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  1. Why do you only consider NFC teams as ones with "national exposure"? Why do you think Green Bay isn't a "small market" team? IMHO a team gets national exposure when they become a team who consistently win more than they lose, a team who logically are in play for a playoff spot year in and year out throughout the season regardless of their local market, Green Bay being a case in point.
  2. Actually I wasn't thinking about the Pats with that comment … I was thinking about the Bengals. As much as I hate to admit it over the last decade and a half the Pats were a legit good team … the Bengals on the other hand have made the playoffs numerous times with no real reason for them being there other than other teams in their division stunk up the field.
  3. I like this scenario, only catch is with a 16 team conference that would mean a 15 game season. I would like this because it would mean each game would be more important to making the playoffs. I would offset the regular season "lost game" by adding one team in each conference to the playoffs, only giving the #1 team a bye, which would add a game to the playoffs. While I was at it I would eliminate 2 preseason games and trade it for more practice time during training camp. This scenario eliminates the "false dynasties" of teams continually making the playoffs because they are in a weak division, and teams with a better record missing a playoff berth because a team in a weak division got in with an 8-8 record. Also with the Super Bowl becoming the best of the AFC vs the best of the NFC (without Interleague meetings throughout the season) may bring back some of the old AFL/NFL rivalries/loyalties of day of old.
  4. Back in the days I worked at Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale I had a buddy/co-worker named Mike Tolliver. He was a "smallish" guy maybe 175 - 180 pounds. One day we were on a business trip to DC and at a restaurant eating dinner, he reached across the table and I noticed a particularly blinged out watch, when I commented on it he said that's the watch they gave him for playing in some bowl game (I don't remember which one). I said that I never suspected he was a football player. As it turns out he was a decent WR out of Stanford. I asked him if he ever considered pro ball and he said as a matter of fact he was drafted by the Cowboys, but ended up as one of their final cuts, the next year he was invited to camp by the Bills, but decided football wasn't the life for him about halfway through camp, and gave it up. I asked what had turned him off of football and he laughed and said that he had played football his entire life and the guys in the locker room were his point of reference, he never realized he was small. Once he was cut from the Cowboys he came to Lockheed Martin to work as an intern for a year and his point of reference as to average body size got readjusted to us mere mortals. When he reported to the Bills his first thought was these guys are the biggest human beings on the face of the earth … a small guy like me could get killed so he chose a cushy life as a Lockheed Martin engineer. I asked if he had any regrets and he said he is satisfied with his decision about 98% of the time, but occasionally he'll be watching a game on TV and see somebody he played with/against and think DAMN I was a heck of a lot better than him … I wonder what could have been … but it passes. We both had a good laugh and ordered another beer.
  5. It would be akin to Atlanta fans calling themselves the Falcons Klan …. a certain demographic would be offended, a certain demographic would be embarrassed, a certain demographic would think it was "cool", and a certain demographic would think it's just juvenile and would rather be known just as "Falcon fans". All of those fans who say how much they love the Bills Mafia are not saying they love the "Bills Mafia", but they're saying how much they love the things the Bills fans do for charity, how passionate & supportive the fans are toward the team, or how vocal the fans are in support of the team or the area of WNY. It would be the same respect if we called ourselves the Bills posse, or unpaid Bills, or whatever.
  6. So let me get this straight … if I don't joke around on this board, it will affect the quality of play by the team? I hereby swear to never EVER post a light hearted post again ….. SUPERBOWL baby!!!!!!
  7. On the bright side …. the Bills haven't committed a penalty in months
  8. Because the magic Beane realized DK Metcalf's draft grade status was media generated hype generated purely from a selfie picture of a shirtless DK and a few general combine events … it had nothing to do with his skills on the football field.
  9. That is the "Nathan Peterman confidence rule" … it is designed to prevent the confidence of new QBs being crushed this early in the preseason.
  10. Kyle Williams is the best running back in the history of the team …. he scored a touchdown every time he ran the ball. He is also the best receiver in the history of the team …. he caught 100% of the passes thrown to him.
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