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  1. I'm going with....No problem. Love Dane Jackson and I like Levi too. Wouldn't mind picking up EJ Gaines either, injury prone but a very good player when healthy
  2. Ford hasn't proven himself yet. I hope he improves his play this year and emerges... but so far even when healthy he's been average at best. I'd rather have Bates in there at guard. I don't know why bates doesn't get more PT.
  3. I hope we can resign DW....2 years at $15.7MM sounds like a great deal for us, but if we need to sweeten the deal a little say 3 years at $24MM I say do that as well.
  4. Need improvements in all categories of OL (run blocking especially), RB and TE. What about Ryan Bates getting more of an opportunity at guard? One of the main reasons we traded Wyatt Teller was Bates had an excellent camp and we were re-tooling. Give Bates more consistent PT, I think he could be a solid guard. Also, Yeldon should've seen more use all year. Watching him in the TEN game I thought for sure our coaches would use him more. I know he's not great in blitz pickup and I'm guessing that's why he wasn't used.....but he was our best RB for early down run plays. Has size, hits the whole really quick. Had a bit of a fumble issue when he first came to BUF in '19, but seemed to clean that up. He's also a very good pass-catching back.
  5. Yeldon was better than Singletary and Moss, in his limited action. So I'm not surprised he played well in the KC game. TJ also ran really well in the Tennessee game when Singletary struggled badly. I was disappointed when he didn't get a shot at starting RB from that TN showing. My guess is that they wanted Singletary in there more for his blocking, which was consistently good during the reg season.
  6. I don't think Davis should've been out there. McKenzie should've been more a part of the game plan for sure, he's a great player and deserves more looks, especially when Davis is as banged up as he was. I don't think it was the reason we lost but still I think it was one of the many poor decisions we made.
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