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  1. Ok then keep Moss and trade Singletary. I don’t understand why people are sleeping on Wade, he is fantastic in space and can rip major yards. Which is something we have been lacking for a few years now. Wade is a better runner than anyone of this team with maybe the exception of Breida now.
  2. It’s possible. But he could also spend another year on PS. I honestly would trade Moss, but that’s just me.
  3. While Wade has a great story, that literally has nothing to do with why I believe in Wade’s ability. I truly see Wade’s amazing running abilities and with enough learning he will be able to use blockers more effectively. If you pull up Moss’s highlights vs Wade’s highlights, you will begin to understand why people want him to make the 53 man roster.
  4. I didn’t real realize he had another year. What if he absolutely blows up preseason again? What would it take for you to believe he is worth a spot over Moss or Singletary? Would you be open to trading Moss or Singletary? Maybe I’m the only one that sees it, but I think Wade is a better runner than Singletary or Moss. The Bills must have some plan for Wade, they must see that he is such a fantastic runner who can rip off major chunks of yardage. Why would they continuously place him on the PS if they didn’t think he had some viable path for the future? I fail to see what Moss provide
  5. I really really hope we have plans for Wade, if not, I would like to see him released. He will play on some NFL team, I’m confident about it. Some NFL coach will see his value like I do in open space. I would be setting up screens, sweeps, and just let him do what he does best.
  6. I would not be opposed to trading Singletary or Moss to make room for Wade. Wade is just a better more fluid runner than they are. The only reason why Singletary or Moss is ahead of Wade right now is because they have played the game their entire lives and know everything there is to being a running back.
  7. It’s not a talent issue keeping Wade off the 53 man roster. It’s an understanding of everything that comes with the game of football. I think he has had enough time to learn most of the nuisances to land himself a spot. Wade is by far the most interesting player for me going into the pre season. He was robbed last year of valuable game experience, this year he will be able to shine. He may be 4 RB, but he would get some carries during the year. I would give him opportunities on first downs in some situations where he could rip off huge yardage where Singletary can’t.
  8. I think this is the depth chart going into this season. Singletary Moss Breida Wade I personally think Taiwan is replaceable on special teams.
  9. We say that now, but I’m willing to bet people change there minds after another off season where he actually gets to play in games this year. I understand that Taiwan Jones is a special teamer, but that’s literally all he does. It’s a waste of a roster spot. If Christian Wade has truly worked on being a better blocker, understanding assignments, then he should make the roster this year. He has incredible instincts that we are lacking on this team. Wade finds the end zone.
  10. I know I’ve already said it, but I want this to have its own thread. People can discuss Wade here, because I bet there will be ton of action to discuss as he lights up the pre season.
  11. I’m calling it right now. Christian Wade will make the 53 man roster this year. At this point I don’t think his absence from the final roster has been due to a lack of athletic ability at the running back position, but more so because of the lack of the technical nuances that comes with the complete understanding of the game. I feel the last year and this offseason will be what puts Wade over the hump to grab a spot on this team. We will see it this pre season, I’m pretty confident his abilities will flash again and more people will be asking is he ready to take a spot.
  12. I’ve been high on Rousseau from the beginning. I’m also expecting good things from Christian Wade. I will be shocked if Wade doesn’t make the final roster.
  13. But why though? His mother is a healthcare worker and he probably felt this was his way to help alleviate a global problem seeming how I’m sure his mother dealt with the agony and pain head on. I can’t fault people for trying to help reduce the spread of a serious illness.
  14. I like Rousseau and think he has a lot of talent. With that said, I can understand where some people might have trust issues with Beane. There is no doubt Beane and company can evaluate QBs, CBs, WRs, OLs, K, and maybe a few others. But the jury is still out on RBs, DEs, and DTs. We have gone through drafts and FAs, and it’s still a weak point on our team. Overall I trust Beane and McD, so I hope they can hit on those positions as well.
  15. So if Eddie is a NT, does that make him a Vanderdoesnt?
  16. Apparently Tebow has enough social currency to convince some team’s management to give him a shot. I can’t fault anyone from doing anything they can to be employed. I mean we had a special TE here that had enough social currency to keep him around lol
  17. Which is fine, you are entitled to your opinion regardless how any of us feel about it. You can be mad, I’m not going to stop you. All I’m saying is there is nothing we can do about it. We can be mad all we want. It isn’t our team. We are merely spectators, and all we can do is boycott. I personally have no qualms towards Tebow.
  18. It doesn’t matter what Tebow’s objectives are. How can you fault a person who is trying to play, whether you think it’s legitimate or not is irrelevant. It isn’t your team, it isn’t your league. Pegula could hire Barney the dinosaur as our LT, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone here could do about other than not to be financially engaged with the product.
  19. Lol at people getting mad at a 3rd or 4th string TE. It doesn’t matter if he’s earned the shot or not, that discretion solely comes from management not you. If this makes you so mad, stop supporting the NFL or form your own team.
  20. Hey now, you're an all star Get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star Get the show on, get paid All that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold.
  21. Well you could get a burger with the bacon on the side, after looking at the price of the side of just bacon and comparing it to the difference in the cheeseburger vs. the bacon cheeseburger.
  22. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
  23. How much do I need to donate to get the Kraft special? Or is that included in the works lol
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