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  1. Anthony Munoz was the left tackle that pretty much owned Bruce Smith.
  2. I read his age from the article from 2020. Your math skills are better than mine.
  3. He had injuries in Tennessee and didn’t finish quite a few games. He is 32. It is a legitimate concern. Saffold 2021 Saffold 2020
  4. If he can stay healthy. What do we do if he can't stay on the field?
  5. After watching the past two Super Bowls I was hoping the Bills would have invested a little bit more in the OL this off season. Give Josh Allen the time and he'll make the play. Mahomes and Burrow were pressured due to crappy OLs and it cost them both a championship. Just give Josh the time and he'll do the rest.
  6. If I remember correctly, it was Joel Bushbaum who described Henry that way in his Pro Football Weekly draft guide. Not sure if he was the first to use that term.
  7. Agree. We may criticize some of the moves but I wouldn’t trade him for any other GM. After watching the last 2 Super Bowls, I really wanted more draft investment in the OL. That said, I still love the big baller!
  8. I’m pretty sure he will poach the Bills scouting department.
  9. I would add New Orleans to that list. Doug Marrone will soon be undermining Dennis Allen, if he hasn’t started already.
  10. I agree that very few draft assets have been used lately for the OL. The last 2 Super Bowls are lessons in how a weak OL can doom you in the big game. There were some really good IOL on the board in round 3 when we picked. I felt the same way last year when we took Boogie when Creed Humphrey was sitting there. He went the next pick to KC, just like Parham and Rhyan went shortly after the pick. Mitch Morse is a little undersized and has injury concerns. Guard play is important. Kansas City rebuilt their OL last year and Cincy did the same this year. I don’t think our OL is any better. Beane misjudged Wyatt Teller’s talent and now says that he should have given him more time. He was in Buffalo only 1 year and the moved him since they drafted the great Cody Ford. Seems like Ford has had enough time to prove himself.
  11. I don't. It was for those who thought a fourth was too much.
  12. Trade chart said 40 points. Beane paid 52
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