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  1. I don't agree with the above statements.  This team was not built to be winning now.  It was built to win last year under the premise that Bledsoe would be good.  However, TD hedged his bets and actually eyed 2005 when the team collapsed last year.  His original plan was for this to be the year but actions indicate this year was meant to be a throwaway rebuild year with an eye to be a major contender in 2005.  Here's why I believe this


    He hired a rookie head coach from a different organization.  A team planning to be a major contender does not bring in a rookie head coach.  Even the great ones didn't do much in their 1st year.  Look at the great coaches & most had a tough rookie year. TD knows this, the Mullarchy hire was a step backwards, preparing for 2005 & beyond.


    He drafted the QB of the future so he wouldn't have a rookie starting in 2005.  If you think they thought Bledsoe was anything more than 50-50 to come back, why trade so much to get Losman.  If Bledsoe could beat the odds, they would be a playoff contender, if not start Losman in the second half (plan before he broke his leg).  This move screams a sacrifice of 2004.


    Figured Willis would not be 100% to start 2004 & kept Henry to carry the load.  Once again, this move screams rebuild.  The bounty for trading Henry will be realized in 2005, the target date of the turn around, not 2004, the rebuilding year.  The plan has always been to trade Travis Henry, not Willis McGahee.


    Cut Ruben Brown.  There was no way they would find a player who would be as good as Ruben this year.  If they were planning on winning Ruben would have stayed.  He burned his bridges with Gregg's staff, not Mullarchy's. 


    Didn't add anything in free agency.  Only brought in players to replace departed ones.  Didn't try to upgrade the team through free agency.  Wait until this offseason. I believe they'll be as aggressive as 2003.



    Although it is conspiracy theory in tone, this post makes quite a bit of sense.


    The only area about which I disagree is Ruben Brown. Harv, he sucked last season, almost beyond words. He was infected by the Fina mentality that giving a qb 3 seconds to throw is all a lineman must do.

    I am not (as you can imagine) thrilled by Smith, but Ruben was a 270 lb. washed up sack of stevestojan, and cutting him was one move about which I tip my cap to TD.


    PS: Yes, Ruben WAS good for the community, etc. I am making the case that he was no longer a good football player.

  2. Same here.  I understood he needed not only more time, but more talented players.  That's why I sent an email to Tyke Tolbert and to McNally after the draft asking why Tolbert, fresh off developing Anquan Boldin, needed more talent at WR while McNally, a well respected line coach who has developed a lot of pretty good players in his career, didn't need any.  I never did get an answer from them.


    How good is Alex Barron?  Pretty damn good, actually.  Not to worry; with no first round pick, he'll be long gone by the time we can make a move.  Unless we trade back into the first round, that is.  But, if we're going to do that, it'll have to be around the same area as where Evans was taken if not higher.  The only thing that concerns me with Barron is that while he's a big guy at 6-6 and about 310, he could be a little bigger and stronger.  He is very athletic, and that will serve him well as an NFL left tackle.



    I am NOT trying to pose as if I know as much as you about football, college football, nor linemen.....but from what little I have seen from this kid, I like him as much as I liked Gallery.

  3. you can't draw that conclusion after 3 games.

    give me a break...


    big ben might prove to be a hall of famer in time, but you can't say he was the "steal of the draft". Not yet. So far the "steal" was Roy Williams. Big Ben hasn't done things that other QBs can't do. Roy has. As a rookie.



    Wilfork doesn't look too shabby either. :doh:

    As I recall, this is who R.Rich wanted to select. I wanted Carey, or Snee.

  4. How long should we wait, LA?  I'm not ready to storm the castle with pitchforks and torches, but I really am tired of seeing the offensive line being ignored by the Bills.  It sure would be nice if we put as much effort into rebuilding our offensive line as we did our defense or as we've attempted to our "skill players" on offense.



    As you well know, I was not buying the "McNally will cure all ills" party line, but it is NOT his fault that TD went for MW over McKinnie.

    I am certainly willing to give him more time, because he is not coaching good players, although CV is, imo, a very good RG.

    Hey, how good is the LT from Florida State?

  5. You know what I have been down all day, thinking pessimistic over and over again...but hearing this fires me up and makes me realize no matter what, we should be proud Bills fans  :doh:



    Call me idealistic (imagine that :D ), but I think that Bills fans are different. We have never won the big prize, but we are still here, are we not? We will B word and moan, second guess professional coaches and GMs, but give up? Not ever.


    Through TSW, I have got to meet some of the nicest people and smartest fans of any team in any sport. On Halloween (for consecutive year #11), I will be crying the blues once again in Lot 1/Pole 5, but win or lose, I will have partied with some old friends, and perhaps some new ones.


    Bob Lamb is coming to the game. I have not seen him since he moved to San Diego. That alone is great, now throw in the regualr gang and I will be in a state of utter glee. My friends and I are 7-3 at RWS. We will at least beat the Cards, you can lay the points.

    GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It has been totally pathetic and ineffective yet we are on pace to have:


    -3,000 yd, 20 TD QB

    -1,000 yd. RB

    -100+ catch, 1000+ yds, 10+ TD WR

    -A rookie WR with close to 1000 yds. and well over 20 yds. per catch.


    On paper that is nothing to scoff at. It just goes to show that stats mean nothing. Its just amazing how they seem to find a way to lose it.


    I dunno. I think we can turn it around but it would be a lot easier to take I think if it was just a team full of talent-less stiffs. These guys are players.

    Bring on Sage Rosenfels. IF the D can't stop him, they shoud all be benched.





    Great post! This is my complaint with Henry. He is great at compiling yardage stats, but there is more to being a running back.

  7. One final time. The trade allowed us to move up about 25 spots for a 2nd pick in round 1 from round 2. Dallas moved back 25 spots into the 2nd round. In return, they received a 5th rounder this past April and the Bills #1 in 2005.


    So the trade was for a 5th in 2004 and a 1st in 2005. We picked our next QB with that pick. How was this a bad trade ??  Makes no sense. We needed a QB, no ?


    BTW- Parcells was crushed in the press for passing on Steven Jackson ( selected by the Rams in round #1 ) and settling for ND's Julius Jones, who wasn't playing well and is now hurt. Dallas is 2-2 and had to turn to Eddie George.


    Ask the Dallas fans if they give a royal crap about the #1 pick in 2005 at present. They were booing their team as they left the field yesterday.



    Mark, my friend, I am unsure as to how much it matters whether or not Dallas fans are thinking about the 05 draft right now. If the Bills continue to play like this, they WILL be happy sons of bi%^he$ next April.


    This trade could work. It could also be a flop. I will go a step further and say that Evans figures deeply into the equation. We need a guy like him, and he is playing well. This points toward a good trade for the Bills, because they could have merely taken JP at #13.

    As I stated in another post, I want to know when and where will we get a premier LT? It looks like we could have had the guy from FSU the way the Bills are playing. :doh:

  8. Bill, I know what you are saying. And you're right, there was no part of me that even thought this would be anything other than a very low round 1 pick for Dallas. And even given that fact, I was uneasy about the Losman selection. But now that I've seen and heard him through one training camp and I've watched the guy go out there and light up even Mike Shanahan's eyes in limited duty, I'm hopeful that this guy may be the real deal. He may not be, though. But we just don't know yet. Like I said, if Dallas ends up with some stud with that pick, and JP ends up being a flop, then I say go ahead and revisit the topic. But for right now I just don't see how anyone can even use it to justify their "Donahoe sucks" mantra.



    Hey, could we be seeing almost eye to eye on a football subject? :doh:


    My biggest beef with TD is the LT position. I was never sold on Jennings at LT, less so when he stated that he wanted to play in Atlanta. That said, we HAD a #4 in 02, and he squandered it on a fat RT, who MAY be good, someday.


    Now, we may finish with a horrid record. We would have been in a spot to get a premier LT. These guys are gone in a heartbeat on draft day. You know that. Pace, Ogden, etc. The list goes on. This team has not had a very good LT since Wolford. How WILL we get one? Friggin Jennings will ask for a fortune in free agency! How much will Pace and Jones want? Plus, teams are ever so reluctant to trade these guys.


    In summary, if TD had not whiffed so badly with Big Mike in 02, I would probably be as positive as you about this deal.

    I want to see a great left tackle on the Buffalo Bills to protect Losman. Bro, Drew, with all of his limitations, would have beat the jests yesterday on the road if Jennings had even an average day, instead of being disgraced, or so I see it.

  9. Fair enough. It is too early to tell whether or not the trade was a disaster, although imo, all signs point to it being one. I can only offer my reasons why...


    For one, the trade was not exactly as you described. We did not merely swap #1s. We gave them a #2 as well.

    Also, during the draft, did you have even a hint that this could very possibly be a first selection of a draft? I certainly did not. Moreover, would you have made the deal if you thought that the Bills would be this bad, and be looking at a top 5 in 05?


    Look at the price teams have paid for the #1 selection. Think about what the giants gave for Manning. TD gave up a possible #1 selection AND a second round pick for Losman who was drafted where? See what I mean? He could have taken him at #13 and kept all these picks.


    You are right about one thing....it is done, and there is no turning back. Let's just say that for this deal to NOT be viewed as awful, JP will have to truly be a top flight quarterback, which is certainly possible, and the Bills need to win some games. I hope this too IS possible, but I am not holding my breath.

  10. As for Jonas, if he really wants the big payday and won't stay for a reasonable amount, I really hope we decide to let him go.  We can get a Jonas-like effort out of some other free agent for less than what he'll want, I'm sure.



    I couldn't agree more. He is a so-so LT who could probably excel inside or at RT.

  11. He played better yesterday than last year's Meadowlands horror show,

    and he looked good on the 2 TD drives,

    but he still had a couple of whiffs where he really looked bad.


    Definitely had a better day than JJ though, that's for sure.


    I agree. You see, there is probably not one defensive player in the NFL who is strong enough to out muscle Big Mike. I truly believe this.

    The thing is, he misses assignments, or at least appears to. On one play, Abraham flew by him untouched. I'm sure there is a learning curve, but for 36 million, Big Mike is taking way too long.

    Besides, wasn't the great McNally supposed to come to town with answers?

  12. I need to say something positive about the Buffalo Bills, instead of blasting ineptitude all day. Here goes:


    1) London is not as good as Ray Lewis. So what? He is all over the field, and he is a warrior. He can play on my team any day.


    2) We need to be patient with Kelsay. He had other good moves beside the sack. The kid will be good before the season is over, but he needs to keep the weight on.


    3) Is the Lonnie curse broken? This rookie can at the very least catch a perfectly thrown ball, an oddity for Bills TEs.


    4) Evans is like greased lightening, and a pleasure to watch.


    5) On the play where Bledsoe was running left, MaGahee proved that there are other ways for a rb to help a qb besides just running. He was there for the pitch. This guy will be a huge asset to the Bills.


    6) Bledsoe may not be the man for Buffalo, but I still love to see him throw on the occasions when he has time. Not only the long ones. He threw one to Shaw for about 11 yards that was picture perfect.


    7) I was quite impressed by Ron Edwards. Was anybody else?


    There is talent on the Bills. This is what makes them so frustrating. Hopefully, they will get rid of 5 or so players who will not/cannot do their jobs and bring a winner back to New York.

  13. I know this sounds crazy....but I actually think that we should work out some sort of deal with Miami right now for a player and their 2nd round pick....which is going to be VERY high this year.....


    There is something up with Henry.....his decision making on his runs and the ability to keep his feet after the first hit is missing...I dont know why......


    If we dont unload Henry while people still remember him as a 1K rusher......we might not be able to get a 3rd rounder for him.....



    A player and a 2nd round pick? He is not worth a used condom.

    OK, I take it back....maybe a 5th or 6th if we can find a GM dumb enough. Are you watching Bro? He is losing us football games.

  14. The Bledsoe/Henry era is over, time to go with McGahee and Losman when he's available and work for next season.  At this point I don't think anyone would give up a 1st round pick for Henry, except maybe Dallas might give us back our own.  If you go through every team, they either have a back playing as good as or better than Henry or have drafted a young back in the past two years and wouldn't waste a 1st round pick on Henry.



    Dallas? Dude, let's not kid ourselves, unless you are talking about a 5th or 6th round pick.

  15. MW had some horrible whiffs, but JJ was clearly the goat today.

    I thought he was very mediocre last year, and so far this year

    he's not proven worthy of a big $$$ contract.

    I would NOT re-sign JJ, at least not to play LT...

    he's nothing more than a journeyman.



    I agree. The Bills would lose little to nothing with Price, as opposed to "Jennings ala Cart."

  16. Tom Donahoe deserves to get his A$$ fired mid-season!  I don't know if Modrak is a suitable replacement, but we may have to blow this team up and start over.  We need to get as many draft picks in the next 2-3 years as we can get.


    Of course we also need a front office that can actually FIND football players!





    I'm with you Promo. TD is a con man/loser. He is killing this franchise.

  17. You guys wanted/want Drew out!  TD likes to give the fans what they want!  Mike was the best suited person for the job!  Way to go mike, keep blowing those blocks!



    Selecting Mike Williams at #4 was one of the dumbest moves by a GM in recent football history. McKinnie was there, and he is kicking ass while MW eats.

    I dont blame Big Mike. He was already a fat football player.

    TD is a flat out loser.

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