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  1. That is the "Nathan Peterman confidence rule" … it is designed to prevent the confidence of new QBs being crushed this early in the preseason.
  2. Kyle Williams is the best running back in the history of the team …. he scored a touchdown every time he ran the ball. He is also the best receiver in the history of the team …. he caught 100% of the passes thrown to him.
  3. But saying he favors one over the other is pure speculation on your part. He could be favoring the Bills and using the Rams as Leverage, or it could be the other way around. Everyone has their own list of priorities … what makes one spot better than the other is purely in the eye of the beholder. You say the Rams are a better team (and I agree) however the Bills are a rising team, so does one value trying to live up to expectations set by others before you, or do they value being part of the foundation of a team on the rise? Only he knows. You say the Rams have a more heralded coach, and that may be. Is one so "star struck" as to want to go to a team where the coach gets the buzz for being a genius, or would he rather go to a team with a low key coach that deflects the success to his players? Only he knows. As far as your desires to live in Flagstaff, I understand 100%. I left Buffalo chasing the almighty dollar, my career led me from California to here in Florida and I don't see me ever moving back. My reasons are the taxes and at 68 years old I just don't want to put up with the winter season but I have a brother and numerous friends that still live in WNY and wouldn't dream of moving. With all of that being said, IMHO if his motive is to create a bidding war, I predict the Rams may very well win. But not because LA is flashier than Buffalo, and not because the Rams are better than the Bills, not because their coach is more famous than ours, but it will because as much as we'd LIKE him on our team … we don't NEED him on our team. I'm not astute enough to know the level of need the Rams have on their O-line, but I do know the Bills have brought in a metric butt-ton of O-line help this off season and we draft high enough to get a prime lineman if we feel it's necessary. I'd guess Bean-o put a fair offer on the table and it's a "take it or not" kind of deal.
  4. Since Beasly's nickname is "sauce", and Brown's nickname is "smokey", they should pair up and market a BBQ sauce … Smokey Sauce …. I can see it now.
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