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  1. I call that jock-face. Ryan Tannehill is also a sufferer. It’s similar to jock itch
  2. False that was Harry Anderson or some such character.
  3. He wants another crack at that Eagles fan who he tried to fight last year.
  4. I’d like to clear something up…one OBL he is saying “BroSleeve” constantly, right? That’s completely made up by him as far as I can tell. I call my son BroSleeve all the time…
  5. No need to spoil a young man with that degree of flexible utility, maybe a smart car or a Fiat is more appropriate. A punishment should not be glimpse of the privilege a young man my experience in their late thirties when they’re forced to own a minivan, such as a Honda Odyssey, touring, or a Toyota Sienna, limited.
  6. Thank you, this is what I saw too. Peed down his leg almost every time there was a chance to down a punt at the 1.
  7. I feel less bad for him now. Can go back to not liking him.
  8. Of all the “convert this guy to safety talk”, this is a guy who would be a good safety conversion as he ages….i think
  9. Weird to make a bunch of jokes about a dead person who clearly had mental health issues with the premise of “someone did a typo”.
  10. Another player, usually a cornerback who is deemed to be the best in the league based on a handful of games or something and is soon cast aside as not worth his salary. The list is loooooong.
  11. British TV presenter Johnnie Irwin died and the Bills played in London this past season.
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