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  1. He slapped the Bills in the face on his way out. He renegotiated his contract, took a $1M signing bonus then promptly retired. The Bills should have tried to get that money back. He totally negotiated in bad faith then went through that whole bunch of crap saying he was physically disabled blah blah blah. He crapped on the one team that took a chance on him. I don't wish him well with the Raiders.
  2. He is still backtracking on all the crap he said about Baker Mayfield. Hopefully Allen will also prove him wrong.
  3. I think some team's OL goes down during training camp and we trade at least 1 of these guys.
  4. Deebo Samuel went to USC not Clemson. That's almost an unpardonable sin in these parts.
  5. Yeah very elitist. There was a thread to sign up, I did, now I'm an elitist. I guess I shouldn't have signed up for such a terrible thing like a mock draft a few days before the draft. 😎
  6. I did the math. If you did this mock around the clock it gives about 20 minutes per pick. There is no way this will even come close at the going rate.
  7. How about a statue down on Chippewa St.
  8. That pick burned me. I live in Clemson country and the local sports radio personalities all seemed to know his shoulder needed surgery and all predicted he would fall out of the first round.
  9. I remember having a few choice words myself. Looking back, those were really bad days to be a Bills fan. Russ freaking Brandon was our GM!
  10. It was Dick Jauron who wanted him and Russ Brandon had no clue.
  11. He was juiced on the roids and shrunk after getting drafted. He had no speed to power as a rusher. The same thing worries me about Brian Burns in this draft.
  12. I guess I would pick Q Williams. Bosa isn't a realistic possibility. Williams could get to #4 and Oakland may want to trade down.
  13. Maybe a trade down? I don't see Jacobs going at #4. #9 and 2020 #1 for Q Williams if he gets past the NYJ. I think the Raiders are all in for the 2020 draft and would love to have 3 #1s.
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