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  1. It's possible. This is a deep draft for WR so some teams may pass in round 1 thinking they can still get a quality WR on day 2.
  2. I think you are overvaluing Shenalt. Lamb and Jeudy will likely go in the top 10-20 picks, possibly in top 10. Shenalt is probably in the 15-25 range, along with Ruggs and Higgins. WR has a tendency to drop, especially in a deep WR class. I like Brandon Aiyuk from Arizona State after a trade down to late first or early second round.
  3. Makes sense to me. Most people think he is full of C-RAP
  4. Let another team overpay. Maybe we get a good comp pick in return.
  5. I could see Beane making some trades, possibly for 2021 picks. He could possibly get some comp picks for Lawson and Phillips to take away the sting.
  6. Even though we converted the 2 pt conversion, it was the wrong call to do it that early.
  7. No fire in Josh Allen's belly today. Every minute that the defense has been on the field, Allen has been sitting off by himself looking like he just wants the game to end.
  8. The NFL should move the trade deadline to week 12 or so. I think there would be more trades. I'm glad Beane didn't overpay like NE. A 2nd rounder for Sanu? Atlanta must be pleased with that.
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