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  1. 27 carries between the RB's is the sweet spot anything more is a snooze fest of a game
  2. Would have loved to have seen him make a big hit on that 43 yard td early on though
  3. Hamlin has been known to show up with the big hits when the games are out of hand and won. I believe he did the same with the steeler qb when he slid
  4. I was looking at some highlights to see what the comparison was about and most of Cam's hits were behind the line or him sliding after a run followed by viscous helmet hits. Allen on the other hand goes one on one vs the defenders and then evaluates what he should do and usually ends up with the right move
  5. I mean it did also help to have Tre and Rhodes back there and have Danes production cut in half
  6. Well there are now 20 pass catching RB's in the lineup for the short stuff and the mid to deep for the Wr's
  7. He thought the one who intercepted it called everyone out to celebrate at the back of the endzone to do those lame group poses
  8. This is why I didn't like all the superbowl talk early on, those teams had to bring in guys to compete. But with Allen it I don't think a talk down was possible
  9. Probably just getting outplayed by mckenzie
  10. Didn't notice much missed tackling besides maybe 2-3 just a lot of wide open fields. Looked like the defenders tried to wrap up the feet and missed
  11. This is what I want to see in those final throws and that is throwing it to Diggs as Gabe has been unreliable in the past few final game throws
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