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  1. I think our run defense is our Pass Offense. And our defense is kept rested to motivate the opponent into gotta keep up no time for running. Let's our defense feast in takeaways or just stonewalling their pass offense. I see our offense make defense easier and our defense makes our offense easier due to Bills being able to use any play because we have a qb who can read defenses and knows what will be a good counter play. I expect them to bring home the Lombardi, if they fall short at any step I know the game is gonna be a great football game that will be entertaining to all fans that tune in, so it would just delay the SB victory. And just means watching some great football for however long JA17 decides to play football for. He is a franchise QB, and I think he is Bill he entire career, and ushers in a new era of future gold jacket wearing Bills.
  2. Yea poetic justice would be Chiefs take a late lead then pin the Bills deep on ensuing kickoff. Josh steps into a safe pocket as our WRs converge to different points of EZ Josh launches a 100+ yd Hail Mary to Gabe Davis to win as time expires. After the game the weekly sign could just read Just Win, Baby! Held up by Allen on one side Davis on the other -- modifying history to be more favorable to the Bills.
  3. That's all well and good but I'd rather have players focusing on the goal not trying to hype what is readily apparent to Bills fans, and a growing number of "expert" analysts who had recently been skeptical that Allen could develop better accuracy. Post AFC East clinching lockerroom speech the message from Coach was "Stay humble and hungry." Nothing remotely humble in his LAMP. I don't need a spotlight aimed at Allen to see what he's capable of. Specifically, I mean Josh Allen is converting his previous doubters into BILLievers in the only way I think Bills Mafia deserves the narrative to be changed. By going out there and getting the job done, not speculating on what really has no bearing on finishing this season on the terms they set for themselves. Accolades are starting to pile up for Allen and the Bills and they are earned. I have no doubts about Allen leading this team to the AFCCG. I personally want it to be against KC with Mahomes playing well. Winning over a team playing its best is the way you shatter existing bias and earn respect. I expect this years team to turn the tables on KC, and I'm talking about when the Chiefs upset the favored Bills to play against GB in SB I. Long past time to avenge that loss and start writing a new chapter of history for our cherished team.
  4. Well if we meet NE in playoffs it will be at Foxboro and the stakes will be for more than AFCE title. I'd much rather that be when a the team takes it up a notch playcalling and execution both offense/defense.
  5. And I would rather punch the Pats in a more meaningful game. The AFCE title would be nice but I doubt its a serious goal that would warrant all out physical defense that puts some nagging bruises on our playmakers. And if Josh is improving on his touch in practice why show it when a win doesn't really matter in the big view. Instead, I'd rather they show he is still hit or miss on those plays and lull the Pats into reaffirming they are too good on defense for the upstart Bills. Recall in the hoopla before the first Giant/NE SB when Giants were predicting they'd hold the Pats to under a low number and Brady scoffed it off arrogantly as a impossibilty. I'm sure that still gnaws at him. I wouldn't put it past BB and Brady of putting on a show of diminished play by Brady as bait to teams that can offer a threat to beat the Pats. They certainly arrogantly could not fathom losing both the Bills and the Dolphins. They certainly didn't look as bad as they have looked recently. This is due to either the Pats playing possum offensively so they see the best defense of the teams that could threaten them in a game where loser is eliminated. Gives them the info to gameplan for the post season rematch which is for the real goal. BB has always played chess versus the coaches who are playing checkers. Somehow I get the feeling the process is more inclined to value gaining the extra experience that playing extra playoff games as a WC team benefits the young teams growth. I think they are deliberately teaching our players how to turn it on/off. If we meet NE in the playoffs I'd much rather they underestimate us and chalk up the closeness of our 2 losses were just a few flukey plays and not any real threat to their vaunted defense. Let us throw the knockout punch on the Pats in the playoffs where the knockout offers a better payoff than a possible division title. I can live with one less division banner hanging wherever they hang them.
  6. I'm hoping Christian Wade has learned what he needs to from Gore this year like DS has. If so he's already learning our playbook and getting valuable reps with the team so way ahead of any rookie they could draft.
  7. I'm thinking this might be a game of two equally talented teams. We'll see them trade punches. I'm meaning figuratively not literarily as I think both teams are sparked by the respective sophmore QBs that were labelled as the true 1st round talents. The fact that both are surprisingly showing measurable growth as NFL Qbs. I'm thinking we may get a deja vu game ala the no punt game against san fran wasn't it? We all know Josh and Jim spent some time going over film of glory bills days. I fully expect to see a good game between 2 equally talented teams. Then again, I don't the culture of the Ravens but I do know the Bills culture and know it's one that has our guys playing as a TEAM and with enough talent and intelligence on both offense and defense to make you pay if you underestimate them. I do not see the Ravens overwhelming our defense, but I won't count out that I expect them to be a bit surprised by Josh's play. I'm expecting to see a bit more in solid qb play and one or two "how did he manage to avoid getting sacked before he launched that amazing throw." Followed by a "well they have to respect his arm so that leaves it wide open for him to scramble for a xx yd td." Oh and this team has shown it can take a first punch and then bob and weave while getting in good jabs until they see the KO opening. It's just that we are capable of delivering the KO play on both offense or defense. We do have some potential star game-altering ST players but they haven't yet unequivocally and maybe unexpectedly pulled off the figurative nail in the coffin to seal a Bills win. I would like to see that growth in this last stretch of games. That could propel them into the playoffs on a proverbial hot streak that just smokes everything in its path. And our team just happens to have that smoke and if we grill up some raven we got the sauce as well. Buffalo Bills Quest = Raven BBQ. Yep I'm expecting a very entertaining well played game both sides making some plays I just think the Bills will make more eye-opening/jaw dropping plays that will be fun to watch by fans tuning in after seeing Josh play on Thankgiving. Given there is the potential of an unexpected AFCE division winner for the first time since 2008.... yea that would make the Bills/Pats game must see for any football fan -- plenty of fans would love to see Brady crushed and kicked to the curb. Yeah, he has almost every qb record known to man. He arrogantly challenged father time believing he would win as easily as he has won in the nfl. Unfortunately tommy father time laughs at a thrown penalty flag and is unhampered as he sucks away your youthful vitality leaving you a bitter old pruned up shell. So win that the Bills should wear a commemorative 50th season sabres patch with light sabres in blue and gold as the crossed sabres. That will kill the death star grip of New England and every team not NE will be freed from their tyranny. Yea I'm expecting an entertaining game.
  8. Yea I love it that he's not playing well enough this year to be a legitimate selection. And love that he won't dictate terms vs father time.
  9. This! And it gave me the idea of a adding to the TD song. I love the SHOUT song as most Bills fans do, but i'm gonna add 'Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive, as it seems like the 90's Bills have found a worthy young team to get break the Lombardi drought. They already defeated all the SB teams the 90's lost to. Only fitting they dominated Dallas in their stadium on what they consider their football day, as they beat Bills twice. Back in the day JK's Bills lifted the old Miami curse, which started the glory years. I see this young team having the talent and the team unity that can have them take this step and end another draught that has weighed heavily on this team. Any Buffalonian can attest to having slipped and fallen at some point in their Buffalo winter lives, and we all still get back up brush the snow/ice off and get back to what needs to be done. Taking care of business..
  10. Don't forget we have Christian Wade who's been with the team all this year already learning the american game. And he"s been learning from a future HOFer Gore. It will be interesting to learn how well he can play next preseason. He'll have an edge on any college rookies drafted if his rugby skills translate well over the course of the year with the Bills, added bonus he already knows our playbook and our culture.
  11. I agree with this surmise as its the perfect way to get the team to the point where they can run any play they want and make the other team responsible for stopping them. Currently our guys don't have the basic plays they want fully mastered, only way you master them is by practicing them. In the midst of a live meaningful game is where you know the defense will be focused on stopping you moreso than in your practice sessions where some of the familiarity masks some of the ability to judge the mastery you have achieved. Our defense is good so practicing 0lays against it does hone the skill of executing the play but when you work on those same plays against different defenses of teams we play gives the team film to add in wrinkles based on what the other team does. Our offense with all the new pieces is just leatning to walk together and are gonna stumble here and there as they learn to navigate the various defensive counters. Yes all the players have years of learning to play against various defensive alignments but a solid team needs to learn to all be on the same page which takes time and repetitions to achieve mastery of plays that this team wishes to run. Once they get a larger collection of plays where their execution is second nature then we will start to dominate and dictate other teams like the 90s Bills used to do with the no huddle, and what the top teams in the league do each year. It gets easier once you have the same players year in year out which is why teams like the Pats continue to play well year to year they arent swapping out numerous pieces so they changes dont effect the execution as drastically as a totally revamped 9 of 11 players on our offense. Everyone that can walk today without having to even give it a concious thought on how to take their next step started off as toddlers that had to learn to get their legs under them and learn what balance was needed to first remain upright then to actually take steps to go where they wanted to go. It doesn't happen without bumps and bruises along the way. Even after mastered there will be occasional trips when an unexpected obstacle pops up. I see alot of posters lamenting we will need to draft a stud running back in early in the next draft. I'm not sure we will need to. We have Christian Wade on our PS as the running back in training that will compliment Singletary and any other rb we have on nect years roster be it Gore or some other vet who may look at the Bills as a team that gives solid reps to players who put in the effort. So what if that means the divas don't wanna play here (aka AB). I rather have a player like Gore that still wants to play and has goals he is working to achieve. You know they are showing up to work each day. And if Wade is making strides on our PS we have the added benefit of his development came with the same players that remain on the team next year when he's added. My expectations are we will be talking about Singletary/Wade in next years posts as the newest weapons the other 31 teams will have nightmares gameplanning for. Just think of that. If Wade develops, is a 'process' guy and is already in sync with teammates of which he is already a part of just not eligible to play till next year. Talk about a tandem of tbs with different styles and what could be that each dominates in his particular style. Then add in that the athletic QB who is a solid runner who's now learned to avoid the big hits knowing he just has to be part of the team not to be the team. He will only need to run on what we hope will be the few times the more stable OL will allow the pocket to collapse (Other teams have players who will make plays even if your a well-oiled unit. Kelsey used to give Brady fits at times, and he was no Bruce. This same QB can make any throw from the pocket (I know currently a work in progress. He has significantly improved on his short-intermidiate throws. He'll regain his long ball as they spend more time practicing it. For all we know he has it and they are just putting misses on tape to lull other teams into less prep in defending the long ball. Doesn't mean the other team loses the ability to make a play just gives you the surprise element that could cause the opponent to start to question and now they can't just play their game). How many games lately in the NFL have been won on a HAIL MARY throw. I would wager to guess more games have been won with dink dunk the short/int and run out the clock once you have a lead that your defense is capable ofdefebding without having to play 'hero' ball. Games can and have been lost by a solid defense as we have that may try too hard to make the game saving play but it turns into points for other team. Everyone is quick to blame Josh if he's not winning the games as an Arrived FQb. He's 11-7 as the starter and 5 of those losses came last year when he had no weapons but his running (surprised many) and willingness to put the team on his back. With a better supporting cast (still work in progress) he's dropped losses to 2 from 5. Or rather the way I prefer to think about it is the Team dropped their losses to 2 from 5 with Allen being a part of the teams success as the defense and offense work together. If they both aren't firing on all cylinders in a game they have been good about the risk management of 'hero ball' by either josh or the defense. As both learn to turn on/off the light switch on the 'hero ball' then they will have Arrived as a team to be reckoned with. Josh will be the FQb but there will be plenty of Franchise level players that all in turn buy into being Buffalo Bills. When you have everyone pulling in the same direction thats an awfully tough load to stop as its churning its way towards you (I'm looking at you Pats). And then will run over them again when we remember we backed into the playoffs the previous trip through. Which will find us at the Fifth SB in franchise history and their first W. Thats my story of the Bills future and I'm sticking with it. You can agree or disagree on this scenario but you can't tell me I can't billieve this will happen. And the more a vision is shared and billieved in the easier it is to achieve. So I care less about what media or even fellow long suffering fans billieve its only important what this collection of players and their coaches billieve. That is what is entertaining to watch the process of their evolving into a team not a collection of stat mongering divas. You don't see Gore crying he didn't get more touches to further his claim over Barry Sanders on the all time rushing list. But I'll bet you the team happily help him get those yards easily in a game where they need to run out the clock and the other team is playing mistake prone 'hero ball'.
  12. Arithmetic matters --- if they lose they will be 5-2.
  13. No it is impossible to finish with a better record than the division winner because if you have the better record you ARE the division winner.
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