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  1. I think our run defense is our Pass Offense. And our defense is kept rested to motivate the opponent into gotta keep up no time for running. Let's our defense feast in takeaways or just stonewalling their pass offense. I see our offense make defense easier and our defense makes our offense easier due to Bills being able to use any play because we have a qb who can read defenses and knows what will be a good counter play. I expect them to bring home the Lombardi, if they fall short at any step I know the game is gonna be a great football game that will be entertaining to all fans that tune i
  2. Yea poetic justice would be Chiefs take a late lead then pin the Bills deep on ensuing kickoff. Josh steps into a safe pocket as our WRs converge to different points of EZ Josh launches a 100+ yd Hail Mary to Gabe Davis to win as time expires. After the game the weekly sign could just read Just Win, Baby! Held up by Allen on one side Davis on the other -- modifying history to be more favorable to the Bills.
  3. That's all well and good but I'd rather have players focusing on the goal not trying to hype what is readily apparent to Bills fans, and a growing number of "expert" analysts who had recently been skeptical that Allen could develop better accuracy. Post AFC East clinching lockerroom speech the message from Coach was "Stay humble and hungry." Nothing remotely humble in his LAMP. I don't need a spotlight aimed at Allen to see what he's capable of. Specifically, I mean Josh Allen is converting his previous doubters into BILLievers in the only way I think Bills Mafia deserves the n
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