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  1. I doubt it happens, but if we did land Khalil, I will take the whole week off.
  2. Who do the Saints have that would help us out?
  3. Agreed, which is why I voted for Barkley. I honestly think he could be had.
  4. Id be ok with a Scherff Gibson package. We trade Mitch and Singletary for Scherff and Gibson. Make it so.
  5. Because we are missing something those 90s teams had. An elite RB. People think Singletary and Moss are the answer, and they aren’t.
  6. Just win a super bowl, make trades if we have to. No more excuses.
  7. Because our franchise has never won a super bowl. We are tired of waiting. Just win. I don’t care how we win, just win. If that means making trades, so be it. No more excuses.
  8. Then blame Beane, he hasn’t built a good enough roster to win a super bowl. He needs to trim the fat then in order to make these moves.
  9. Everyone has a price. The problem is Beane isn’t willing to make big boy deals. That’s his problem. In order to hit the next level, you have to be willing to go out on a limb. He’s afraid because he doesn’t want to whiff and be put in a predicament. Our team just doesn’t have enough to talent to beat a team like TB or the rams because of the line battles. We need to trade for a OG and a RB that is better than what we have. The RBs available in the draft this year or in FA are not good enough.
  10. LOL tell that to the rams with Von Miller. Good teams find a way to get better. No more excuses.
  11. That would be Barkley. Our team is much much further along than the Merriman piece. We just need another guard and a star RB.
  12. So my answer is to go get Scherff and Barkley. Getting those two would get us a super bowl. I’m 100% confident about that. We can worry about the money problems later, just get us the super bowl monkey off our backs.
  13. The fact that Singletary and Moss are leading the polls is precisely why the Bills are never going to win a super bowl. It’s time to think big guys, we have the pieces, but we need stronger pieces to get us over the hump. We need to trade for Scherff and Barkley.
  14. I hate it. Our franchise hasn’t done crap in it’s entire existence. We are ready right now, and I hope we pull the trigger. If we don’t do anything, I’m not entirely sure we have enough to beat teams like TB or the Rams. Their D lines will abuse us. Players like Scherff and Barkley would help counter those defenses.
  15. I like Beane, I think he has done a relatively good job. But I’m a firm believer that to in order to take the next step and win the super bowl, you need to make a trade or a big FA acquisition to put you over the top. We are ready for that big boy move. Kelly had Thurman, and I think Allen needs his Thurman and a Guard. We have enough talent on defense to win with how good our offense plays. It’s time to go get Scherff and Barkley.
  16. Why can’t we make big boy moves like this? I really hope Beane does something, because he needs to make a move. His build through the draft has been good, but he’s missed on a few picks as well. The Rams have built a very good team. I hope we make a splash before the deadline.
  17. We can get this in the draft this year. There are no good RBs this year in the draft or FA.
  18. It’s bs though. Our OC should be on the hot seat because of it. Allen is being paid top money and being a battery ram is a terrible ROI plan. No more unnecessary Allen runs, this is precisely why we need to go after a Barkley.
  19. Well at some point they have to pull the trigger to put us over the top. How much longer until we win a super bowl? This year, next year? When? At some point you have to make that one aggressive move to get another star player that puts us over the hump. The time is now.
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