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  1. turftoe

    RT Ryan Schrader cut by ATL

    Ahh yes, I do recall that. A couple big comeback wins. I remember screaming my head off in the Broncos game when Nate Odomes blocked a field goal and Cornelius Bennett picked it up and returned it for a touchdown. What a team we had that year. Should have won it all!
  2. turftoe

    RT Ryan Schrader cut by ATL

    You are correct. A little embellishment never hurts a good story.
  3. turftoe

    RT Ryan Schrader cut by ATL

    If anyone here is old enough to have attended our first AFC championship game against the Raiders, it would be hard to have someone named Schrader on the team and not harken back to the good old days. Who here remembers the Ralph echoing with chants of "SCHROEDER! SCHROEDER! SCHROEDER!"? Inevitably Jay Schroeder would then throw a pick or fumble or get sacked. 53-3 baby!
  4. I think the Raiders have their eye on the 2020 draft which will have better QBs. I wouldn't be surprised if they trade something in this draft for another #1 next year. They would then have 3 2020 first rounders. They probably play Carr for 1 last year, unless someone gives them a good deal on a trade.
  5. How long will it be before Rosenhaus and Shady try to pull this crap? If Shady starts to have another bad numbers year? If the Bills draft a RB early?
  6. Polian > Butler > Beane > Nix > Whaley >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Marv Levy and Russ Brandon. Time will tell if Beane moves up the list.
  7. I'm not so sure that I trust Brandon Beane's ability to trade for a wide receiver. Kelvin Benjamin, Corey Coleman, Antonio Brown. I'm glad the wheels came off this trade.
  8. This is probably going to end badly. Lets recap our recent WR trades. Kelvin Benjamin for 3rd and 7th rounders. BUST! Corey Coleman 7th rounder and eating his salary last year. BUST! Antonio big chest Brown......I sure hope we didn't trade our first rounder for him.
  9. How many times was Irv Smith on the turf at the combine? Maybe Dabol puts in a good word but I'm not so sure he goes in the top 50.
  10. turftoe

    Report: Raiders shopping Derek Carr

    I went back and listened to Mayock talk about Rosen on the Dan Patrick show on the day of the draft. He had concerns about Rosen's durability and ability to escape and protect himself in the pocket. I don't think Oakland makes much of a push for Rosen. Maybe it will be the skins.
  11. turftoe

    Report: Raiders shopping Derek Carr

    Could be. Cardinals could ask for more than #15. They could save face a little if they get a top 10 pick after moving up to #10 last year. It will be interesting to see.