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  1. 2 games ago: Crushing failure to tackle in a playoff OT loss. 1 game ago: Hurt themselves. This game: Out with an injury which could be treated with Tylenol. No cause for the pity party. I wish them success and hope they turn this disaster around. Foolish not to start scouting LBs. Please find a playmaker. On his age, they do not score points on a curve. Win now league, no projects. Outside of coach and QB, which are once in a decade opportunities, everyone else is a dime a dozen in the NFL. Don't crash the space launch because you went cheap on the o-rings.
  2. I didn't get paid millions and have been babied my life to play a kid's game. If you are 6'5", you're bigger than everyone your entire career, and coast on that. Then you get to the pros where you are nothing special and actually have to work. For millions of dollars, go to Balco and cook up enough novacaine and steroids to down an elephant. Shoot it up your injured WLB butt hurt 20 minutes before game time. I don't care I don't care I don't care. There are kids your age in Afghanistan who cross the Himalayas under machine gun fire for a dollar. GET ON THE FIELD. If you don't I'll find someone who will.
  3. AT Miami Wagner is about a half a foot shorter than Edmunds, and outplays him. Third year player and is falling flat. That playoff lost last year was devastating, and this is how he bounces back. Injured on a missed tackle Week 1, out Week 2. 😡 😡 😡 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have some self-respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡 😡 😡
  4. They're doing a great job of that themselves. Timid play, and now not even showing up. They traded Watkins and Dareus, right?
  5. That's the attitude I want from a MLB. The people who tape ankles won't let me play.
  6. So Bobby Wagner missed one game his entire career. I think it's safe to say the Bills have no Bobby Wagner in their starting lineup. Time to cut bait.
  7. I hate the Miami away game. Throw out the records and the roster. It's always a very brutal game.
  8. The NFL. This isn't middle school cheer.
  9. DeShaun Watson broke Milano's tackle in playoff OT. Edmunds has been weak all career and scares no one. He gave up the 3rd and 18 that same drive. Now they are both out Week 1 with a torn butt and a bruised shoulder and can't find it in themselves to go to work Week 2. They still take their million dollar salary. Good riddance. Who cares how tall you are, or how much you overachieve if you are bad on the field, loose and worst of all not even show up.
  10. Spoiled millionaires playing a child's game, paid for by bailed out owners, tell me I'm evil. I have to pay to see that. My neighborhood goes to murderous hell because arresting people for break-ins is racist. Ben Crump says 4 times the lethal dose of elephant tranquilizer is no big deal. He's welcome to take that amount, by the way. People who choose to live a life of crime die, the world burns, like they just exorcised some demon. All my fault. Got it. In my neighborhood, people can't sober up and leave their homes to supervise their kids, or earn money to pay bills. But if there's a fight, or a shooting, or a car wreck, you can't keep them away. That goes for everyone. Ever heard that story of the guy who worked abroad in the 1990s, and came back home today, and was shocked by the poverty he saw here in the USA? Nice world you are leaving behind.
  11. The game was brutal long before Jackie Robinson stepped up at bat, or Jesse Owens lined up at the starting line. Richard Sherman stares down Ty Cobb like he did Rex Ryan. To the people who know history, how do you think that's going to turn out? Do you really think race has anything to do with it whatsoever? Show an ounce of potential to play pro-bowl, you're spoiled. You have an agent before a driver's license, all paid by rich mean people, only rich today because of taxpayer bailouts. That's the absolute worse person to be commenting on this. Move next to an abandoned home that's broke into every night, then we can talk. I'm not telling you what to do, just so you know. When you chant "No justice, no peace", people more evil than you can ever imagine hear it, and it provokes them.
  12. ugh. Just what a QB or RB needs. Something different all the time.
  13. 2 back sets in the NFL. Yuck. Throw the ball, get a completion. For Smith, there's a trick to stay on-sides. Just clinch your fist differently for each snap count. You condition yourself with reinforced cues, and no one can tell. When you're exhausted and beat up bad, your IQ plummets. Pre-snap routine is important.
  14. Propped up celebrities by bailed out owners tell everyone what to do from palaces hundreds of miles away, making life worse for everyone. Burn down cities. OD in the street off elephant tranquilizer. Sure looks like you love this country to me Doc Rivers. Make a mistake. Punch or shoot your way out of it. Burn down cities. Only care about your own selfish needs. Ogres do that. I fault no one for driving the violent out of civilization and forcing cruel bullies to live under a bridge until they learn how to be a human.
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