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  1. So if Eddie is a NT, does that make him a Vanderdoesnt?
  2. Apparently Tebow has enough social currency to convince some team’s management to give him a shot. I can’t fault anyone from doing anything they can to be employed. I mean we had a special TE here that had enough social currency to keep him around lol
  3. Which is fine, you are entitled to your opinion regardless how any of us feel about it. You can be mad, I’m not going to stop you. All I’m saying is there is nothing we can do about it. We can be mad all we want. It isn’t our team. We are merely spectators, and all we can do is boycott. I personally have no qualms towards Tebow.
  4. It doesn’t matter what Tebow’s objectives are. How can you fault a person who is trying to play, whether you think it’s legitimate or not is irrelevant. It isn’t your team, it isn’t your league. Pegula could hire Barney the dinosaur as our LT, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone here could do about other than not to be financially engaged with the product.
  5. Lol at people getting mad at a 3rd or 4th string TE. It doesn’t matter if he’s earned the shot or not, that discretion solely comes from management not you. If this makes you so mad, stop supporting the NFL or form your own team.
  6. Hey now, you're an all star Get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star Get the show on, get paid All that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold.
  7. Well you could get a burger with the bacon on the side, after looking at the price of the side of just bacon and comparing it to the difference in the cheeseburger vs. the bacon cheeseburger.
  8. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
  9. How much do I need to donate to get the Kraft special? Or is that included in the works lol
  10. I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg.
  11. He will make the team. I’m convinced his raw talent will translate and he’s had enough years to learn the game.
  12. Lol I do the gas thing all the time. I either stop it at .50 or .00 . If it goes past I feel weird and must go to the next mark. One time I kept missing it and fuel poured out lol.
  13. Sucks that Darius Stills signed with LV. Wonder if we will sign a DL with the last remaining slots.
  14. 30% according to this link. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2019/09/undrafted-2/
  15. Where is our big DL guy to push Star?
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