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  1. I know it’s probably pretty rare in the NFL but with ford gone I wonder if the bills would consider keeping only 8 on the oline since the 9th is always inactive on game day anyway. We don’t really have a developmental prospect on the oline like we do at other positions. this would assume the top 8 oline are healthy going into the season but with Dawkins, saffold, Morse, bates, and brown starting then quessenberry, mancz, and Doyle you have versatile backups. mancz can play all 3 interior positions, quessenberry and Doyle can play 4 out of 5 and in a pinch bates can play all 5. you can get Anderson and van rotten, and hart on practice squad to call up in case of long term injury. this frees up a spot to keep a cam Lewis, Brandin Bryant, hodgins, or blackshear on the active roster
  2. My thought in the OP was KR: cook and blackshear (cook starts as the primary but if role increases throughout season blackshear could become primary) PR: shakir as the primary with blackshear also backup. If shakir ends up with a prominent role on offense this could be also transition to blackshear) In order for blackshear to make it though he has to prove he can also play on coverage teams
  3. I have seen mentioned in numerous thread the different position battles however I don’t know the remaining battles are position specific. As far as the specialist go I think those 3 are set. Arazia will be the punter. The only thing he had to prove to win the job was that he could hold and he has done that. On defense I think there are only 2 open spots. 1 spot on the dline. The top 8 are set (miller, groot, Epenesa, basham, Oliver, phillips, jones, settle). That leaves 1 spot as I believe they will keep 9 total. There are 4 contenders for this spot. Lawson, Love, Bryant, Ankou. The other spot I think is between a 7th corner and 6th linebacker and it comes down to Spector or Lewis (this could change after game 6 when smith comes of suspension) on offense I think the qb position is set and oline is set keeping 9 (Dawkins, saffold, Morse, bates, brown, quessenberry, Doyle, ford, mancz) The top 4 running backs are set with singletary, moss, Gilliam, and cook. The top 4 wr are also set with diggs, Davis, McKenzie, shakir The top 2 tight ends are Knox and Howard. Rather than looking at the last 4 spots available by position I think it makes sense to look at it from ST value along with positional need. 2 of those 4 spots will have to be WR with the remaining 2 spots could be at wr if they keep 7, a 3rd tight end (we have Gilliam so it’s not a given we have to have 3) and I could see up to 6 running backs for ST value. Here are the guys competing for those last spot: Twain jones blackshear Sweeney morris austin hodgins crowder kumerow Based on the camp reports and preseason I am keeping jones, blackshear, hodgins and crowder. This gives the best mix of offensive talent and special teams ability. I think you can stash Morris and Sweeney on PS and go into games with 2 true TE and Gilliam
  4. Hey all- if anyone has tickets to august 10th or 11th practice they are willing to part with please let me know. Ideally looking for 5 tickets but will take whatever anyone can spare. I was hoping to take my 5 year old daughter to her first bills event. Thanks! I know the tickets are free but if someone has them I would be willing to pay $5-10 per ticket
  5. Although I think it’s a long shot that Austin makes the roster if we keep 7 wr he will likely be the last guy. Not only does he give you a speed/gadget guy to use at the wr position, he can be your PR/KR. The one thing I have not seen mentioned yet is if cook gets injured for a few games Austin can fill his roles as pass catching RB. He started his career at WVU as a running back and has over 150 Carries in the NFL. My assumption is the bills keep Singletary, cook, moss at RB so we would not have anyone on the team to fill cooks role if he went out at all during the season.
  6. I started a thread late last night and didn’t see this one. So putting my post here and deleting the other thread. 2022 cap space: 7.5 million (before cuts) 2022 cap space after proposed cuts/restructures: 28 million Coaching: HC: McDermott OC: Dorsey DC: Frazier I think Daboll will get a HC job this off season. The best option in my opinion is to stay in house with Dorsey. I don’t think Frazier gets a HC job and although I would like to get someone new, there is 0% chance McDermott fires him. Defense: Safety: Poyer (FA in 2023) Hyde (FA in 2024) Johnson (FA in 2023) Hamlin (FA in 2025) Not much to say for this position. I think we are set for this year and should not spend resources at the position CB: White (FA in 2026) Jackson (FA in 2023) Johnson (FA in 2025) Lewis (FA in 2023) Re-sign Levi Wallace to a reasonable deal (3 years for 12-15 million) Draft CB in rounds 1-3 We don’t know how long it will White to come back fully from injury so taking a corner early in the draft makes sense. Bringing Levi back with Dane for as the #3 and 4 corners will be solid depth Linebacker: Milano (FA in 2025) Edmunds (FA in 2023) Klein (FA in 2023) Smith (FA in 2023) Cut Matakevich (saves $2.5 million) Draft Linebacker mid-late rounds It doesn’t make sense to keep Matakevich on the team when we can save 2.5 million. We don’t punt often and most kickoffs are touchbacks. Like most people on the board I would like to trade Edmunds but I doubt that happens. One interesting scenario for a trade would be Edmunds for Barkley. Giants are in a rebuild and both their contracts are coming up. Barkley would give the bills another playmaker on offense and the giants a young linebacker to build around. Both players need a change of scenery as they are not bad players but will never live up to where each franchise drafted them. DT/DE Oliver (FA in 2024) Basham (FA in 2025) Epenesa (FA in 2024) Rousseau (FA in 2026) Resign Harrison Phillips (3 year 10-12 million Resign Zimmer (Vet minimum) Cut Star (saves $4 million) Let Butler, Hughes, and Obada, and Addison walk Unfortunately after all the resources poured into the position we still have major work to do here. We need another Big DT in the draft and 2 DE. We already have a lot of young guys at DE so need a couple veterans. We won’t be able to afford a young elite pass rusher with our cap space so we are going to have to try to find and older vet who is still productive like von miller, chandler jones, pierre-Paul or Ingram. For the second 2 end I would try to bring Shaq lawson back on a small 1 year deal for depth. This position needs serious work again this offseason with limited resources. Offense QB: Allen (FA in 2029) For backup qb try and bring tribusky back if he has other opportunities then look at Marriott’s, Drew Lock or Daniel Jones if cut RB: Singletary (FA in 2023) Moss (FA in 2024) Gilliam (FA in 2023) We need a running back to split time with singletary. I would love to bring in fornette but with the cap situation I think we are looking at a late round pick or a guy like Marlon Mack TE: Knox (FA in 2023) Sweeney (FA in 2023) This team needs a TE 2. There are a lot of options in FA this year so that will hopefully drive the price down. The guy I would be looking at is Mo Ali Cox. Big guy who can block and catch and could really take him game to another level with Allen at Qb WR: Diggs (FA in 2024- extension makes sense to free up cap space $5 mil) Davis (FA in 2024) Stevenson (FA in 2025) Cut Beasley (saves $6 million) McKenzie- I would like to bring him back but seems like the way he was utilized this year it might be the end of McKenzie in Buffalo The WR market has a ton of good players this year which means there should be good value. The guy at the top of my list is DJ Chark. Big receiver with deep speed (4.3 40). He is coming off injury so could get good value. In the first 4 rounds of the draft I’m looking for a slot WR with speed. Another guy who is getting up there in age that I wouldn’t mind bringing in for competition would be Tavon Austin. He is getting up there in age but would be a vet minimum contract and with his shiftiness and Allen’s ability to scramble he could be a nice role player OL: Dawkins (FA in 2025) Williams (FA in 2024 Morse (FA in 2023) Doyle (FA in 2025) Feleciano (FA in 2024) Brown (FA in 2025) Bates (RfA tender him) Cut Ford (saves $1.6 million) let Ike walk The line player better at the end of the season once they were healthy and bates went into the line up. Keep Feliciano as the back up C/OG. Draft a guy in the first couple rounds at guard to compete with bates/Williams. Special Team Kicker: Bass LS: Ferguson Punter: Rookie cut Haack and save $1.2 million. We don’t punt a lot so save the money and he has not been great this past season. Draft Recap: Rounds 1-4 (CB, OG, Slot WR, 1 tech) Rounds 5-7 (LB depth, Punter, RB)
  7. Pickett signs with packers http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2369817
  8. anyone think that the bronco's would go for our #8 pick moulds and one of our thirds for their 2 1st it would be a great way to improve the o-line fast.
  9. Im sure this is going to sound stupid to many but its just a suggestion what about peters playing DT. I know it will take time for him to adjust to the position but he is bigger than Pat and faster. He showe his abitlity to bust through the line on that punt block and also made some takckles on speacial teams. I think he would be able to play this position because of his natural athletic ability. Just a thought
  10. I would go with baas but he likely wont be available my next choice is Chris Henry. I am from rochester but go to WVU Henry would be a mid first round pick if it wasnt for his attitude he would give JP a big target to throw to and he also posses speed. I beleive his attitude will change once he gets to the NFL and he will be an excellent WR. Moulds, Evans, and Henry would be a great WR group.
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