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  1. Our defense is highly over rated. Need a ton of LBs and a DE that can actually pass rush. Times like this I wish we had Bruce.
  2. The math still works out to be in the 80-90 yard range. It’s impressive. Allen should just do a throw off with Mahomes.
  3. Not trying to be an as* , just wanted to get correct information. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. How could Young throw for 598? The record is just over 550.
  5. 500 is such a hard accomplishment, only 18 QBs have ever done it.
  6. 48- 21. Allen’s best game of his career with 5 TDs and 400 yards passing.
  7. So much talk about crowning. Just show me the baby.
  8. It’s not a bills game unless someone is passed out in the piss trough.
  9. Even 19-0 isn’t enough. I want to see 63-0 scores all season, pure domination. There is always something you can improve, never settle.
  10. If you aren’t winning, you are a loser. The goal is to bring home a Lombardi. Anything short of that is a disappointment. 19-0 is the ultimate goal.
  11. Wouldn’t be anything new. But show me someone happy with a silver or a bronze, and I will show you a 1st and 2nd place loser.
  12. Anything short of a SB win is a disappointing season.
  13. One thing, I which the Pegula’s would update their website and at least post some more investor relations information.
  14. I hope so, would be a nice return. If I didn’t think NG wouldn’t be around, I wouldn’t invest. $2.4 , I think it gets to $3 in January.
  15. I heard he gets paid at a rate of $50 per clap.
  16. It’s so Billsy that this year is probably the best year talent wise since the 90s and the season might be handicapped. So excited this year for the team. Play action is going to be so fun. Can’t wait.
  17. Would be fun if the NFL had another Sanders. That dude was one of the funnest players to watch. Straight up filth.
  18. I think Pegula can make 3 to 5x by the time he sells off the company again. I don’t want to be in long term (more than 6 years) . I have a fairly large position. 8k shares.
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