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  1. I don’t know about that. I don’t trust the media either. As far as Abbas. His time is up and if they elect Hamas they’re idiots.
  2. Thanks for answering for me. I’ve always maintained I do not like politicians. They’re all corrupt. The fact still remains. Those that are in charge, on all sides, do not have any peace. Having said that the cease fire agreement said no Israelis will enter al aqsa. They broke that agreement quickly.
  3. Move the embassy to east Jerusalem and we’ll maintain the peace during your presidency. They don’t want peace. Never have.
  4. I don’t know man. Jordan controlled Palestine too. As well as many others. I guess my grandfather, who would have been 113 years old if he were alive today told me he has always been Palestinian. Lol. I guess he was just lying since you can’t find it on a map. BTW. It’s located within the PA territories.
  5. Hell I probably love this country more than most because I know what it feels like to be oppressed.
  6. As a son of a Palestinian immigrant I love this country. I will die for this country if any nation attacks it whether it be muslim or not. I love the culture, food, the sports, most of the people lol, music, entertainment, freedoms we enjoy, the ability to make a nice living. I believe in the American dream and every first generation American I know hold all of these values close to their heart. We came here for all of these things which we love and respect and we made an excellent living here. We work hard. We pay our taxes. We follow the laws for the most part. I would want to make sure we o
  7. I know the definition. I’m asking what it means to you. Wait. That almost got by me. I’m a liberal? Lmao. I didn’t know that. Man you have all the right answers. You know everything. I’m sorry for ever questioning you. Lol
  8. Well that’s a cop-out. I painted you in a corner you can’t get out of so you took the weasel’s way out.
  9. “It’s clear we value different things”. Yeah I once moved from Buffalo, NY to Miami, FL. It’s still the USA. I own lots of property in Palestine.
  10. What does assimilate mean to you?
  11. First off. Home is home. My father built our home and I’m not leaving it. Secondly there’s no way in hell anybody else is giving up their home for you nor would Palestinians accept that. You can offer up Beverly Hills and you’d get a resounding no to that. It is NOT about getting rid of Israel. If you actually pay attention it’s about getting rid of Palestine. Unbelievable how the one thing that is actually in the process of happening is totally ignored while you chase after the Easter bunny.
  12. It would be great if Israel simply followed international laws regarding occupation.
  13. How tf? If they can’t live there nobody can! Wtf are you talking about. So it’s ok live in that illegally built home because you’re Jewish??? How racist is that?
  14. You’re probably not gonna watch this so I’ll just fill you in on a small piece of this video. This Palestinian family built a home on their property without permits. Israel told them they’re not allowed to live in it. Their options were to allow it to be demolished or leave it empty. They chose to leave it empty. The Israelis then brought in a Jewish man to live in that condemned property. It’s a racist regime. Period.
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