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  1. I love what you wrote about Fitz, and I agree. Of all the terrible / play-not-to-lose QB play I've seen from the Bills over the past two decades, what I've seen from Allen thus far this season is that he's going to elevate this team.
  2. My dad hates the NFL. The only time he'll watch it is when I'm back in WNY for a visit, and staying through Monday if it's a Sunday game. Even my dad watched Tyrod, silently, for like 3 hours, and finally towards the end of the game against the Chiefs, he asked what was wrong with the QB.
  3. That would be superb; nor due I live in the Superdome circa 2013. But I like your spirit!
  4. I wouldn't say that I was overjoyed with Tyrod when he played here, but in comparison to most of the QBs who I've seen here play since 1974, or I guess more specifically since 2000, he was stable enough so that the team could acquire other pieces. I wish the guy the best, and I think that any rational Bills' fan knew that Tyrod was just keeping the seat warm, in particular after a coaching/FO change, until a new QB was drafted.
  5. I admit that I didn't see the whole game. I saw most of the first half, and the very end, due to an electrical issue at the house that I needed to diagnose (turns out that it was a tripped GFI ,but still... had to check everything in an old house like ours), but Allen looks really good. I'm glad that he didn't have to run and run and run, and more importantly I'm glad that he didn't cough it up.
  6. Groin


    I don't feel this way about the Bills this year, or really since 2017, but...
  7. Technically, if in incognito mode, you can read the series for free. That was my observation, at least, and not sure if this was by design or a mistake on their part.
  8. I'm actually thrilled that we get to witness a replay of this cautionary tale... in real time.
  9. Rivers will do what Rivers does: all the trash talking, "motivating" his teammates, putting on a smoke show, then losing. Fair enough, but Gronk for 11 yards?! That seems like it shouldn't be happening.
  10. I enjoyed this writeup, as (almost) always. Welcome back, @Shaw66!
  11. The whole situation in TB reminds me of the 2000 Redskins nee WFT season. Arians is a really good coach, but you can't un-spill certain situations. Given that it's Brady and Gronk, they'll win some games, but I would be shocked if TB is in it -- in late December.
  12. Eric Clapton wrote a song about what's likely to become of TB this season; I'm sure of it.
  13. True, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Rosen came a year ahead of KK. While I think that teams like WFT and NYJ will draft QBs very frequently, KK had the say to do what he wanted, and he did (Rosen, obviously, is awful).
  14. Yes, I agree with your take as well, and is also why I do not agree with the 300-yard benchmark that many a Bills' fan has set.
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