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  1. No, but Tennessee should have lost that game and been one and done. Comparing the Bills to them is not good.
  2. You need to give the reason why. You are taking the easy way out by running scenarios on the computer.
  3. Not a good comparison. That team hosted the WC game. The Bills can't host a WC game.
  4. Crap, the Patriots are looking for a kicker too: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-kicker-nick-folk-expected-to-miss-at-least-week-13-due-to-an-appendectomy/ Guess which team a kicker will choose?
  5. This is stupid. I'll see you later troll, who can't even spell "genius" correctly, despite calling out me for poor "diction", lol. But rest assured, I will be watching you, ready to pounce, as you have exposed yourself as a jerk.
  6. You need to insert an "a" before your original "genius linguistic". And you claim my diction is crummy. Also, still waiting for your response to my point. You can't admit you had no argument in your first post. I am tired of responding to a troll.
  7. "Linguistic" is an adjective. Sorry, you lose. Keep it up with trying to change the topic. Bye troll. LOL.
  8. Nice response to my comment. I see you have none. BTW, It's "linguistics". LOL. You're still a troll.
  9. The title was ambiguous. It said just "Stephen A." Are you stupid? Now go away for good troll. From now on I will just start posts with one-word titles too. The OP wanted to generate views by having a clickbait title.
  10. The OP had edited the title when you posted.
  11. Waiting for a moderator to put a note in the title that it needs fixing since it is an ambiguous one-word title. I do not understand why posters do this. The OP must be new.
  12. Thanks for the story. I would refrain from posting google amp links, and post the direct link instead. This way your post has more credibility.
  13. Dallas lost to the Jets. They suck. Easy win for Buffalo. Baltimore lost to the Browns. They suck. Another easy win for Buffalo.
  14. We will beat New England in Week 16, since they will have everything wrapped up and will rest their starters.
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