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  1. Call no penalties during the game. Tuesday morning, hand out suspensions for everything including holding, off sides, delay of game and grounding leading to lifetime bans. That's how the real world works. No more winning just because you get away with breaking the rules.
  2. I'm very worried about the run defense. Jerry Hughes gets no favors from the officials. Edmunds has trouble shedding blockers. Oliver is showing everyone why he dropped. Phillips and Lawson gone. Lorax retired. So it's a complete rebuild. Watch the game, and it's all mistakes. Penalities. Getting the play in. Lining up. And new people have to learn all that. If other teams run the ball all day, offense has less chances to score.
  3. That new stadium is insane. They can't be looking like 1950s service station attendants. A return to color. Bright green field, fireworks going off. Golden California sunsets. 70 degree night games in January. Also that style guide would be a dream to work with. Yellow as the primary, blue as the secondary. Most new styles start off with a "that's it?" As more elements build off of it with maturity the entire work turns out nice. Notice the logos and the shoulders match.
  4. Sure you win. So did Stalin. If it wasn't for Magic Johnson's tragic and shocking news, Jordan would have been just another millionaire in gym shorts. Let's not delude ourselves. Ships sail because of the weather.
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