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  1. I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg.
  2. He will make the team. I’m convinced his raw talent will translate and he’s had enough years to learn the game.
  3. Lol I do the gas thing all the time. I either stop it at .50 or .00 . If it goes past I feel weird and must go to the next mark. One time I kept missing it and fuel poured out lol.
  4. Sucks that Darius Stills signed with LV. Wonder if we will sign a DL with the last remaining slots.
  5. 30% according to this link. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2019/09/undrafted-2/
  6. Where is our big DL guy to push Star?
  7. Darn it Marvin Wilson to CLE Shakur Brown to PIT Pooka to CIN
  8. but then they would have to deal with Allen’s fastball!
  9. Seriously though, who tf would want to try and tackle this? The closing speed on the silverback is just incredible, just train it to go after Brady lol Beasley is good, but I mean come on, just look at that route running.
  10. So much raw power. Wonder what the RAS is.
  11. Definitely blood on the field. Terry’s not going to like the new turf costs every week.
  12. Again, the grounds crew is just going to hate the idea. 0/10 would not recommend.
  13. Bengals have tried that no longer than an hour ago.
  14. Unsportsmanlike conduct, taunting. I’m sure the ground crew would hate it after a TD celebration. I think the NFLPA is currently in negotiations.
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