisfied with these upgrades on offense: Sign: Dalton Risner OG (6-8 million cap hit) D’Ontae Foreman (3 million cap hit) Jacobi Meyer (8 million cap hit) Quesenberry- Vet min Boettger- Vet Min Draft: RD 1 OG O’Cyrus Torrence (6-5 347) RD 2 TE Luke Musgrave (6-5 250) RD 3 WR Elijah Higgins (6-3 234) Cut- Morse (saves 5.6 mil) QB- Allen, Late Rd Rookie RB- Cooke, Hines, Foreman, Gilliam TE- Knox, Musgrave, Morris WR- Diggs, Meyer, Davis, Shakir, Higgins, McKenzie OL- Dawkins, Torrence, Bates, Risner, Brown (Depth: Doyle, Quesenberry, Boettger, Late Rd Tackle)
  13. Nice write up. I think the bills will make changes but I can’t see it being this drastic. Here are my thoughts: LT- Dawkins (he seems like one of those guys beane and McDermott aren’t going to move on from) LG- Bates (he played best at LG and Dawkins also played his best with bates best to him) C- I think Mitch is back for one more year and the following year they either draft a center or slide bates over) RG- Vorhees (2nd rd pick) RT- Juan Taylor (young FA signing) Depth- Brown- becomes your 6th oline/blocking TE. I also suggested in another thread a move to guard could benefit him Doyle- got time at guard and tackle in preseaon Quesenberry- Bring him back at vet minimum gives decent depth at 4 positions Nick Broeker- draft 4th round tackle ole miss Ike Boettger- resign vet min type deal
  14. I don’t see the bills giving up on brown but he has struggled at RT. It’s not common for a G to be 6-8 but they did have Doyle inside during camp this year some so they were willing to do it. Brown seems to struggle out in space even though he is super athletic. could a move to compete at guard help him so he is not on an island outside? Seems like it might be worth exploring because he is not cutting it at RT. At 6-8 311lbs and a RAS score of 10 if he could drop a few lbs could he also play that Lee smith blocking TE role for this team
  15. Joe Marino reported on his podcast that Leslie Frazier's contract expires at the end of the season. This could give McDermott/Beane to out they need to move on. Rather than firing him which would be hard to do since his defenses are ranked high. They could just not renew the contract and state both Frazier and the Bills are looking for new opportunities.
  16. I started a post this morning very similar to this but it got lost in the shuffle with so many topics popping up this morning. I was planning on going position by position and its a lot of work so I more than happy if you want to take on that work! Here is the topic from this morning on the RB room. Hopefully you can use the info here when you get to your RB primer:
  17. Every few days I plan to post an in depth look at each position group prior to FA and the draft. 1st up is running backs: 2022 Roster Devin Singletary (Age: 25 5-7 203lbs) -177 rush 819yds 5td -38 rec 280 yds 1td James Cook (Age: 25 5-11 190lbs) -89 rush 507 yds 2 td -21 rec 180 yds 1td Nyheim Hines (Age: 26 5-9 198lbs) -6 rush -3 yds -5 rec 53 yards 1td Reggie Gilliam (Age: 25 6-0 244lbs) - 0 rush -8 rec 69 yds td Tawain Jones (Age: 34 6-0 190lbs) -No stats 2023 Roster James Cook (3 year 4.7 mil left) -1.3 million cap hit for 2023 Nyheim Hines (2 year 9.1 mil left) -4.7 million cap hit for 2023 Reggie Gilliam (2 year 4.6 mil left) -2 million cap hit for 2023 Devin Singletary- FA Tawain Jones- FA Summary: The bills would probably like to resign singletary but he will likely get more money than they can spend on the position for a player who is not a playmaker. It’s finally time to let jones walk away. They need to stop investing in special teams guys who provide no value in offense or defense. My prediction: They will extend Hines and provide some guaranteed money (he has none left of current contract). They will hopefully utilize him more on offense and also he is an elite return man. I think they will sign a reasonable veteran that would be cheaper than singletary to fill out the room as they have gone to the draft several times and I don’t see them spending more picks on a back: FA options: -Jeff Wilson (Age 28 6-0 213lbs) -Samaje Perine (Age 27 5-11 235lbs) -D’Ontae Foreman (Age 26 6-1 236 lb) Jamal Williams (Age 27 6-0 224 lbs) Next up: Quarterback
  18. What an absolutely disappointing loss today. I needed a way to take my mind off of the game so decided to start a discussion about what I would like to the off-season to look like. I get a lot of people will say this is too early but I just needed a way to move on from this game. Here are my thoughts: first and foremost I hope they move on from Frazier (it won’t happen). I think the D issues are more scheme than players. Also wouldn’t mind moving on from Dorsey (they also won’t do that) but hoping he will at least improve going into year 2. Defense Re-sign Poyer (2 year 25 million 15 guaranteed, 3rd void year) Edmunds (6 year 110 million 54 full guaranteed) Lawson (3 year 12 million) Marlowe (vet min) Klein (vet min) Let walk: Phillips Matekevich Juquan Johnson (possible PS) Cam Lewis (possible PS) Sign: Jerry hughes (assuming Houston moves on and saves nearly 5 million in cap space) 1 year 2.5 million ( replacement for miller while out PUP Von miller DE: lawson, groot, basham, Epenesa, hughes, (miller-pup) DT: Oliver, settle, jones, stills LB: edmunds, Milano, klien, Dodson, Bernard, spector Corner: white, Elam, Jackson, benford, Johnson, Neal Saftey: poyer, Hyde, marlowe, Hamlin Special teams: Resign: Martin 3 year 10 mil Kicker: bass Punter: Martin LS: Ferguson KR/PR: Hines Offense: Re-sign: Queseberyy (1 year 1.5 mil) Kumerow (vet min) Jameson crowder (1 year 1.5 million) Rodger saffold (1 year 2.5 million) Let walk: Tommy Sweeney (possible PS) Ike Boettger (possible PS) Duke Johnson (possible PS) Devin singletary Case Keenum Justin Murray Bobby Hart Greg Van Rotten Taiwan Jones FA: Jeff Wilson JR (2 years 5.5 million) Offense: QB: Allen , Dugan, (Barkley- PS) RB: Cook, Hines, Wilson Jr, Gilliam WR: Diggs, Hyatt, Davis, McKenzie, Shakir, kumerow, crowder TE: Knox, Musgrave, morris OL: Dawkins, Vorhees, Morse, Bates, brown, quesenberry, Doyle, Broeker, saffold Draft: Round 1: Jalin Hyatt WR (Tenn) Round 2: Andrew Vorhees G (USC) Round 3: Luke Musgrave TE (Oregon St) Round 4: Nick Broeker T/OG (Ole Miss) Round 5 (cards): Dante Stills (WVU) Round 5: Max Duggan QB (TCU) Round 6: traded for Hines Round 7: traded for Marlowe I know many people will want more invested in the oline and dline but I don’t think they have to money to go out and sign top tier talent at those positions and they are only going to roster so many rookies on the oline.
  19. If we are going to make a trade for a wr I think the better play would be cooks from Houston. He likely could be had for a 3rd or 4th and without any restructure I believe his cap hit is 16.5 next year if he is traded. He is on record saying that he doesn’t want to be part of Houston’s rebuild.
  20. I am glad they were able to confirm they data I posted. This was posted prior to the new conference and was actually giving to me early this morning however I debated a while if I should post it due to the sensitive nature of the info. If I would have known how in depth they went in the new conference I probably would have just not posted since the info came out shortly after
  21. I don’t post much here but I read the board daily. I have a source who I am 100 percent confident would be in the know of Damar’s status and this is what I was provided this morning: -He is off sedation and awake -He is still using a ventilator to assist in his breathing -his cognitive functions seem to be working and he was able to identify his parents and even write a word -it’s still early in the process and more nuero testing needs to be done. Overall this tracks with many of the updates from national media and like is said I wouldn’t post this if I wasn’t confident in the info and I almost didn’t but I know everyone here is looking for as much news as possible
  22. I know it’s probably pretty rare in the NFL but with ford gone I wonder if the bills would consider keeping only 8 on the oline since the 9th is always inactive on game day anyway. We don’t really have a developmental prospect on the oline like we do at other positions. this would assume the top 8 oline are healthy going into the season but with Dawkins, saffold, Morse, bates, and brown starting then quessenberry, mancz, and Doyle you have versatile backups. mancz can play all 3 interior positions, quessenberry and Doyle can play 4 out of 5 and in a pinch bates can play all 5. you can get Anderson and van rotten, and hart on practice squad to call up in case of long term injury. this frees up a spot to keep a cam Lewis, Brandin Bryant, hodgins, or blackshear on the active roster
  23. My thought in the OP was KR: cook and blackshear (cook starts as the primary but if role increases throughout season blackshear could become primary) PR: shakir as the primary with blackshear also backup. If shakir ends up with a prominent role on offense this could be also transition to blackshear) In order for blackshear to make it though he has to prove he can also play on coverage teams
  24. I have seen mentioned in numerous thread the different position battles however I don’t know the remaining battles are position specific. As far as the specialist go I think those 3 are set. Arazia will be the punter. The only thing he had to prove to win the job was that he could hold and he has done that. On defense I think there are only 2 open spots. 1 spot on the dline. The top 8 are set (miller, groot, Epenesa, basham, Oliver, phillips, jones, settle). That leaves 1 spot as I believe they will keep 9 total. There are 4 contenders for this spot. Lawson, Love, Bryant, Ankou. The other spot I think is between a 7th corner and 6th linebacker and it comes down to Spector or Lewis (this could change after game 6 when smith comes of suspension) on offense I think the qb position is set and oline is set keeping 9 (Dawkins, saffold, Morse, bates, brown, quessenberry, Doyle, ford, mancz) The top 4 running backs are set with singletary, moss, Gilliam, and cook. The top 4 wr are also set with diggs, Davis, McKenzie, shakir The top 2 tight ends are Knox and Howard. Rather than looking at the last 4 spots available by position I think it makes sense to look at it from ST value along with positional need. 2 of those 4 spots will have to be WR with the remaining 2 spots could be at wr if they keep 7, a 3rd tight end (we have Gilliam so it’s not a given we have to have 3) and I could see up to 6 running backs for ST value. Here are the guys competing for those last spot: Twain jones blackshear Sweeney morris austin hodgins crowder kumerow Based on the camp reports and preseason I am keeping jones, blackshear, hodgins and crowder. This gives the best mix of offensive talent and special teams ability. I think you can stash Morris and Sweeney on PS and go into games with 2 true TE and Gilliam
  25. Hey all- if anyone has tickets to august 10th or 11th practice they are willing to part with please let me know. Ideally looking for 5 tickets but will take whatever anyone can spare. I was hoping to take my 5 year old daughter to her first bills event. Thanks! I know the tickets are free but if someone has them I would be willing to pay $5-10 per ticket
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