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  1. Agreed, which is why I choose him. He always remains competitive regardless of who’s on his team. It’s mostly his fault his team sucks with his GM mistakes, but that doesn’t mean he is a bad coach. He’s a great coach with to much organizational power.
  2. That’s fine, I kind of left him out because he has Mahomes and there is a 0% chance we ever get the chance to have the walrus coach us as he isn’t leaving Mahomes of KC anytime soon. All the other coaches would leave to be with Allen if they had the chance at some point.
  3. Honestly, I believe Allen is at the level right now to where it wouldn’t matter if we took a step down from McD with a bad risk. Allen is that good. What we need though is a better coach to put us over the hump. Because good coaches don’t put their QBs in position to make those bad decisions. Look at Bill, how many times have we said over and over than Brady will pick us apart because of Bills scheme. Great coaches know how to scheme away mistakes.
  4. No excuses. The Vikings Team is 8-1 with AverageJoeCousins and a rookie DB that was drafted later than Elam. We are underperforming.
  5. The Buck stops with McD. It’s his team, his coaches, and his roster. We are 6-3 with Josh freaking Allen. That’s a travesty of underperformance.
  6. If Shanny is our coach with our current roster, we are likely undefeated. Our roster talent is underperforming where their record is at. No doubt about it. Who has a better record. BB with our roster and JA or McD with our roster and JA?
  7. He is definitely in the top, and 49ers would likely be the next Pats dynasty. I think Payton is better than McD and we would likely have a great chance at multiple Super Bowls while we are in the window. Wrong, Allen plus Bill vs Allen + McD would have a better record and better chance at a super bowl. No question. I can think of at least 5 coaches I’d rather have than McD and one of those is actually available and we should be perusing.
  8. He hasn’t had a good QB since Brady. If you put Allen or Mahomes on the Pats, there in no question that they are top leaders in the AFC.
  9. I think he would come to Buffalo in a heart beat, what coach right now wouldn’t given that they know what Josh Allen currently is. Before, I think we had to settle for McD, but now, there is no doubt in my mind that we would be able to get any available coach of our choosing. I would be ok with Beane staying if he wanted to, but given that him and McD are seemingly attached, I don’t know if he would want to stay. Sadly knowing the Pegula’s we wouldn’t have the heart to move on and will likely ride Josh and miss out on the window. I agree, Bill has nobody to blame but himself in that department, but that doesn’t mean that Bill is a bad coach. He’s very much a great coach, just sucks at talent evaluation.
  10. He has had garbage QBs to work with since Brady left and has managed to put up halfway decent seasons in the process. The hoodie with Allen without a doubt would be another Brady dynasty. The awesome thing is, that Payton is available. Would you be against firing McD if we fail this year at a SB while we are still within the window and hire Payton?
  11. Scary to think about isn’t it? Just goes to show you how underwhelming McD is.
  12. The beauty of it is that Payton is out there to be had. If we end up missing the playoffs or making it and losing out early, would you consider making a push for Payton? Sorry, for the terms of this poll, McDermott is the coach I’m referring to.
  13. That isn’t the point of this exercise. The point is, who do you think would do better with Allen. I want to see what people think of McD with Allen. Basically is McD wasting Allens talents, because I firmly believe that Allen likely wins a SB with Shanny’s team, McVay’s team. I’m not convince McD knows how to get it done when I feel like we are underperforming.
  14. Who is to say the Hoodie wouldn’t design plays to keep that in check. The hoodie knows how to coach with the tools he has. He just isn’t a good talent evaluator.
  15. Would Allen fair better with another coach and team? Do you think McD has maximized Allen or in a way holding him back. I would like to hear your feedback.
  16. I can’t imagine what a coach like McV, Shanny, Hoodie, Harbaugh with Allen would be like, they would be darn near unstoppable. The Titans with Allen and Henry likely don’t lose a game.
  17. The hoodie would have already won a SB with Allen, no questions about it.
  18. Just send him to club med where he can watch us in comfort on his teevee.
  19. Why would you want to get exposed against the best WR? LOL soft man takes an exit so he doesn’t have to play against good talent while we have players busting their nuts out there while not being 100%. No excuses, White is officially soft. Godwin? So many people play post ACL.
  20. Imagine having team members playing with broken ribs, collapsed lungs, hurt UCL, and other ailments and you don’t play while being medically cleared? That’s soft. Media won’t ask hard questions which is ridiculous.
  21. Even if he is 85%, he should be out there. Allen isn’t 100% and he makes more money than Tre. Poyer plays with broken ribs and drives across the country on a collapsed lung. Some players just have more dawg in them. White isn’t one of those players.
  22. That’s totally different and everyone knows that. There are multiple athletes playing after ACL surgeries. Look at Godwin.
  23. Allen and Poyer do it all the time. People played their guts out for this team and broken ribs. Allen is a multimillion dollar athlete, do you think he cares if he rips his elbow apart? Clearly not, he’s king dawg while White is a Chihuahua.
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