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  1. The Bills weren't good enough to score. There, I said it. Enjoy the offseason. I've often wondered if you like the Bills at all. Just saying.
  2. Well, since I've been watching the Bills since the 1970s, I knew that the Bills were going to stand a chance against Houston. The team was too good in that phase of its championship life. Any way you slice it, this team was going to lose, so was it the actual outcome, or would the Bills lose 52-9? Take your pick, because this woeful offense would've most certainly kept KC on the field had they gone for it. You most certainly can't deny it. Again, go for it with what? A team who can't run? A team where you might not be able to convert XPs? A team where the QB, who's been
  3. Be honest for a change. Did you think that the O was going to score a TD at halftime? KC literally curb stomped our team going into the break.
  4. Yes, but the O and the D needed to be simpatico to make this work. And they weren't. The O needed to maximize its possessions in the first half, and they didn't, and that's really end of story. KC has an exceptional team, and I can't think of what the D could've done, short of neutralizing Kelce, to keep this game close. I've been watching the Bills since the 1970s, and I knew that the Bills were dead at halftime. And I say this also as one who watched the comeback game, and who knew that the Bills were gonna win that one. This squad was dead at halftime, because they couldn't
  5. Dude, seriously. Would you trust the O to get the job done? This was not the game I was watching. As I said last week, I'm surprised that KC didn't drop 50 or so on us.
  6. But I wasn't talking about D, was I? This was going to be a track meet, and the Bills could not hang on O. End of story.
  7. The game where JA was so hyper that he was overthrowing receivers, getting hit, RBs could not catch simple passes, the game where the Bills could not run, that game?
  8. McD went conservative because O was crapping the bed. Make no mistake about that.
  9. Well... Honestly, man, Bledsoe was on a team who surged, and was competitive in a SB, and later pulled the team out of the fire to get to the SB in the 2001-2 season. Until his injury, his numbers were decent in that era of football. But at the end of the day my comparison is apt. The Rams essentially bet the farm on Stafford, and we've all seen this here before (twice: first with Robosack and then with Bledsoe). For their sake I hope that they can win a SB with Stafford, but time will tell. Personally, I feel like giving up first rounders (for an old QB) is a horri
  10. Bledsoe, oh, and the picks given up could be much, much worse.
  11. Good luck to the Rams. This seems like a 2002 Billsy move.
  12. I feel bad for the new HC, who believes that Watson will be on the roster next season.
  13. Sure, but it's really the same deal. Participation from marquis players, iirc, really tailed off in the PB after Edward's injury. Let's say that Josh Allen plays in a meaningless game and tears his labrum. Do we want that? I think/hope not.
  14. So, I think that the Pro Bowl, for example, has lost its luster because of that gruesome injury to Robert Edwards 20 or so years ago. Why would a player risk their health and ability to make bank to play a game for nothing specific? The Pro Bowl is no longer anything specific, and the best players routinely don't play, as I would think a bronze cup type of game would be. Not harshing on you, OP, for your POV, but with the Pro Bowl being essentially marginalized, I don't know how a B-grade "championship" would cut through the indifference.
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