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  1. If it’s shown that he has any damage to his UCL, yes. He would be out 4 weeks and back for the playoffs. If we make the playoffs let him play, if we don’t, pack it in. I want Allen around for many years to come. This is Beanes fault for not protecting Allen.
  2. I’d much rather write this year off and get him the protection and weapons he deserves. No more battering ram Allen. I want him around for another 10 years.
  3. Shut him down until he’s healthy. We can’t afford anymore damage to his elbow and potentially risk Tommy John and jeopardize his career. This year doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Saturday in the stadium, I thought it was the 4th of November.
  5. With a name like that, he might want to try college football.
  6. Lol I see Davis has learned a lot at McD U . That was horrendous technique, wtf is he doing?
  7. Which is why I can’t understand why we don’t put Shakir in the slot. Nothing can be worse than what McKenzie has been doing.
  8. We gotta try something different, because Dirty and Davis have been a flat out embarrassment thus far.
  9. Well the 4th Reich was better than the 3rd Reich for sure.
  10. Like mind blowingly bad. Imagine having a top 2 elite QB and Diggs to draw double teams and yet you fail to average 50 yards a game. It’s disturbing.
  11. Saffold folds like a scaffold and Qberry is knock off captain crunch cereal.
  12. Doctor means nothing nowadays. Some doctors are terrible at their jobs. Overbook, don’t diagnose properly (failure to catch like Gabe Davis), rarely any investigative work or patient reach out, out of office for large chunks of time, never available on weekends, and sometimes I don’t even think they are even doing proper checkups and going through the motions.
  13. We don’t know what Allen is telling the team. Allen is a tough SOB and like Favre, is a danger to himself sometimes. Allen is never going to tell you he got his bell rung. He will just say things like I had an off day.
  14. This isn’t Jags bad game esque. This is something isn’t right with Allen bad game. Decisions I’ve never seen him make. Processor speed was slower than normal, and just looked like he was playing in fog. Couldn’t see things and diagnose things like is typical.
  15. Classic bell rung behavior. You don’t just do the classic skin crawl shake for nothing.
  16. Concussions are strange. They don’t always manifest in perfect symptoms or operate in continuous negative outcomes. Could be doing inconspicuous things one moment and egregious the next.
  17. For me it’s obvious. Especially watching him shake his head like a dog does when something feels off to them. It’s pretty normal behavior for someone with lingering head trauma.
  18. Josh is going to say whatever Josh wants to say. It’s clear to anyone that Josh has not been right since the halftime at the Packers game. Something happened and he was shaking out cob webs yesterday. He has major brain fog going on.
  19. This is why I think a concussion is a legitimate theory. I’ve never seen him throw such outrageous ints before.
  20. I think it was after the fumble. But I have the games recorded and will go back in look tonight.
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